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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Feb 08, 2006 3:52 pm

Camran Mirza:

You are the most logical & most scientific of us all! You are the one who is very careful, not to use any Religious origined term! But have in mind that people evolve & people change. 6 years ago, you were a different person! You were not as scientific as today, not as level headed as today & definitely not as calm as today! People change. The only absolute element in the universe is "Change".

During Animal's life-cycle, This Change, depending on Animal's intellect, can come soon or late, can come now or never, gradually or suddenly, .................... Human is just another animal, be patient!

You see, majority of globe consists of "Public". At this moment, while I am talking about "Theory of Parallel Universes" in the philosophy room, "Abdol Kos Khar-neh" is protesting in Abarqu, because some Arab (Mohammed) who lived over 1400 years ago, got insulted by a cartoon! Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures! While we look towards tomorrow, using science as a tool; people are bending over up & down to Allah (some Black Rock in Ka'bbah)!

People are different, some are early & some are late bloomers!

When I was a teenager, I locked myself in my room with my books, for a few weeks, & done some deep soul searching, studying, analysis to finally make The Big Decision! It is not that in early years, I believed in God, but even though I did not believe in God, yet I did not find the power to totally reject him & dump him in Trash! Eventually, after long studies, readings, science courses, Religious Studies, Libraries of Mom & Pop & myself, & many other factors, I found myself ready to make the big decision!

In my late teen years, I locked myself in the room & went cold turkey (Spiritual Cold Turkey)! After 2 weeks of debating with myself & talking to myself with:

Personality A: Atheist
Personality B: Believer
Personality C: Agnostic

Finally A came out victorious proving that B is absolutely illogical & C is a confused soul with no answer to The Question! So A pushed B & C away & came victorious! I believe @ some point of our lives, each of us, needs to do this soul searching! Each of us with "Brains" must do so! Now you can come out with answer B or C but @ least you done the soul searching!

So finally, I Killed God & Become God!

People change

During last 6 years

I know,

Muslim who become Christians
Christians who become Zoroastrians
Zoroastrians who become Non Denominationals
Non Denominationals who become Agnostics
Agnostics who become Atheist
and many more versions .................

There is a Time & a Place for everyone who do this soul searching. You can't rush it. some are late bloomers.


Let's talk Words. Now in my case, I use Holy terms on purpose! I want to give my preachings a Righteous Outlook & a Ceremonial Tone! I use These terms:

Hope, Amen, Lord, Praise, Ale Luya, City Upon The Hill, Gods, Goddesses, etc.

as a spice for my speeches. I play with words to make the lecture exciting. I love Mind Games. I know the power of words & how to control the audience by using these words.

So to get close to masses, I speak their language. Otherwise, I can start speaking pure logical scientific, cold vocab, such as yourself! But then again, will I get anywhere with the average Joe?!

You see, when you talk logic, who digs it? I dig it, a few other scientists dig it, the Doctor & Professor digs it, but how about Average Joe?

Average Joe cannot understand your concepts set aside digging it! Instead, I play with words, I play head games, I pose in many faces & clothes, I talk many languages, I speak to each on his terms, words & lingo!

Ahreeman has many faces
Ahreeman has many forms
Ahreeman changes many shapes

Hee Hee Hee Hoe How Howl ....................

Now, I am totally agree with you that we should not use Religious terms & we should speak pure scientific. No doubt you are pure logic! You are so scientific, that some may think, you are such an agitator, a pest & an instigator who gets on people's nerves! Even though you may come on too strong, yet I absolutely understand where you are coming from! But have in mind,

We do not live in the society of Einsteins, Darwins, Koperniks & Da Vincis! Society is not a Scientist's Lab! Actually our society (Iran) is full o Shiite! You should know this more than anyone else because every year you visit that Shiite hole! So, are you going to correct the Cab Driver or Grocery clerk in Tehran, when he says:

Ya Allah, Be aman-e Khoda, Dast-e Ali be Hamrat, Ali Yaret, Masha Allah, Be ham Dollah, Ey Vallah, Be Jadam Zahra Qasam, Be Moula Qasam, Cheshm zadand, Bala be dur, ..............

Are you going to correct their terminology?

C'mon Haji, let me tell you something:

Be Mazar-e Ka'bbah raftam,
Be Darun, raham nadadand,

Goftand be borun che kardi,
Ke darun-e Ka'bbah ayi!

Boro Boro Eraqi,
Ke to ham azan-e mayi!

Are Haji,
Boro Eraqi,
Ke to ham azan-e mayi Camran Mirza!

You can take the Iranian out of Shiite
But you can never take the Shiite out of Iranian!

Yes, Camran Mirza,

Boro Boro Eraqi,
Ke to ham azan-e mayi!

You dig Haji?!

In Theory you are absolutely correct.
In practice, it all comes loose!

Besides, I have never tried looking in your old posts to catch you in a booboo, using a religious term! Maybe I will & maybe I find a booboo & then rub your face in it!

In the past, many times you have claimed things, but then I went back in old posts & proved that you have contradicted yourself, caught you & rubed your face in it! Now, you are beyond good & evil, you are pure science, but there was a time which you torn undesired people's asses in IPC? You were cussing like noql o nabat! Who are you kiddin? Before you become a calm scientist, you were a short Fused Time bomb! You & I know each other for ages!

Don't make me go find, you preaching religious rooted terms in old posts?!
Don't make me go find evidence of you sticking your foot in your mouth?!
Don't make me go Kaboong you flat on the head?!
Ahreeman don't play that!

So what? You are only human! People change & you, like all of us, evolved!
Change is good, not to Change is the problem!

You know what?

In the future, you & I must take a trip to Iran together! We will have a Riot!

But in a meanwhile, always remember:

People change
People are different

Who loves you baby?
Ahreeman indeed!
Who else?!


Someone stuck between The Shiite and Bull Shiite!

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