To United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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To United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Postby Jaff Sassani » Sun Mar 16, 2008 4:51 am

The Sassanian Kurd Defense Committee
Kurdistan Iraq, Jaff People from: Kurdistan Iraq

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Special Representative for Iraq
Honorable Staffan de Mistura
Honorable Michael Von Der Schulenburg
Honorable David Shearer

Dear honorable Mr. De Mistura
Dear honorable Mr. Von Der Schulenburg
Dear honorable Mr. Shearer

We are more than one million people in the region administered by The Talabani organization PUK political party. Our committee formed to defend the right of the Jaff people in that region.

The Jaff Kurds are associations of many tribes with the Sassanion origin. 90 % present of the victim from Chemical attack on Halabjah, Iraq by Saddam Hussein Government was from our people. Majority of the victim from Anfal are from our people too.

The Jaff people history with Talabani tribe and the Talabani Sheiks are not very good. We fight each other in the last century and beat them in that fight. Our people do not have very good history with people from Sulayminah city either because we supported the Iraq and Briton Government when Iraq was created.

We are facing the discriminations in many fronts. Mr. Jalal Talabani the current President of Iraq and His PUK organization runs the Jaff region. He is personally responsible for our miserable life. He is taking revenge because of his Talabani tribe past with us and he is encouraging his follower against our people.

They are discriminating against our people because of our origin as the Sassanian people.

We are appealing directly to you and your staff to send the fact-finding mission to our region to investigate what we are writing you about in this paper. They take most of the budget money and any charity money come in from overseas to Halabjah victims for themselves that is why our people revolted in Halabjah and burned the monuments.

The Iraqi Government does not have the authority any more in our region. We wrote the US Congress and US Government recently about the situation in our region. We are going to ask the Iranian opposition for protection and support of our people just like Turkmen people in Iraq are asking the protection from Turkey. The current Iranian Government is hostile to our people because they are allied with Mr. Talabani otherwise we asked them for the protection of our people.

We are suffering and thousand of us are sick, our people are dieing, the rate of dieing are very high. Mr. Talabani are not even cares and his Government in Sulayminah, Iraq are behind the plan he have for us. You have to visit the area and see by yourself what they did to our people in last 17 years. We are scared of his mafia organization to speak out openly and fear his son special police to kill our leadership.

The Barzani family has strategical agreement with Talabani Family to not interfere in each other area of administration. The KRG are run based on both family agreements.

Our yang people will join the Islamic extremist if these policies continue by Mr. Talabani and PUK organization.

Iraq Government are dead in the Kurdistan region. They not have any effect in the region.

In conclusion please interfere personally to safe our people.

Jaff Sassani
From the SKDC
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Jaff Sassani
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