ANTIFA vs MAGA: 4th of July Flag Burning at White House

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ANTIFA vs MAGA: 4th of July Flag Burning at White House

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Jul 06, 2019 12:40 pm

ANTIFA vs. MAGA: 4th of July Flag Burning at White House 2019
They Burn the Flag that We Worship!
Ahreeman X
July 6, 2019

Google and Tech Giants Internet Censorship Ben Garrison Cartoon
Tech Giants Shut and Silence MAGA
The Evil Mind Control Globalist Corporations: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon

Marxist Democrats’ 4th of July Flag Burning

Folks, take a good look at Marxist Democrats’ 4th of July Festivities:


















ANTIFA vs. MAGA: 4th of July Flag Burning at White House 2019
They Burn the Flag that We Worship!

Ahreeman X
July 6, 2019

Haven’t I Told You So?


Haven’t I predicted the 4th of July episode, a day before?

For those who do not know what am I talking about, I am talking about these graphics which I created and Cat posted on July 3rd, dated them for July 4th which would be 4th of July Specials:

How Conservatives and Liberals Celebrate 4th of July? Part 1 ... /index.htm

How Conservatives and Liberals Celebrate 4th of July? Part 2 ... /index.htm

I hate to tell you but “I told you so”! You see, I know these lefties like the palm of my hand and I do know the palm of my hand very well!

I knew they would be at the White House on 4th of July to burn flags! Unlike Conservatives who have jobs and lives; therefore, no time to protest and destroy public property; these lefties have no jobs and lives. They live in their parents’ garage or basement. Some of the older ones live together in communes like left overs from the 1960s hippies! When George Soros sends the dough and says jump, they are ready to dress up in battle gear, put on the black hoodies, pack up the weapons and hit the streets for brawls, riots, protests and destruction of public property!


Black Lives Matter

All are Millennials, all are Democrat Voters and all are the same junk!

Conservatives have families, jobs, lives, brains and logic, so they have no time to behave like violent mobs similar to Democrat Fractions of ANTIFA, Anarchists and Communists!

Democrat Marxists

On 4th of July RevCom burned the American Flag in front of the White House, they created a fight and got arrested. A mixed group of Old Fart and Young Thug Marxists were involved. ANTIFA, Socialists and Islamists, all Democrat Voters were also present and were protesting Anti-Trump and Anti-America.

Revolutionary Communist Party
RevCom Site

Remember the Psycho Kid at School?

Lefties are like the deeply disturbed mental kid that you recall from school days! Do you recall? Do you remember when we gathered at the far end of the schoolyard to have private chats, suddenly and almost always, one psychotic and angry kid with severe family issues and mental problems would show up wanting to disturb the group, butt in and cause distraction? Do you remember he used to keep on bothering us, poking us with his fingers, shouting and causing commotion? He would not stop and we would not have peace and quiet to discuss our evil plans scheming until he would leave but he would never leave!

He would not leave until I would turn around and hand him a few heavy punches not anywhere fragile like his face, tummy or balls but on the shoulder, arms or sides where they would not kill him but heavily hurt him! After I gave him a few blows and hurt him badly but not inured him, then he would calm down, pack up his Shiite and leave! Only then we would have peace and quiet!

Angry Socialist Democrats

Remember that psychotic kid? Angry Democrats protesting are like that psycho kid! That kid never got over his complexes created at home and the Democrats have never gotten over 2016 when Trump and National Populism defeated the Establishment! That is why they behave this way now for over two and half years!


Sometimes they get violent and destructive, they destroy properties and injure reporters like in Berkley and Portland! If you ignore them and look the other way, they get embolden and cause more damage! You can’t walk away from them because they will hurt you! So, what to do?

The Kick Dog!

Do you remember my media metaphor as a kick dog? That little toy dog that barks at the entrance door of the house where party is at? The Toy Dog will not stop barking and biting your ankle until you kick him a few times, not hard enough to injure but bad enough to hurt! Only then he will let go of your ankle, not bite, not chew your pants and go the FAQ away!

Trump is the most transparent president in history of America and gave the most freedom of speech, interview and questions to the press; however, the Media has only one mission and it is to destroy his presidency because the media is establishment and Trump is the distraction which disturbs the establishment.


Trump kicks the Media just a little to keep them in line.
You need to kick ANTIFA just a little so they will not kill you or injure you!

That is the way it is done. If you wait for the local campus police or city police at Berkley, San Francisco, Oakland or Portland to save you, then you will be dead because the Mayors want Free People like you dead! They need Dependent Voters and Liberal Plantation Negroes on welfare, housing and Food stamp to control! They don’t want you to demand justice to clean up their cities! They love to see people like you dead or leave! The Mayors and City Halls of these Large Urban Cities do not run cities but they run “Large Liberal Plantations” full of “Dependent Democrat Voters”!


What to Do?

Let me tell you how its done. Now watch tomorrow, the liberals scream and email me a ton that Ahreeman preaches violence! Hey, I do not preach violence but I preach Self-Defense from you psychos!

Allow me to give you a step by step plan to save your lives:

How to Self-Defend Against ANTIFA?

I. Use a gym and a punching bag to practice, train and develop body.
I have my own gym at home. Me and my crew keep in shape. I am a Kung Fu Master, Ex-Football Player (American Football) and an athlete.

II. Always in Groups
Always take your own group or join a group of Patriots or MAGA side standing and watching these protests.

III. Go to ANTIFA Protests and Riots
Just for observation sake and social study, go stand on the sides of these protests.

IV. Be Prepared
Have the necessary gears in hand to protect yourself. Your life is most important, so protect it by all means and with everything needed to do so! Make sure someone is filming with camera or mobile so you will have documented evidence of self-defense.

V. Never start a fight.
Just once a while throw a word or two (not profanity) which will enflame the ANTIFA, phrases like: “God Bless Trump” or “MAGA Country”! These phrases make them blow a fuse!

VI. Self-Defend
No doubt, ANTIFA will come at you heavy with pepper sprays, cement sprays, baseball bats, batons, brass knuckles, punching gloves, and whatever else in hands. Stand still until they lay a finger on you. Once they lay a finger on you, it will be self-defense. Make sure somebody stands back and filming so this is all legally on your side. Once they start the fight, finish the fight!

The Joy of Dealing with ANTIFA and Islamists!


There is nothing in the world more arousing, joyful, satisfactory and soul soothing than self-defense against ANTIFA and Islamists. Once these Anarchists, Marxists and Muslims attack you, then it will be open season!

ANTIFA and Islamists are not trained fighters. They are scrawny pencil neck Millennials who live in their parents’ basements and garages. They dress up tough and they trash talk but when it comes to actual fight, they got nothing! They are paper tigers.


On the contrary, MAGA folks who fight are Veterans, Ex Cops, Bikers, Hardcore Good Old Boys and Trained Fighters.

As a Master Martial Artist, I can testify to you that beating the Shiite out of these little Shiites and Wanna Be Terrorists, Anarchists and Islamists is great for the soul, nerve calming, therapeutic, physical and spiritual! It is better than having sex with 72 virgins in the Islamic Heaven!

The Logic Behind 72 Virgins! ... /index.htm

You will not permanently injure them, but you just hurt them enough so that they will remember this event for rest of their lives!

ANTIFA never expects people to defend themselves, set aside facing trained fighters! They expect people to fly and run! Once they face a trained enemy, they get the surprise of their lives! You should see their faces or eyes wide open (if wearing masks, handkerchiefs or scarves), well surprised while they get beaten the Shiite out of them! The sound of crushed bones, torn muscles and cracked limbs are spiritual and heavenly! They will go down one by one like flies! The never-ending screams of pain are surely erotic and arousing! That is how it’s done baby!

Liberals love Cultural Diversity but Group Think!

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity! ... /index.htm

It is funny that liberals always preach diversity of race but they always expect everyone to groupthink and be faithful to the Big Brother, Big Government and Liberal Plantation like good House Negroes and Plantation Negroes! That is liberalism in a nutshell for you! Today’s liberals are a Mob of Angry and Violent Lefties, so be prepared!

4th of July Flag Burning

Democrats Burned the American Flag Outside the White house on the 4th of July They were Revolutionary Communist Party members, Democrat Voters and were paid by George Soros.

Read more about George Soros:

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship! ... /index.htm


All of these lefties or Neo Cons are Globalists, Anti-Americanism and Enemies of the People:

Establishment Enemies of the People
Deep State
Silicon Valley
Tech Giants
Social Media
International Globalist Corporations
Wall Street
Neo Cons
RINO Republicans

They are all the same
They are all Establishment
They are all Swamp
They are all Anti Trump
They are all Anti America
They are all Globalists
They are all Anti-American People

Stand up to them and fight them
Stand up for America
Stand up for National Populism
Stand up for Americanism
Stand up for 2016 Revolution of Trump and the People
Stand up for Trump
Stand up for Patriotism


Rich and Spoiled Liberal Athletes

Then you have all of these Millionaire Athletes in NFL, NBA and NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League) who have great lives, thanks to Trump and America. Instead of kneeling during the national anthem, they should stand the FAQ up and aid Trump to help the Black Community, Cleanup the Ghettos and fix the inner cities destroyed by 60 years of liberal control which literally ran down and destroyed the US Urban cities and lives! Trump is the only person who is actually doing something for the Blacks and their neighborhoods. Trump created jobs for them, security for them, prison reforms for them, school of choice for them and so on. What have liberals ever done for the blacks? Look at the Liberal run California, Detroit, Chicago, New York and so on. Look how Blacks live!

Instead they kneel during the national anthem and insult America, Military and the Flag!

Megan Rapinoe the Bull Dyke

Recent example is that Bull Dyke, Butch Girl, Flaming Faggot Bitch Megan Rapinoe disrespecting the Old Glory Banner and the National Anthem by kneeling until Federation forced her to stand the FAQ up but still she does not put right hand on her heart and sing the anthem but she looks like a fish out of water during the anthem!




Colin Kaepernick the Liberal Plantation Negro

Another dirt bag is Colin Kaepernick the Marxist and the Liberal Plantation Negro who now obviously runs Nike and decides for Nike to insult the flag and take it off the sneakers!

Trump to NFL: Respect America ... /index.htm

NFL Football Colin Kaepernick Jackass Ben Garrison Cartoon
US Flag: Whadda Jackass!
Colin Kaepernick the Liberal Plantation Negro with his BLM Tattoo sitting on a bag of Millions protesting for Social Justice!

Screw Nike too! Let them be global and lose the American market, it is a good thing that I was never a Nike guy and always an Adidas guy!

Democrats are the Worst Enemy of the Black People

Many Blacks and Non-Blacks are not historically informed that:

In Old times
Democrats created Confederacy, KKK, Segregation and Jim Crow.
Democrats enslaved Black Bodies in Liberal Plantations as House Negroes and Plantation Negroes.

In Modern Times
Democrats are still enslaving the Blacks but this turn they enslave Black Minds by Liberal Garbage. Democrats keep Blacks in line by giving them handouts, welfare, food stamp and benefits so they remain dependent voters for Democrats. The Democrat Party never creates jobs and security for Blacks so they can stand on their own because if they do, then they leave the party! Democrats need dependent voters! Liberals created Plant Parenthood to kill black babies and to control the black population! Go reads the history, the founder of Plant Parenthood openly described it!

Blacks are Leaving the Liberal Plantations!

So, Democrats used to enslave Black Bodies and now they enslave Black Minds! Blacks by majority are still on Liberal Plantation State of Mind!

The good news is that 35 % of Blacks have now left the Liberal Plantations and become GOP voters! Free at Last, Free at Last, thanks to Trump!

Traditional Democrat Flag Burning Events

I told You So!

check these clips:


Chaos Erupts Outside the White House

Flag burned outside White House before Trump Salute to America

Have You Ever Been Attacked for Wearing Your MAGA Apparel?

4th of July Ceremonies and Events

4th of July Parade in Washington D.C.

Watch All the Military Flyovers from President Donald Trump's 'Salute to America'

Military tanks arrive for Trump's July 4th celebration

Huge Crowd: Tens of Thousands Come for President Trump's Salute to America

Salute to America: President Trump Historic Lincoln Memorial speech

Full Show: Fireworks at 4th of July Celebration in Washington, DC 2019

The Ingraham Angle 7/4/19 The Ingraham Angle Fox News July 4, 2019

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Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship! ... /index.htm

Welfare States of America: WSA ... /index.htm


Teach the Youth the Truth

243 years ago, a group of visionaries named the Founding Fathers have created the American Constitution and America. Until this day, it is the most unique and visionary idea, document and system of government on earth.

Do not allow Marxist Democrat Professors and Teachers corrupt your children and kids. Train them to self-educate themselves:

Iran Online Library

It is a Great Time to live in America and be American

Be Proud to be an American

America is the Greatest Place to Live on Earth

Thanks to Trump


Trump Made America Great Again (MAGA).
Now We Should Keep America Great (KAG).

MAGA Forever


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