Julian Assange Interview Exposes Obama & CIA Lies

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Julian Assange Interview Exposes Obama & CIA Lies

Postby CR » Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:27 am

Julian Assange Interview Exposes Obama & CIA Lies
Julian Assange Controversial Interview with Sean Hannity
Debunking Obama & CIA Claims of Russia Hacking
Obama Lies Exposed
Truth Shall Shine On

January 3, 2017

US Government Corruption

Truth shall prevail

Exposing Grand Lies and Corruption of Obama, Clinton, CIA, FBI and Big Government
Truth Shall be Told



What did hacks expose?
Corruption and Collusion of Big Government, Big Media, Big Banks, DNC and Clinton Campaign!
Thank God for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks!


Obama Lies Exposed

Big Government Tactics to avoid Trump Presidency:

First it was paid protestors Interruption of Trump campaign
Second it was beating up Trump supporters
Third it was street riots and destruction of private property
Fourth it was vote recount shenanigans
Fifth it was Electoral College members in cahoots not voting for Trump
Now it is Russian Hacking Fantasy
What is next?


In the name of Freedom
In the name of Free Thinkers
Take a Stand Against Government Corruption and Lies
Obama Administration Lies and Corruption Exposed



Exposing Interview

Julian Assange Interview with Sean Hannity

Julian Assange Interview with Sean Hannity (Backup File)



WikiLeaks Wikipedia

WikiLeaks Facebook

WikiLeaks Twitter




Truth shall prevail
A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Re: Julian Assange Interview Exposes Obama & CIA Lies

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:54 am

It is to be noted that the Intelligence agencies have not released any evidence, only words. They cast assertions that the Russians are responsible for authorizing the Wikileaks e-mails that reveal the Democratic administration was interfering with the voting process This is what the American media should be focusing on instead of their embarrassment of supporting the flawed candidate Hillary Clinton. Is there hard proof that Julian Assange was authorized and paid by the Russians to bring down President Elect Trump's bid to be President?
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