Albert Pike and three world war

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Albert Pike and three world war

Postby joseka » Sat Nov 10, 2007 2:44 am

Albert Pike was a freemason in 19th century.He worked out three world war and some revolution plans to freemasons to reach rule the world.Well his strategies came true in 80% in 20th century.Now freemason world governance want to explosion the third world war.Do we allow it?Do we allow to come to fruition his strategies in finally?
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Postby Darvish » Sat Nov 10, 2007 10:43 am

Hell Ye, all power to them. If there is money for me, I will give them a hand too! Alternatively see what we have, Jews are taking over and desire to force upon us ways that are only useful for preservation of a Jewish nation.

In brief, US economic assistance to Israel sums to over $5000 per year per Israeli citizen. I say get your fkn hands out of my American pockets Israel, before babbling about the harm the Free Maison's may do to me!

We have waisted ~3000 American lives and trillions of US-treasure in Iraq and Afghanistan over the fkn attitude of Israeli Jews who can't wipe their own asses without funds and support from US. We had 9/11 because of our alliance with Israel. And, worst of all is our gradual lost of civil liberties and freedoms which is associated with the said crap.

I have a perfect peace solution for the middle east:

Push all the Arabs into the sea, drop all the Jews over the cliff, and convert all the mosks and senegogs to a parking lot for Americans. Then there will be a perfect peace in the middle east, just on time for us to focus on the real problem, the fkn Chinese!

U put me in charge and I will clean up the world's mess in 4-years! U have to force conformance on these people like U do your dog. Talking big and not using the leash and if necessary the stick, just reinforces their bad behaviors.

My way will be, U will get respect if U conform and should U bite, U will be put to sleep! I will not waist American blood and treasure on U, but I will turn your infrastructure to a glass covered parking lot, then I will rebuid your society our way!

By the way, Shabat Shalom!
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