Trump Supporters Fight Back Anarchist Thugs: MAGA vs. ANTIFA

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Trump Supporters Fight Back Anarchist Thugs: MAGA vs. ANTIFA

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:24 am

Trump Supporters Fight Back Anarchist Thugs: MAGA vs. ANTIFA
It is happening all over United States
Ahreeman X
March 7, 2017

Donald Trump Double Thumbs Up with Flags
National Populist Style

Stand Up for America

To All Patriotic Sisters and Brothers


Stand Up for America
Leftist Paid Thugs want to steal the election from us

They burn the American Flag
We Salute the Holy American Flag
In my opinion anyone who burns the US Flag needs to be shot!

When dialogue seizes, war starts
Liberals seized the dialogue in the congress and in the streets
They want resistance and ultimately overthrow of Trump Administration
This is called Coup d’etat and America don’t play that!
They want War, we give them War.
We are not a bunch of sissy faggy liberals
We are armed to the teeth and powered with Patriotism
They want to impeach Trump
We will pave the streets of America with leftist blood!

ANTIFA are Fascists

These losers call themselves ANTIFA (Anti Fascist) but they are the Fascists because they are:

I. Blocking the freedom of speech in the Universities, Rallies and Public Gatherings

II. Attempting to overthrow the Elected President of United States

III. They start the violent fights by attacking MAGA

These are not protests and these people are not protestors
This is a Coup d’etat attempt and these people are Anarchists

We are MAGA

We call ourselves MAGA because we are trying to Make America Great Again.

We are MAGA but they are not ANTIFA, yet they are Anarchist Thugs.

It is time to stand up to these leftist thugs. They are paid protestors and professional rioters paid by George Soros and organized by Hussein Obama. George Soros organizations, his MoveOn.Org, Black Lives Matter and other Anarchist Groups are behind all these riots.

Stand Your Ground and Fight Back

Organize, Stand up, Fight Back and return violence with violence.

We will not back down and let these low lives steal the election from us.

A bunch of Marxists, Socialists, Anarchists, Mercenaries, thugs, and other liberal losers with no jobs or lives living in their parents’ basement or garage, riot and burn university campuses and public property will not push us back. We will fight back and beat the Shiite out of the little sissy liberals and punk Millennials.

People vs. Corporate Globalists

Movement of the People will not surrender to Corporate Globalists.

Fight them back on campuses
Fight them back in the public places
Fight them back in the streets

We will fight them back tooth and nail for 8 years.

Their goal is to derail Trump Administration and the legally elected president of United States.
They want to overturn the will of the people.
Well there will be War for 8 years and we will not back down!
We did not start this war but we will finish it.

Bunch of low lives and paid protestors and rioters cannot stand and block MAGA, Movement of the People, the National Populist Movement.

What will happen if Liberals try to Impeach Trump?

They say they want to impeach the president.
Who wants to impeach the president?
A bunch of liberal fossils and GOP establishment hypocrites in congress?
A bunch of anarchist faggots in the streets paid by George Soros?
Some pencil pusher government bureaucrats?
Some Obamic backed CIA, FBI, NSA spooks?

Let’s say hypothetically these losers try to impeach the president!
Do you know what will happen?

We, the MAGA will be in the streets of America with Guns fighting to the last drop of our blood to defend the National Populist Movement and the Leader of the Movement Trump.

Who do you think American Security forces will stand by?
Who do you think police, sheriff, border patrol and military will stand by?
Security Forces are patriots and they love Trump!
For 8 years Obama, that Socialist Muslim Baboon pissed on the Police and Military!

I say to them:

Try us, you have no idea what American people are capable of!

Remember the Original Tea Party in Boston?
Remember the Revolutionary Wars?
They will be nothing like what will come!
We will unleash Hell on Earth!

We will cover the streets of America with Leftist blood all over the pavement.
We are armed to the teeth and we are dangerous as hell!

No sissy faggy bunch of faggots will steal the election and over throw the “Will of the People”

We worked so hard, campaigned so hard and fought so hard to finally free America and return the power to the people. After half a century we have returned America to Americans out of the hands of the Global Corporations, Liberal Establishment, GOP Establishment, Corporate Media, Hollywood, Wall Street, and liberal cronies.

I say, try us, go for it, will ya?

The streets of America will be paved with the blood of bloody liberal left, anarchists, Marxists, socialists and other little faggots. We will lynch that old fart George Soros.

George Soros wants to incite violence? George Soros has no clue what a pissed off American Patriot looks like and what is he capable of!

More information:

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Trump National Populist Revolution ... /index.htm

Videos of Fights: MAGA vs. ANTIFA

Violence Again in Berkeley - Trump Supporters vs. ANTIFA

March for Trump ends in Clash with ANTIFA

ANTIFA tried to disrupt Trump Rally

Trump Supporters Fight then Chase ANTIFA Thugs out of MN State Capital

Power to the People

Dr. X
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