Iraq’s Kurdistan president urges talks between Iran, Turkey

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Iraq’s Kurdistan president urges talks between Iran, Turkey

Postby Jaff Sassani » Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:44 pm

Iraq’s Kurdistan president Massoud Barzani urges talks between Iran, Turkey 13.3.2008

Source : VOI
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March 13, 2008

Erbil-Hewler, Kurdistan Region 'Iraq',-- President of Iraq’s Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani on Thursday urged talks between Iran and Turkey to avoid violence in the region.

Speaking at the closing session of the Arab Parliamentary Union conference in Erbil, Barzani called on Arab countries to understand Kurds’ suffering.

“We called on Arab, Parisian and Turkish countries to hold talks based on respect, understanding and forgiveness to solve all problems facing us and to avoid violence and wars in the region,” the president continued.

“This is the first time a large number of Arab officials visit Erbil since toppling of Saddam’s regime in 2003,” he added.
Massoud Barzani, the President of the autonomous Regional Government of Kurdistan 'Iraq' “Holding the conference in Erbil highlights the recognition of federal and democratic Iraq,” Massoud Barzani said.

The Arab Parliamentary Union conference started in Erbil, the Iraqi Kurdistan's capital on Tuesday morning for three days with the participation of 19 Arab and Islamic countries.

Established in June 1974 with the aim of consolidating joint Arab action and solidarity, the APU is an organization representing Arab parliaments and shura (consultative) councils.


Jaff Sassani Respond

We are the representatives of the Jaff people with the Sassanian origin, as he knows we are one fourth of the population in Iraqi Kurdistan. We are calling on Mr. Barzani to stop comparing the Persian people to the Turks and Arab imperialist.
We are the people with common history, religion, culture and language with Persian people and other Iranian nations in the Middle East. The Kurdish people do not have any common heritage with the Turks or Arabs except of the common Islamic religion. Both nations are occupiers but Persian people are our brothers and sisters with the same blood.

The Persian people are always saved our people during the hard time. We owe them apologies. The Iranian Government did have bad policy toward the Kurdish people and Persian people alike. We should complain about the Iranian Government policy not the Persian people from now on.

The Kurdish futures are with the Iranian nations. We have to work on our wrong policy toward the Persian and other Iranian nations in the region.

Please stop calling our conations any blames from now on.

Thank you for your attention.

Jaff Sassani
From the SKDC
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