Arabs and Persians in 21st Century!

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Arabs and Persians in 21st Century!

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Nov 15, 2006 7:33 pm

Arabs and Persians in 21st Century!


I was just pondering, in this day and age,

Arabs (UAE) are building a global economical empire (Dubai), a step short of Hong Kong, and a global communication network (Al Jazeera) a step short of CNN!

Persians (Regime of Tehran) are building a facility (Nuclear and Military) to expand and export Islam (Pan Arabism), and they spend an arm and a leg funding all major Arab Islamist Terrorist Groups (Hezbollah, Al Hamas, Al Jihad, Al Jihad al Islami’a Egypt, Bosnian Islamists, etc.)!

While Arabs are becoming an economical giant (UAE), Persians are holding on tight to Mohammed’s balls and massaging them, so they can enlarge!

You will comprehend the depth of this disease, when you see Iranian Doctors, Professors, Scientists and Engineers (Educated class), read Namaz, do Ruzeh, mourn Ashura and Moharam, go to Mosque and Khaneqah and donate to IRI’s Iman Foundation of LA and Alavi Foundation of New York!

Sometimes I truly give a possibility that maybe Iranians have eaten Donkey Brains (Persian Expression)!

“Ba’zi vaqt-ha fekr mikonam shayad mardom-e ma, maqz-e Olaq qurt dadand!”

Persians are more Muslim than Arabs!

Would someone please tell me, what’s wrong with this picture?!


Someone fed up with the amount of
Shiite Water (Anabeh) passing way above Iranians’ heads!
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