Happy Memorial Day to All

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Happy Memorial Day to All

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon May 25, 2009 1:38 am

Happy Memorial Day to All

Memorial Day is not just for America but for the Free World and All Free Spirits …

These days many do not truly comprehend the true meaning of the Memorial Day and all the sacrifice, efforts, and hardship which has been spent by the honorable veterans to provide us with the freedom. Many assume that Freedom is like Air and it comes for free! They do not comprehend that Freedom and Peace is provided through Blood, Sacrifice and War. These misconceptions and uninformities will lead to Appeasement Policies, Unrealistic Pacifism, Social Liberalism, bending over backwards to Fanatical Islamism and Hula hooping with Terrorists. Today’s youth must be very clear that they should seek the true meaning of the Memorial Day and value all the lives which has been lost for them to have the present freedoms and not to take them for granted, or else one day they will open their eyes and they will find themselves living under a Socialist, Islamist or other types of totalitarian regimes but not in Iran, Venezuela or North Korea yet right here in USA. Cherish, value and fight for your freedoms or else you will lose them. In 1978, they said it can never happen in Iran but it did! Today they say it can never happen in America but are they so sure? Do not take your freedoms for granted because today, the Socialism is at the gates of Washington DC. Fight for your freedoms now or else, the same as the Iranian Resistance, you will end up fighting for them after you lost them. Reality check!

To the memory of all those patriots who lost their lives for us to live free in America and the Free world.


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