Bulgaria backs U.S./NATO; refers to Iran as arab country

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Bulgaria backs U.S./NATO; refers to Iran as arab country

Postby Liberator » Mon Feb 13, 2006 3:18 pm

Bulgaria to join military attack, refers to Iran an arab country
Feb 13, 2006

http://www.iranian.ws/iran_news/publish ... 3188.shtml

Bulgaria as a NATO member will join a possible strike on Iran if the Alliance is accredited to launch the attack, Bulgarian Defense Minister Veselin Bliznakov said on Monday.

Talking to a local TV channel, Bliznakov said that the U.S.-led NATO might attack Iran aiming at stopping it from developing nuclear weapons.

"This might happen if the situation becomes really complicated," commented the minister.

Bulgaria maintains really good relations with the countries from the Arab world, underlined Bliznakov, but Bulgaria also supports the European standpoint on the "Iran issue", which demands Iran's transparency in the domain of nuclear technology, self-control and guarantees of not developing a nuclear weapon.

Minister had no idea that Iran is not an arab country.

However, the minister said, there are still not enough guarantees made by the Iranian authorities.

The U.S. military are drawing up a plan for attack on Iran with an aim to stop it from developing nuclear weapons, in case diplomatic efforts fail, unveiled the British "Sunday Telegraph" on Feb. 12.

The Central Command and Strategic Command planners were "identifying targets, assessing weapon-loads and working on logistics for an operation," the newspaper reported.

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