20 Million Illegal Aliens Can't Be Wrong!

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20 Million Illegal Aliens Can't Be Wrong!

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 15, 2005 11:04 am

20 Million Illegal Aliens Can't Be Wrong!
February 15, 2005

There are many critics about United States of America. Many Americans even love to put America down! However, no one in America is willing to leave America, even Barbara Streisand whom sworn that if Bush gets elected, she will leave America! George Soros won't leave! Where would he make all his money besides America?! No one is willing to leave America even Peter Khan Zendran The Anarcho_Fascist, pardon me Titoist! However, everyone from all over the world are jumping over each other's shoulders to get to America! So if people hate America so much, then why the hell no one leaves & everyone is out there begging to come in?! US of A indeed!

The other day Blondie came back from a business trip to France & she told me everything is so outrageously expensive, hotel, food, grocery, cloths, other goods, even the French Perfumes are more expensive in France than America! How can this be?!

Germans are worst, my Mother just came back from Germany and she said major Department Stores are getting bankrupt & going out of business! Turks have opened so many 99c Stores and cheap junk sales that no one buys anything else! Turks have taken over Germany to the point that Large cities of Germany look like Turkey! Hell, looks like there are more Trurks in Germany than in Turkey! Germans cannot feed themselves, now they have to feed all these Turks! Thats why Neo Nazism in Germany is on the rise! Economical issues created by ignorant European governments, due to the policies of "Open Doors", is now causing major hatred between Europeans and the Immigrants!

The European Union as a whole is economically Fragged! Due to their idiotic immigration laws, they have given refugee status, free housing, food stamps, welfare money and Residency to every two bit third world bozo who torn his passport @ the airport & shouted political assylum or Refugee status! Now they are stuck with all these Asians & Africans, mostly Muslim and they don't have the means to take care of them! Morely, they have added a Terrorist Problem to the rest of their problems! European Union is truely doomed!

When you go to supermarkets in Europe, you will see some shriveled up fruits, priced as their number one highest quality fruits! Over here in states, we throw those fruits out & not even feed them to our Cows! The fruits that we eat here in States are of such high quality that Europeans have never seen them in Europe! When Europeans come to America for a vacation & they shop in Supermarkets or Department Stores, they look like Barbarians or Pirates who have just landed a Commercial Rich Ship full of treasures! They shop like there is no tomorrow! They have never seen so much wealth, so much great quality products & food for such cheap price!

These days when you see Europeans in American stores, they almost behave as bad as FOPs (Fresh Out of Plane Iranians)! They act like they have never seen a civilized nation before!

So Europeans allowed all these Foreigners in their itsy bitsy nations without having the recourses to support them! America has never let in so many foreigners without thinking & figuring out a way to support them first! Besides, we have the means to support immigrants but Europeans don't! For God's sake, the whole Europe is the size of our Bathrooms in States! So obviously Europeans did not think straight with their immigration laws & now they are stuck with 101 economical issues!

Today, there are more Turks in Germany than Germans! Just imagine what will happen when Turkey will also become a part of European Union! Open Borders indeed! The whole North Africa & Middle East will move to Europe & then Europeans will beg us to let them in to United States! Europeans think they are God's Gift on Earth but they truly do not think with a straight logical mind! Now if the European Union would have not been formed, then for sure nations like France & Germany would have been totaly Fragged by now! They would have been in a worst condition than now! The European Union has been formed and they are still Fragged badly! Just imagine if it would have not been formed!

So these Euro-Pee-On Nations love their union but is there any wonder that many nations of Europe who are doing great on their own, do not want to enter this union & all its problems?!

The EU and rest of the 2nd & 3rd world are good with critics about USA but we got a great slogan for them!

"20 Million Illegal Aliens Can't Be Wrong!"

We got 20 million illegals in states from all around the world who came here because it is the best on Earth! 20 Million illegals live here & they won't leave to anywhere else in the world! They swim across the seas, row boats across the bays, run through chicken wires, die out in deserts trying to reach United States of America for a better life than they had in their own nation!

Go to any American Embassy in the world & check out the line of visa applicants! Go to immigration & check out the immigrant's applications! Yes sir, the whole world is jumping over each other's shoulders to come to America and many of us Americans do not appreciate what an honor it is to live in America! Further more we put America down! The best example are these Sissy Faggy Liberals who burn American Flags! Check it out, if you don't love America & if America is so bad, then by all means, Get The Frag out of here & open room for millions who are dying to get in here! The whole Hollywood Sissy Ass Crowd & the Gay State of Massachussets can ship out of America and live in France! Open room for millions of Iranians, Latinos, Orientals, Europeans and Africans who would die to become American Residents or Citizens! By all means get the Frag out of United States or just shut the Hell Up!

Right now in Tehran they are dreaming to come here & live Free! I am sick & tried of liberal whining & moping & bitching about how America is no good! Then get the hell out & go to Arabian Deserts & get Fragged in the Shiiter by Abdol Majid! Liberal Bozos got it so good!

But Noooooooooooooooo, they would never leave their Hollywood Mansions to go live in France! They love living in USA but bashing America! There is nothing worst than a American Whining Liberal! I believe we need to bring on the world famous Persian Donkeys, 10 Donkeys per one Boston or Hollywood Liberal to gang rape them up the shiiter! Them Persian Big boned Donkeys of the pure breed, know well on how to treat a Liberal, Allah bless their bones!

God Damn American Liberals piss me off! I want to see Dean moving to live in Mexico or Iraq next to Al Qaeda Quarters! How about Kennedy in Qazvin's Mosque?! No good God Damn Liberals are good for nothing but being Fragged by Osama's Big boned Army of Al Qaeda!

Yes sir,

"20 Million Illegal Aliens Can't Be Wrong!"

America, love it or by all means get the Frag out of it! America The Beautiful will be much more beautiful without the Morally Corrupt, Hypocritical, Whining and Bitching Sissy Ass Liberals!

And to French, with all due respect, Kiss My Yankee American Ass! Thanks to us, you still have a free nation or today, you would have been a state of Nazi Germany or Soviet Union, take your pick?! Once a while I just go to Europe, Latin America, Africa, & other continents to visit, so I can once again see these places as the first hand witness & count my blessings for being an American & living in America!

Unique system of Democracy, Freedoms, Wealth, Availability of all products, quality of goods, the food, the prices, the technology, the land, the housing, the life style, the people......

After 50 years of living in France or Germany or anywhere else, they will never accept you as a French or German Citizen! But you can come off the boat, legally immigrate to America, become a resident & after a while become an American Citizen. Once you are a Citizen, no matter where are you from, what race, what religion, and how much money you have, we the Americans will accept you as one of our own and we call you "An American"! The minute you become a citizen, we accept you as a American. Thats why America is America and then you got the rest of the world!

Nowhere but nowhere is like America! Star Spangled Banner indeed. Write that in your notes!

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