Trump Debunks CIA, FBI, CNN & BuzzFeed Lies

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Trump Debunks CIA, FBI, CNN & BuzzFeed Lies

Postby Atusa Qajar » Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:06 pm

Trump Debunks CIA, FBI, CNN & BuzzFeed Lies

Trump Press Conference Debunks CNN, BuzzFeed, CIA & FBI Lies
Trump Called CNN Fake News and ignored their questions!
Trump & Ivanka separate accounts from Trump Org. to run the government

Donald Trump Double Thumbs Up with Flags
National Populist Style

Fabricated lies of Liberals exposed by Trump
What were the lies?
CIA leaked lies to Media and the only media that broadcast and published it were the lowest of the liberal media: BuzzFeed and CNN!


Supposedly Trump and his close associates had an orgy with Russian prostitutes in Prague and in this orgy the prostitutes gave Trump Golden Showers! While the orgy was going on, Russians filmed it and now Putin blackmails Trump to be his puppet!

Basically CIA and FBI heads created this out of their rectums and CNN and BuzzFeed ran with it!

In the Future,

Trump will ignore the fake news agencies questions and CIA and FBI will be cleaned up of their biased lying governing bodies!

Trump lays down his plans for America to the media.

Watch Live: President-Elect Donald Trump Holds First Press Conference since Election (1/11/2017) - Trump First Press Conference as President-Elect

Trump Holds Press Conference at Trump Tower (1/11/2017)
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