Obama Shadow Government in Trump Administration

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Obama Shadow Government in Trump Administration

Postby CR » Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:00 pm

Obama Shadow Government in Trump Administration

Obama Shadow Government Never Leaves Washington DC Cartoon
And you thought Clintons would never leave?!
Obama is conducting a systematic sabotage of Trump Administration. Obama Operatives in Security Services and Government Derail Trump Administration in every chance!

Friends, we report, you decide,

Ahreeman X asks:


Treason or Sabotage?

How Obama leads a systematic sabotage of Trump Administration?

American People vs. Global Corporations

George Soros, Global Corporations, Arab Oil, Global Corporate Media, Hollywood & Congressional Democrats’ Globalist Economical Agenda is in direct antagonistic conflict with the Trump Nationalist Economical Agenda which is the “Will of the American People!

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Obama Shadow Government in Trump Administration
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Obama Shadow Government in Trump Administration Cartoon
Obama Security Services Operatives refuse to accept Trump Administration. They tap Trump phones, leak national security information and sabotage the cabinet every chance they get! CIA, FBI, NSA, Global Corporations, Corporate Media, Hollywood and George Soros all in cahoots against the “Will of the People” who elected Trump!
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Sean Hannity Confirms Obama Wiretap of Trump Tower

Postby Atusa Qajar » Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:01 am

Sean Hannity Confirms Obama Wiretap of Trump Tower

Sean Hannity March 8, 2017

Sean Hannity March 8, 2017 Backup
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American Mainstream Media Dinosaurs Fake News

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:06 pm

American Mainstream Media Dinosaurs Fake News

CNN Fake News Lies: Garbage in, Garbage out Cartoon (Benjamin Garrison)!
Thanks to Julian Assange and proven by the WikiLeaks, American Corporate Media Establishment is in cahoots with the Liberals as a wing of the Corrupt Democratic Party. American Media is the Enemy of the American People. American Media (except FOX, Few Talk Radio Shows and Few Websites) has a job to spew lies and broadcast Fake News to deceive the American people. Be smart and be aware. Get your news elsewhere. A smart person watches, hears and reads all types of news before he makes up his mind. Smart person watches, hears and reads: American Mainstream Media, BBC, Russian TV, Chinese TV, Persian TV, FOX, Rush Limbaugh Talk Radio, Sean Hannity Talk Radio, CBC and IPC before he makes up his mind and releases his opinion.


Let’s face it, the complete American Corporate Media Establishment is a lie and produces fake news! Except FOX, Some Talk Radio like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and a few websites like Breitbart News, everything else is a lie!

The greatest of the Fake News who colluded with the Clinton Campaign, were in bed with Obama and have Anti Trump Nationalism, Corporate Global Interests are the Grand Masters of Fake News:

CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine and USA Today

It is so bad that I haven’t watched CNN for a week. Tonight accidentally I turned it on and due to no rating, they were showing Melania Trump Story (E Entertainment Gossip TV Style) on prime time when a Shiite load of news is to report! Do you know why? Because they have no rating left! Even on this so called Mockumentary, they were lying about Melania! So they show Trump documentaries for rating because anything Trump is money in the bag, but even then, they lie!

At the same time FOX was reporting tons of news! Real news that is! So basically American people by majority believe that American Media is lies, is opposition party and do not trust them.

If you listen to 3 hours of Hannity on the radio every day and watch one hour of Hannity on FOX, you will get more news than all the American Media combine lies in a month!

I mean over and over, on and on the American Media lies! Every news program is liberal biased and even after they got Shiite faced and proven for their collusion with Clinton Camp (WikiLeaks), they still have not learned their lesson to straight up their act! Furthermore, they still make bigger lies and create news out of their rectums!

The reality and what Fake News reports is a world apart! Head of the Fake News, being CNN is all garbage and absolute waste of eye sight and hearing to tune in!

It is a shame that in the greatest nation and the greatest Democracy in the world, media is so low and so fake!

If we haven’t learned anything from the WikiLeaks and election, at least we have learned that:

A. US Government is extremely corrupt

B. US Media is extremely fake

C. Washington DC is a Swamp and needs Draining

Next step should be Draining the Swamp in all mid levels of the government starting with DOJ, CIA, FBI, NSA and so on from Obama Operatives who leak national security secrets to the media to produce fake news!

In hope for better days

Dr. X

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Re: Obama Shadow Government in Trump Administration

Postby IPC » Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:23 pm

Major house cleaning in all government offices needed to bring back the trust and secrecy to Trump Administration. Obama spies are deep in the root of government offices and departments. They need to be pulled out like rotten teeth and thrown in trash.
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