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YouTube - Google Block Laura Ingraham Climate Change Video

Postby CR » Tue Sep 24, 2019 10:28 am

YouTube - Google Block Laura Ingraham Climate Change Hoax Video

The Video YouTube – Google Doesn’t Want You to See!

Liberal Social Media Plot to Silence Conservatives

Laura Ingraham: Climatology Cult Video Banned by YouTube - Google
YouTube Silently Cleared All Videos & Made them Non-Functional
YouTube – Google Pretend it is a Tech Glitch

Shadow Banning of Ingraham Angle on YouTube
Tech Giants & Social Media Censorship
Censorship of Conservatives






Laura Ingraham: The Climatology Cult

Yes, YouTube – Google have now moved from shadow banning Conservative Alternative Media to shadow banning Major Free Media such as Laura Ingraham of FOX News!

YouTube – Google have silently cleared up and blocked all posting and versions (over 15) of “Ingraham Angle” program of Laura Ingraham from September 23, 2019.

“Laura Ingraham: The Climatology Cult” program was a controversial program by Laura Ingraham which exploded on FOX News. All videos of this program are sabotaged, cleared and blocked by YouTube – Google pretending that it is a technical glitch!

The full program is blocked by YouTube but the fragment about Climate Change Hoax is still available on FOX News.

Try watching these clips on YouTube:

Laura Ingraham: The Climatology Cult

Ingraham: AOC's climate change con

If not successful, go directly to:

FOX => Ingraham Angle => Ingraham: The Climatology Cult

Watch the whole program:

FOX News

Ingraham Angle

Ingraham: The Climatology Cult Video

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