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Hello today, tomorrow I hate you!

Postby LOJ » Sun Mar 05, 2006 7:30 am

First Iraq was our enemy, now that we have rebuilt Iraq, it has become our ally and partnership in showing America that we can democra-size a Middle Eastern country.
First Russia was our enemy then our ally, now it is becoming our enemy again…
First Iran was our project and friend (when Shah Reza Pahlivi was the monarch) and the USA was trying to "Westernize" the middle east….then lo and behold the USA put Ayatollah Khomeni in power to run the Shah out after he decided he was sick of the USA and wanted "his culture and beliefs" once more…..albeit the Ayatollah did the unthinkable, he turned on the USA who put him in power…now we have a country who abhors the USA once more….gee I can't imagine why???

Does anyone see a pattern here….you see us "AMERICANS" are told HOW TO FEEL towards certain countries and groups of people based upon how our GOVERNMENT depicts these countries to act towards us.
Now the UAE is a questionable relationship due to terrorism issues…..are people really that naive that they do not realize that agreements and deals have been happening with Arab countries wayyyyy before the UAE. The only difference is that the UAE is now a public known fact.
Yes we caught Sadaam, but if you think he is truly going to be ever convicted and made to pay for his crimes…then you are sadly mistaken….just as I told my husband that the female for the Christian Monitor will never be killed…this is a set up to prove to America just how influential the Iraqi govt. has become. It is a façade to tell America, oh look now that Sadaam is gone we have become "humane".
If I am wrong I will be the first to admit it….but I do not think I am…and I can't believe more people can't smell these stupid set-ups a mile away.
I believe that we should live and let live…why shouldn’t any country have the right to defend itself??? We obviously allow Russia to have WMD, yet I'm sure if we dig deep enough they probably have more reason to eliminate "US" than any of the Middle Eastern countries. We have just been conned into thinking that since we do not believe in their beliefs or their cultural behavior then they have no right to have weapons as equally or more powerful than ours. Now there is freedom for you…or did I have a lapse in consciousness there and forgot that freedom is only FOR THOSE IN THE USA….now there is an oxymoron if I ever heard one.
Why don't we all go back to our abodes and not mention our opinions once more until the Govt. comes to us via TV, or radio and tells us HOW WE SHOULD feel.
They already have those hating those that do not agree with the govt…and this is within OUR OWN FREE COUNTRY!
Good Night and Good LUCK! (Btw: Never saw the movie but AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT).
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Mar 06, 2006 2:03 pm

Dear Lori:

I missed your beautiful & perfectly round meme, Oops sorry, I mean face! Zip is looking @ me Left Left! Hey Zip, buckle up, I knew her first!

Buddy ol pal, how are you? Are you done with your latest episodes of tantrums, E-mail hijacking, medical issues, Alcohol/drug syndromes, Ex husbands & tagging along with Cindy Sheehan? Been a long time! That must have been a long binge drinking! Was it fun? Have you made it back in one piece?

Ok that's good enough indeed!

Nice to see you in one piece. I don't want to make any wise cracks, but you are asking questions on why Islamic Republic of Iran cannot be allowed to have nukes?

You know, for a person who experienced first hand about the nature of Islamic Republic of Iran & for a person who went through attrocities by the hands of Sepah Pasdaran (around Shiraz), you of all people should know the answer to your question, no?

When Sepah done you some special hospitality in province of Pars, they were nukeless! Now picture what will be their capabilities with the nukes!

It is not every government & nation's natural right to gain nukes for so called defense purposes! Primarily, that government should first prove that they are civilized enough (by human standards) to have nukes!

I believe we should not let our anti American establishment feelings, Rebel nature & bias, blinds us to realities of our world! Don't you think so?

And always remember,

Your body maybe belong to others but your soul, always will belong to Ahreeman!

Hee Hee Hee How How How Howl...........

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