The Greedy people in the USA took money but the lands are ..

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The Greedy people in the USA took money but the lands are ..

Postby Jaff Sassani » Sat Oct 10, 2009 10:22 am

The Greedy people in the USA took money but the lands are there

In the history of people around the world there are many things like today situations happened before. Starting with Emperors, Dictators, Kings, Lords and many other powerful rulers took the people’s wealth by using the same people to control the populations but in the end the majority of people found ways to recover because the land was there and those greedy rulers was not able to carry on the lands with.
The recovery some time was bloody; they used violent revolutions to claim back the loss and rebuild the country back to be ruled and shared the wealth among the people so they can live normal lives. The people pay the price for the freedoms. In every violent revolution some time millions of people lost their lives but in the end the people forgot about what happened in the past and repeated the greedy schemes and the stories keep repeating over and over.
The American people in the USA became master of the world for last few centuries they took what ever they can from other people around the world. The original leaders established the country with constitutions based on past experience from Cyrus the Great of Median Empire “how can America be loved by their own enemies” that was the outcome of Cyrus the great philosophy, indeed he was loved by those people whom their land got conquered by Cyrus the Great Except the nomads of today Afghanistan whom did not want to be ruled by Cyrus the Great Empire and they killed him.
The American people in the USA with their laws became master of world in many occasions their own enemies want them to be the ruler of their own countries for example the Russian people but nothings will last for ever. The greedy people took over the USA and used different method than before. They control the USA money and used Monopoly games with the wealth of the USA people. Today they are in control of the country without shooting single shot. The live is getting harder and harder for the people in the USA and international communities d not like the USA politics anymore.
The USA is in the middle of wars in the same place where Cyrus the Great lost his life. Is history repeating itself? The wars are not going very well for the US Government in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are wasting more resources without replacement and people in the USA are in their way to more hardship. The outcome of this war is uncertain.
Greedy the word and the actions by individual and groups of people has same effects when you are greedy no one like you for sure even the people you hire to serve your greedy.
The people in the USA could take actions and claim back the land and change the constitutions so they can safeguard the system from greedy people of monopolization, the constitutions which their country to be the best in the world. The questions are now what kind of actions they are going to take. The actions could be peaceful or violent; we hope everything will be done peacefully.
The worlds are facing uncertainty now a day. The USA satellite countries overwhelmingly are corrupt countries. The US Government tolerated the corrupt and dictators around the world during the cold wars. They inherited that system and become part of the US Government foreign policy. They have hard time to face any challenges or changing the culture of corruptions and dictators overseas which eventually affected their own system now.
The system of corruptions and dictatorship is very difficult system to be repaired or changed. The majority of people around the world are hurting because of the corruptions and dictatorships.
We the people are watching and waiting for better future.
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