North American Union, a Liberal Sham!

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North American Union, a Liberal Sham!

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Jun 10, 2005 8:57 am

North American Union, the latest Liberal Sham!
June 10, 2005

Latest Liberal Extravaganza is that they want to create a North America Union including Canada, USA & Mexico! Liberals are using the European Union as a role model. The fact is that Europen Union has failed as a political entity. According to the latest election results in Europe, European People do not want to dissolve their nations' sovereignty & create a united Europe. They want the economic aspects of the union but not the political & military aspects of it.

United States liberals as always love to follow the European path in states & love to create a socialist image of Europe & stick it to America! However, this latest agenda which is cooked for Americans by the Internationalist Economists, is not about a united North American Union in all aspects. It is only about economy. Instead of solving the problem by closing down the border to stop the illigelal immigration, they want to create a union so we (USA) will start carrying all the Mexican Government's problems.

Mexico is a corrupt third world nation with a corrupt government. Mexico delays solving her own problems by dumping all her unemployed, under class & criminals into Umnited States. These folks are no immigrants, but they are illigal immigrants whom are adding to our economical problems, social problems & crime rate.

President Vincente Fox is practically aiding all illegal Central Americans & Mexicans to cross the border to America. They are dumping their problems on to us! Unfortunately, both Republicans & Democrats are avoiding the issue. They do not want to hurt their chances not to get the Latino vote!

The funny thing is that lately, the legal Latino community herself is becoming more & more Anti Illegal Immigration!

Illigal immigration means:

* Lowering the wages for the legal workers.
* Adding to the crime rate.
* Adding more parasites to our welfare state.
* Add more abuse of the Public Health Care & Benefits.
* Adds more leeches to benefit from our Public Educational system.
* Trash & filthy our community.

You want to immigrate to America? Then by all means do it legally! The garbage of Mexico plus global trash & Terrorist are sneaking to America on daily bases! We need to close both borders, Mexico & Canada. And for once, we need to anforce the LAW on both borders. Enough is enough!

The same as The European Union is not working for Europe, it will also not work for America. A group of Leftist, Environmentalist Wacko, Femme Nazi, Pinko Liberals are now trying to further degenerate America & bring America lower to the level of a third world nation such as Mexico! Liberals are absurdly & amusingly eccentric, selfish, vain & irrational.

I do not believe that Mexico is by far in the level of USA or Canada to start a union with them! What benefit does this union brings to us?

Liberal Logic!

Some say, we already have millions of illegal Mexicans in America, so if this Union happens, then we can create one large nation, go to Mexico & clean up their nation from corruption & establish a great economical empire! They say, we can use all the huge oil resources & other mining resources of Mexico to build Mexico & also benefit from it!

This is all fine & dandy but there is a but! But the problem is that Mexico is a corrupt nation with corrupt government & Drug Lords & 40 family running the whole nation. They will not allow us to clean up Mexico!

I tell you what will happen! We end up lowering our standards the same as Mexico. America will become a Garbage Can the same way that Mexico is the Arm Pit of Latin America! What about Canada? I do not want Canada's problems! Let Canada & Mexico deal with their own problems! Canada is a far progressed nation, & a civilized nation than Mexico but do we want to add more problems to our border protections from Terrorism & other social issues?

Liberal Logic is as flawed as saying: Lets not take a shower for weeks, so we can claim solidarity & mix & mingle with All animals in the jungle!

Liberal Slogans

Liberals say:
We need to start thinking as Citizens of North America. Our borders start @ Southern Mexican Border all the way to North Canada!

I say:
No, thank you very much! You already have tried NAFTA & Unionizing North America & it did not work! The only people who would benefit from this union are Canada & definitly Mexico but our society will go down the drain & we will become a third world nation!

What's next? Changing our currencies' pictures of presidents to some Bull Shiite Brotherly Loved, Global North American Logo of Solidarity between the masses! George Washington's picture on dollar bill will be replaced with Socialist Canada's Mounty Bear Police or Shiite Hole Mexico's Wormed Eagle?! No thanks! What will the National Anthem be? Cumbaya Oh My Lord Cumbaya?! Will we all hold hands while singing it?! One big happy family indeed!

America is already on top of the world & envy of the globe! We are the peace keepers of the world. We have the greatest economy in the globe. We are the Greatest Democracy in the globe. And we deffinitly do not need Mexico or Canada's economical, social & fundamental problems! Let us deal with our own problems & let them solve their own problems. North American Union is another Liberal wacked idea to further Social Engineer our nation in the model of Europe.

The same way that Americans said No to liberals on 2000 & 2004, we will say No to "North American Union"!

Now have in mind that what liberals have in mind for America is a world apart than what I have in mind for Iran. Review:

A vision for Iran of tomorrow (Nationalism)! ... e1d0ce2bde

In above article, I talk about a "Persian Union". You might ask, then how come you recommend such Union for Iran? Well, I will reply that there are fundamental differences between these two unions!


Persian Union will be an Economical, Social, Political, & Military Union. A full blown Union. This union will be for benefits of all present scattered nations of Central & West Asia. These nations on their own are vastly suffering, set aside surviving! What I have in mind is to mix & match & borrow the greatest aspects of the Europen Union, United States of America & Ancient Persian Empire to create a new National Union. I vision the use of Federalism, Regional Equal Share Economy, Central Powerful Military, Wise politics & prosperous progressive Nationalism to create a strong Nationalist Union named the future Persian Union.

Liberal Fabricated "North American Union" can never be a full blown union because this union will never be beneficial for All! This union will be a one way street to dump loads of problems from Mexican side & somewhat Canadian side on to the American side! We will become a second rate Western nation such as Europen nations! We will lose our status in the world! Not that Mexico will not grasp our Economical, Corporate, Social & political patherns, yet they will lower us to their level! America will become another Mexico!

Warning to Republicans

W & the GOP must understand that, we the people have put them in the White House. We the people are the reason that GOP won the White House, Senate, House & Governorships. If today, We The People as a majority, will say No to illegal immigration & open borders, then by all means, the GOP must obey & serve the will of the Majority & our will, or else, We The People will abandone GOP because they have failed to prosper this nation according to the Will of The People! GOP must perfectly understand the American People's Will & must stop pussyfooting around, playing politics & political correctness, because if they do not shape up, then We The People will ship them out!

On 2008 Elections

Pretty much sure, if it comes down to Hillary Clinton being nominated as the Democratic Candidate for 2008, then we The GOP, have no choice but to nominate Condoleezza Rice as our candidate.

Personally I believe Dr. Rice is more qualified, more educated, more experienced, more logical, more powerful, more negotiable, more artistic, more political, more talented, & more sexy! I like her shins! She got nice shins!

That's all I have to say.


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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Jul 19, 2005 6:17 pm

The Drunk and The Gay!
Moral Leaders of The Democratic Party!


Couple of people who are also pushing the "North American Union" Deal, are a couple of Moral Leaders for The DNC! Representatives of the state of Massachusetts:

1. :lush: Senator Teddy Kennedy, the promiscuous, alcoholic (hick up), drunk driver, murderer!

2. :gay: House Representative, Barney Fag ........ Oops sorry, I meant Barney Frank, the sexual harasser, the Homosexual!

What a state, Massachusetts, heart of Liberalism! :gfight:

The funny thing is that these two have been getting elected over & over by folks in that Gay State, for ages!

Not that there's anything wrong with being a horny, Liberal Gay (Seinfeld)! :yeees:

PS: After 9/11, these two great Liberals, also believed that maybe it is best for us to have a dialogue with Al Qaeda, rather than jumping into coclusions & go after them!!!!!! :obl: :lover: :kissey:

A Prayer! :preach: [-o<

Woow Nelly........., Well Frag me Up the Shiiter, & spank me butt & kick me with Black Fascist Jack-Boots, thus Liberals are in town & they demand & preach Socialism upon us & bring us a Neo Moral standards! Oh Father from Under, we beg thee to save us from Liberals thus they have lost their senses long ago in 1930s (Roosevelt Era) on WWII........!

So go figure!


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