American Tea Party, Revolution has Begun!

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American Tea Party, Revolution has Begun!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Apr 11, 2009 7:04 pm

American Tea Party, Revolution has Begun!
Ahreeman X
April 12, 2009

Obama, Can You Hear Us Now?

Please review these videos:

Rick Santelli – Rant of the Year

American Tea Party - Rick Santelli and Lloyd Marcus

Tea Party Anthem by Lloyd Marcus

Please review these sites:

Tax Day Tea Party Site

National Tea Party Official Site

American Tea Party April 15, 2009


This is not the first and it will not be the last “American Tea Party” until we get results. The Revolution has begun. Hussein Obama, can you hear us now?

Allow me to remind you that America is the:

Government of the people for the people and by the people.
Government of Bureaucracies for the Dependent Welfare State and by the Bureaucrats!

We zoomed and we were destined for the “Shining City upon a Hill” but somewhere along the way we lost our way and fallen in to the dark well of Socialism and Dictatorship!

Yesterday, they came for higher taxes, corporations, small businesses, free markets and Capitalism.
Today they are coming for Talk Radio, Internet and Free Speech.
Tomorrow they will come for your guns and 2nd Amendment Rights.

Then you can officially call it quits and surrender America to the Socialist Dictatorial Regime.
They say it cannot happen in America!
This is exactly what they said in Communist Russia and Nazi Germany before Stalin and Hitler.
Stalin, Hitler, Khomeini, Chavez, ……. And now Obama!
America is the last stand.
Today we are fighting for the heart and soul, the fundamentals and the very fabrics of America.
Today we will make a stand to save America.

We used to live in USA but now we live in USSA (United Socialist States of America)!

Say No to this Kenyan born, Indonesian Citizen who fraudulently is occupying the office of American Presidency. Say No to Socialist Dictator “Hussein Obama”.

Read more:

American Tea Party, Revolution has Begun! ... /index.htm

See you in the Tea Party

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Ahreeman X
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Apr 12, 2009 12:17 pm

American Tea Party

Here is something I posted on MySpace for the Liberals to wack them across the head, bring them back to reality and indeed piss them off: ... viewthread

From The Desk of Dr. X

Lo, Liberals Hear Yee:

The problem with you is that you have been sitting your fat butts in a comfortable sanctuary named America, all the way on this side of the world, away from the rest of the world, not having a clue what is going on in the world. You assume this is all fiction, you twitch your lips, make fun and mock these statements and call us nutcase!

The reality is that people like me have firsthand experience of how can one’s country and world turn upside down over night!

The first 16 years of my life was lived in Iran. Now Iran back then was similar to the America today. On 1978, over night Iran turned to a Theocratic Dictatorship and Religion took over the nation.

The same Bull Shiite just went on in Venezuela except that instead of Religion, Marxists took over the nation. I experienced it firsthand I witnessed it firsthand.

The same thing is going on all over the world.

Who made them happen?

People like you who voted for Khomeini, Chavez and now Obama!
Simpleton, emotionally influenced, Numb Nuts who assume they are intellectuals but in fact they are:

The funny thing is that people like you are always saying the same Bull Shiite all over the world. Liberals are all the same! People like you said the same thing in Germany before Nazis, in Russia before Communists, in Iran before Islam, in Venezuela before Socialism, in ……….

It is not us who are living in La La Land, but it is you who are permanent residents of La La Land.

People like Arnold Schwarzenegger and myself came here escaped Islam and Socialism, but today the Bull Shiite has followed us here!

You people have been eating that government cheese and Kool-Aid for so long that you have turned to deaf, dumb and blind Brainwashed Pets to the American Liberal Media and Government.

Soon or late something will give! Either another 9/11 or absolute Socialist State of America getting established by “Boy Wonder” Hussein Obama. Either way you will fall flat on your fat asses!

Then you will not mock us conservatives and call us hicks and nutcases!

Types of Liberals:

Type a: Those who still live in their mother’s basement, drink her Kool-Aid and call conservatives hicks.

Type b: Those who still live in the Ghetto, on welfare, housing, food stamps and call conservatives hicks.

Type c: Those who still live in multi-million dollars suburban houses, keep the Ghetto guy and the mommy’s basement boy dependent to yourselves, yet in solidarity with them, your liberal hearts bleeds for them and you call these bums: The Working Class and call conservatives hicks!

Type d: Government employees who could not make it in the private sector including but not limited to liberal educators who lie to and corrupt your children and call conservatives hicks!

What Liberals have in common:

a. Bleeding Hearts for the bums.

b. Low IQ

c. Cowardice and Pacifism

d. Incognito American Flag Burning

e. Drinking Kool-Aid

f. Eating that Government Cheese

g. Referring to Patriots, Working Class and True Intellectuals as hicks, backwards, fanatics and nuts!


Now continue hiding your heads in the snow with your asses up in the air, not seeing beyond the tips of your noses, like pheasants! Soon or late your Wonder world will crush and fall on your heads. Only then, you will tell yourselves:

“I wish I had eaten Shiite than voted for Obama”!

For now, continue mocking us and keep drinking that Government Kool-Aid.



Ph.D. in conservatism,
Defender of patriotism,
The believer in optimism,
Dr. of passion and eroticism,
With a truck load of magnetism,
Disciple of charm and romanticism,
The one and only, yours truly, Dr. X;
Ahreeman X
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Ahreeman X
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Postby IPC » Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:44 pm

Live Coverage of American Tea Party

Dear IPC members:

Watch the live coverage of the American Tea Party nationwide across America at:

FOX News
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:25 pm


Greetings to all Patriots,

I am going to post this in both forums Sarah Palin and IPC.

Honestly, it seems like a bad nightmare! All over again! Overnight in 1979, Iran tuned to Shiite and at age 16, my life went upside down! Today, the same story, but this time in America! Look what is going on? I keep on telling myself: This is only a bad nightmare! Not again, not here, history is repeating itself in 2009 America, how can it be?!

“If only the media would have covered it.”

Don’t make me laugh! You know better that no one except FOX will ever cover the Future Tea Parties; furthermore, they will twist them all around and portray us as Looneys! Remember what CNN reporter done in the last one? Remember what MSNBC did all day bashing the protests?

Let us be very clear here:

At the present time, except FOX, Talk Radio, Internet and a few Hard copy magazines, the rest of the American media are State Controlled and mouth pieces for the Government of the 3 little piggies:

Hussein Obama, Nancy Old Pussy and Reid!

“We will no longer be a Christian nation founded on Christian principles with a constitution a bill of rights. We will be under international law with NO sovereignty and NO VOICE at all.”

Let me be frank with you. I am an Atheist and specifically after what occurred in Iran on 1979, the religion has left a bad taste of “Shiite” in my mouth! On the other hand as a patriot I would defend your right all the way to be a Christian and speak freely about your belief, but then again it seems like today’s America and Politically Correct Government is bending over backwards to Islam and every other religion except Christianity! It seems like Christians have no rights but Muslim have all the rights!

The last thing on earth would be for me to align myself with the Christian Fundamentalists but then again I rather eat Shiite and die rather than aligning myself with Liberals! In addition I clearly see that the constitution of United States is very clear:

Separation of Church and State
Equal Rights and Equal Freedom of Expression for All

However, in this upside down bizarro world of Obama, the government is basically stepping on Christian Rights, Charities, Churches, etc., yet the government flirts with Islamists, Marxists, Terrorists and every other two bit bozos except Heartland America!

In a situation like this, people like me have no other choice to stand up and defend the Christian Rights to Free speech, Charity, Church and Worship.

I am a Secularist who believes in separation of Church and State but it seems like today this government is stepping on the Church and chokes the hell out of the Christians! This is against my principles.


Allow me to be very frank with all of you.

I witnessed firsthand on how can dictators rise to power using a democratic system and then destroy the democracy! I been there and done that. Iran, Venezuela, etc.

Obama exactly reminds of Khomeini! This is exactly how Khomeini came to power, made all types of promises and then the rest is history and you all know what happened to Iran.

History is repeating itself! But now in America! Same Bull Shiite!

We escaped Islam and Socialism and came here to be free! But today the Shiite had followed us here!

Folks, this is dead real and dead serious. This is it. People take this as a joke and they call us nut jobs and they say it can never happen in America! Well look, it is already happening!

Obama’s hands are so deep in my pockets that I can feel him squeezing the hell out of my balls! Obama is chocking my balls while emptying my pockets!

This is Carter’s 2nd term. When it is all over, more of our allies will turn to enemies. Remember Iran, Nicaragua and Panama in the 1980s? After Obama, Terrorists will piss on us and no one will take us seriously around the world. Read this:

Reasons for the birth of IRI

Honestly, ask yourselves:

Is Obama the President of United States or Enemy of the State?

I am not planning on moving out of here after 30 years of living here! Are you? If Obama wins 2012, it will be the end of Free Markets, Corporate Business, Gun Rights, Small Business, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press and the Democratic System.

George Washington is shaking in his grave!
You should be scared straight.

This is not a game, this is our lives and this is our country.

We must make a stand and we must drag as many patriots to the movement as possible. Tea Parties must go on. We must flourish this grassroots movement.

I see no other choice but to get Sarah Palin elected for 2012. There is no one else! Do you see anyone else?

By the way, with all due respect to Senator McCain, that was really uncalled for! Sarah saved his campaign from absolute flop and this is what she gets, absolute ignoring and silence! McCain mentioned every single bozo in the GOP as possible future candidates and present leaders except Sara Palin! I find this pathetic! These are the types of conflicts which make us stagnate. This was uncalled for!

Anyhow, get with the program and do your best to get this movement organized and moving. We have less than 4 years to our absolute demise and Death of America!

Spread the word and get active, well, that is if you are planning to continue living in this country!

How should I put it?
Let me put it this way:

It is Do or Die.
It is Do or the “City upon a Hill” will turn to absolute “Shiite”!
(Reagan is shaking in his grave.)

...... and Freedom and Equal Rights for All.


Ahreeman X
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Ahreeman X
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Postby alialahi » Tue May 05, 2009 7:51 pm

Jedi KOCHIK X, may ZOLFAGARE ALI be your yar in this life and the next.

I see that U do not appreciate our Imam Obama? The "change" is here! Conform or the Imam will ship U back to Republican MOLAs, along with you beloved Sara Paley Republican lose lips and intelect!

May Imam IVAL & #4 give U wisdom.

PS: How is the ugly, dark arab looking, female pooch, I mean hand serving?
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