Why Majority of People around the World Do Hate American and

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Why Majority of People around the World Do Hate American and

Postby Jaff Sassani » Tue Oct 06, 2009 8:00 am

Why Majority of People around the World Do Hate American and the USA Government
For every action by smart creatures (Humane) there are reasons. Since World War II the USA Government filled in the vacuums left by the Western Imperialist (mainly Briton and France) especially in Middle East, Asia and Africa. The USA Government was in South America (Latin America) before World War II. After World War II the USA Government adopted policy of interference in internal affairs in the World under pretext of fighting Communist. Majority of those countries under the protections of the USA Government are not independent unless they joined the Soviet Union during the cold Wars. The World was divided to two part one pro American and the other pro Soviet Union (Russian).
The policy was clear, the USA Government helped dictators and corrupt Government around the World for their loyalty to the USA. The USA government made money by selling weapons to those countries plus those countries stay open market for Americans good. The US Government and American people gain wealth of the world they lived better than majority of the people around the World.
The US Government fought communist influence feverishly around the World. They almost collapsed during Vietnam Wars but survived after losing most of its influence in Southeast Asia. They gain back strength after Vietnam Wars started competing against Russian Empire (Soviet Union) in developing technology which was smart way to fight. The Russian Empire collapsed because of bad management by the Communist party bosses which led to the decline of educations and technology in the Soviet Union especially after they lost in Afghanistan War because of the sophisticated weapons was supplied by the US Government to Islamic organizations.
The Soviet Union collapsed because of technology failure and the US Government win cold wars. The American people was overwhelmingly very happy, they become supper power on earth without dispute for a while around the World.
Nothing will lost for ever, soon the Islamic organizations whom was trained by the US Government demanded to reform the Government around Middle East, Africa and Asia but the US Government and its officials was busy enjoying luxuries (castles, women, food and clothes) without paying attentions for what have been achieved around the World. The US Government and its decisions maker become slaves for special interest lobbyist to pay for their own expanses instead of changing the policy to help American people and people around the World to improve the lives of the people after cold wars. The people in the world and America defeated communist ideology but the US Government officials did not cared about their own people or people around the world.
Today the US Governments are in the middle of wars alone. The people in the USA are not supporting the wars because they do not believe what the US governments are doing. They know one thing that the special interest groups are in control of policy maker’s especially Jewish lobbyist and Israel.
The Wars are not in the interest of the USA and Chinese are gaining foothold on the technology development. The trends are not going very well for the USA.
The USA policy makers (The US Government and Congress) are following the old doctrines, they have hard time to change the old days of doing business as usual, because they do not know or they do not care that the people around the world are changed and thinking differently than fifty years ago.
President Obama called for change but he was just used the name to get elected or he do not know what changes he was calling for. May be he is powerless or he is not able to convince old timers to change anything’s.
For those of us whom we love the USA and want to change the old policy so the USA power will stay around to fix the hardship of humanity are powerless to change anything’s, our voices do not going anywhere because special interest groups are in control of the US Government and Congress.
If nothing changes then we are waiting for the demise of the USA power in very near future. It is matter of time for Chinese and others to gain upper hand in technologies then the USA could end up like the Soviet Union.

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