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Big Bark, Small Dog...

Postby Ruzbeh_01 » Mon Apr 17, 2006 1:15 pm

Big Bark, Small Dog: The Islamic Republic's Claims of Stability are Laughable

Last week the Islamic Regime put on a show of force in an apparent attempt to dissuade the West and Iranian dissidents at home and abroad that the regime is strong, advancing, and here to stay. Although I may have lost count, its leaders had unveiled a high-speed flying boat, three different missiles, and a torpedo. The new toys were unveiled during military war games in the Persian Gulf that involved seventeen-thousand troops. However, it wasn’t all fun and games for the Islamic Regime. It also made sure to take various respites in order to overemphasize its technical accomplishments and repeat its demands that the United States and Western Europe recognize it as a regional power.

Whether the Islamic Republic succeeded in persuading everyone that it is a mighty foe to deal with is up to each individual to decide. However, the fact that the regime may truly be a military force is irrelevant because what it makes up in military power it loses in political, cultural, and economic stability. There is no doubt that the latest show of force by the Islamic Regime is nothing more than an attempt to show its legitimacy. Indeed, any regime, whether democratic or totalitarian, is at its most vulnerable when it is seriously questioned by its citizens and the world. But such displays of grandeur are little consolation to those within Iran who live in a country where there is no proverbial “bottomâ€
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