petition: stop US in destroying Iranian history!!!

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petition: stop US in destroying Iranian history!!!

Postby Shahanshah » Mon Jul 03, 2006 1:22 am

These animals will not stop trying to destroy our heritage. those ameircan bastards. US is enemy of Iran, enemy of our history, enemy of our nation.

Stop Legal Action Aganist Iranian Archeological Assets in the US

To: The Honorable Judges at the US Supreme Court
And for the attention of all advocates of preserving the cultural heritages of humanity

According to the news sources, a Rhode Island lawyer has turned to the Iranian collections of leading US museums to seek compensation for American victims of Middle East suicide bombers. The reasoning being that Hamas, the terrorist group guilty for such atrocity, is partially financed by Islamic regime that controls Iran. He wants the University of Chicago to surrender a treasure trove of ancient Persian artifacts to survivors. We know that a vast international fight is being wedged against terrorism and believe that every action capable of stopping stop it should be adopted. Nevertheless, we do not consider this legal action anything tuned to that goal. It only seeks to liquidate the non-transferable historical assets of a country into a source of material satisfaction of a number of people who deserve all the sympathy and help of every one of us. There are actually two points in this legal action that deserve special consideration. First of all, in the words of the US President, we should not punish the Iranian people for whatever the Islamic regime of Iran is doing on the international arena. This is a nation kept under horrendous captivity that needs international sympathy rather than punishment. Secondly, plundering this nation’s cultural heritage, especially by taking them from their safe public and educational holding places in museums and universities and giving them to private individuals should be consider as a crime against the cultural values of the whole civilized world. We strongly protest against this irrational move and hope that no fair deciding authority would create such an ugly precedence that only reminds us of Hitler’s decision to confiscate the cultural treasures of embattled nations.

Shokooh Mirzadegi (Writer)
Dr. Esmail Nooriala (Writer)
And everyone who endorses this petition

June 30th 2006

Sincerely, ... -sign.html?
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Postby Amir » Wed Jul 05, 2006 8:07 pm


I already saw this petition and signed it last week; as many others already have as well.

Obviously such a lawsuit is preposterous. However, you need to tone down the “Death to Americaâ€
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Postby Emam Kooni » Thu Jul 06, 2006 6:55 pm

Has anyone seen this treasure? If it is a 2000 year old bed-pan, I say let them have the treasure, since I care not for it.
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Postby vishtasp » Sun Sep 03, 2006 3:57 pm

Oh if we're redistributing Iranian treasure via lawsuits I want one of the bones from the prophet Zoroaster...oh wait wouldn't that be in Afghanistan??? Whatever. =P~
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