Kurds: We demand that leaders serve us and don’t want to be

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Kurds: We demand that leaders serve us and don’t want to be

Postby Jaff Sassani » Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:21 am

Kurds: We demand that leaders serve us and don’t want to be servant

The Kurdish people histories are full of mischief by other Kurds against their own people
Through our history we had many families went up in the society regardless of their backgrounds. They are coming from the tribal leaders or religions or politic but they have one thing in common.

When Kurdish individuals gaining the leadership of the Kurds they are immediately running to make up the name for his or her own ancestors. Most of the time they claim to be from the Sayed (In Kurdish mean the children of Ali Bin Abe Talib Al Hashami) families with Arab origins. They are ashamed to call themselves Kurds or Aryan (Iranian) origin. The Sayed in Arabic language meaning respectable person just like Agah in Persian language or Khan in Turkish and Mongols or Pear in Kurdish.

The Kurdish culture and traditions always serve the leaders in the process the Kurds will become slave to the leadership even in this modern days. While in the world especially in western countries the human made very good progress almost the people are equal by law. The lord of Europe’s Middle age feudal system no longer exists.

The Kurdish political system becoming likes Tribal system, Sayed and non-Sayed families system of the religion Shikes. The Kurds are expected to be the servants while around the world the leadership is elected to serve people. If you have power and Money you can find thousand or million of Kurds to serve you and become your slave. They betrayal each other even they kill you if you dislike his or her leader. We Kurds like Dogs we like our owners to death without asking any questions.

We are different from other nations on earth may be why we not have country. Our leaders treating us like cows in free markets sell us out and then we follow them to death. What is wrong with us we should have study group to do research on us to see are we greedy or stupid or what. Even if we are group of thief we should ask how we going to divide the income. How you are going to run our group when you have power. Why we are following so blindly.


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