Honoring our Fallen Heroes - Qadissiya Feb 19., 636 A.D.

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Honoring our Fallen Heroes - Qadissiya Feb 19., 636 A.D.

Postby Liberator » Fri Feb 10, 2006 2:05 pm

This was posted by our compatriot AmirN on ActivistChat.com :



Let us remember history as it truly exists.

Let us remember February 19, our real day of mourning.

I am posting an article I found at Derafshe Kaviyani, followed in the end by a few words of my own. The original article is in bold:



Commemoration of Battle of Qadissiya - 1370 years later

To all true Iranians:
Feb 19 is the commemoration day of the start of the battle of Qaddissiya.
Qadissiya battle started on Monday February 19, 636(A.D) and lasted for four(4) days.

On the flat plains near the Euphrates river in modern Iraq between Kufa and abu sukheir.

The Sassanian army under the command of Lt. General Rostam-e-farokzad(In Pahlavi- Eran- Sepah-bod) and the Arab army of caliph Omar under the command of Sa'd ibn Abi waqqas clashed.

Many Iranians fought bravely and died( more than30,000 dead) in this battle trying to defend Iran from the nomadic Arabs attempting to convert Iranians to their Islamic religion.

At the end of the battle Lt. Gen Rostam was killed and the national flag (Darfash-e-Kavian) was captured by the Arab nomads.

This flag was taken to Caliph Omar who promptly removed all of the magnificent jewels set on it and then ordered it to be burned.

After the battle the Arabs went to the capital Ctesiphone, the glorious capital of Sasanian empire and the largest city in the world at that time, the city was invaded, sacked, and functionally destroyed by the armies of Islam.

The great Carpet of BAHARESTAN, woven with threads of gold and silver in the great arched hall of the palace of Ctesiphone was cut up by the Arab nomads and distributed as war booty.

Note:- this looting is still going on 1370 years later.

Gondi Shapour university and library were destroyed and its books were burned by the invaders. Most of Sasanian records and literary works were destroyed.

This day Feb 19 should be commemorated by all Iranians nationally and internationally.

This is our real national "Ashura" not the one the Mullahs force us to commemorate.

Instead of going on a pilgrimage to Mecca and Karbla we should all go to Qaddissiya to remind ourselves of the truth of what has happened to us over the past 1370 years.

It is our duty to inform the world as well as remind the Arab world itself of their crimes and barbaric behaviour against the people of Iran during this period.

Arabs should be reminded of their massacres of Iranians in the city of Estakher and other areas.

They should be reminded of their racist policies and their looting, pillaging, raping and abuse of Iran and its people for the 200 years of their rule.

We should do our utmost to ensure that it will never happen again.

In memory of the fallen of battles of Qadissyia and Nahavand.

Payandeh Iran


It is by forgetting our real history that we have allowed Islam to continue to strangle our country. Any Iranian who chooses to follow the bogus religion of the Arabic pirates of the desert must question whether he or she is true to Iran.

By forgetting or neglecting Iran’s history we only bring shame to the memory of our forefathers and to ourselves. We bring shame to the great nation of Iran.

I will now leave you with a few verses from Persia’s Poetic Past:


But Sassanian wealth and beauty caught the eye
Of a desert tribe, whose religion was a lie
Like desert snakes, they ruthlessly attacked
Until beautiful Ctesiphone was sacked

Rostam-e-Farokhzad, the brave and capable general
Fought till the end, though his wounds were several
At Qaddissiya, he came to Iran’s defense
Alas, the Taazi army was too dense

With coercion and the sword
Islam was able to spread its word
A dark and sinister force was born
That to this day brings Iran much scorn

Some to India had to flee
Iran’s destruction was unbearable to see
Parsees, they are called to this day
Ahura Mazda, with them will always stay

But Iranian roots are strong and hard to kill
Iran was freed again, with such a thrill
The Saffarids would answer the nation’s call
To make Arab tyranny shamefully fall

Don’t mourn the Ashura, weep a Taazi’s death
Hassan and Hossein were foreigners, who weakened Iran’s breath
If mourn you must, then mourn, a national event
Like Gaugamela, or Qaddissiya, places of great lament
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby Liberator » Thu Mar 09, 2006 2:46 pm

begardan dinat ey irani ze eslam degar ,
ke eslam nist ze ma o bozorgan pedar ,
nadarim ma niyaz bar an dine arab ,
keu babdi konad azade ra dar dine bad ,
be xoda sharm ast in pishe pishinian ,
ke kardand o dadand dad bar iranian ,
che dad o che niky kashtand iranian ,
che azadi o giti bardastand an zaman ,
che goft an iranipiyambar zartohesht ,
be niky geray keshvarat ra behesht ,
ke irani o iran bar dinash azade ast ,
ba xubi o niky bar dinash varzide ast ,
pas ey azade tora joz azadi mabad ,
gereftari o tariki tora harges mabad ,
key tavanad molla dar iran guze boland ,
gar iranian tark guyand dine gazand ,
gar to xahi ey hamdard ze mollaha rah ,
bekesh giveye tang ra az ranje pa ,
qatre qatre jam gardad vongahi darya shavad ,
az xod aqaz kon ta keshvarat azad shavad
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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