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Discuss US Controversial Issues!

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Apr 24, 2009 7:23 am

Discuss US Controversial Issues!
What say you?
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Which side are you on and what do you believe?
Get involved and express yourself.

a) Copy and paste the questions.
b) State your answer and remark under each question.

Controversial Issues

1. Limited Government or Large Government?

2. Free Market Competition or Government Nationalization?

3. Capitalism or Socialism?

4. Spread of Democracy or Appeasement Policies with Dictators?

5. Confrontation with Terrorism or Cutting Deals with Terrorists?

6. Aggressive Foreign Policy or Passive Foreign Policy?

7. Fiscal Conservatism or Big Government Spending Spree?

8. Energy Independence or Foreign Energy Dependence?

9. Drilling Oil or Tree Hugging?

10. Free Market Health Care or Public Health Care?

11. National Security or Civil Rights for Terrorists?

12. Traditional Marriage or Gay Marriage?

13. Pro Life or Pro Choice?

14. Capital Punishment or Life Prisonment?

15. 3 Strikes Out or Endless Rehabilitation System?

16. Strict Judicial System or Technical Loop Holes?

17. Judicial Integrity according to Constitution or Legislation of Policy from the Benches?

18. Gun Rights or Gun Control?

19. Qualification or Affirmative Action?

20. Freedom of Expression or Political Correctness?

21. Free Press or Media Bias?

22. Free Speech or Censorship?

23. Equal Rights or Special Interest Rights?

24. States Authority or Federal Government Control?

25. Open Competition or Corporate Regulations?

26. Tax Cuts or High Taxation?

27. Press Rights or Fair Act?

28. Choice Schooling or Government Quota?

29. Factual Teaching or Teaching Bias?

30. Tax Cuts for Tax Payers or Welfare for Non Tax Payers?

31. Voting Rights for Tax Payers or Voting Rights for All?

32. Legal Immigration or Illegal Immigration?

33. Secured Borders or Open Borders?

34. Deportation or Amnesty?

35. Strict Immigration Laws or Sanctuary Cities?

36. Global Cooling or Global Warming?
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