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Response to Camran 1a

Postby Lawrence Of Persia » Sat Sep 06, 2008 4:03 pm

Dear Camran,

Camran wrote:Thank you for contacting me by email however it took four years to receive since my last SOS message inviting you to IPC. We are delighted with your decision to joining the club and the movement.

Yes. I was actually completely offline for several years. But I am back now. We can communicate. Thank you for your welcome.

Camran wrote:Please be noted, the quietness surrounding the club does not pose a threat to a opposition strategy adapted to topple the Akhoonds regime because Akhoonds are becoming hatred growing each day by lack of their understanding in today’s problems surrounding the world but also by trying to oppress people from producing talents in a free environment and suppressing them to practice their choices.

Yes. I cannot imagine how suffocating it must be for young Iranians, especially young Iranian women, to have to live under the corruption and suppression of the uncivilized and savage mullah rulers of IRI. It must be horrible. As AX has written, the vast majority of Iranians who were 18 or older in 1979, that is Iranians who are 49 or older today, are guilty of crimes against humanity, crimes of omission, crimes of inactivity and being accomplices of the savage criminal acts of the mullah rulers and their supporters against young Iranians, that is Iranians who are younger than 30 today. Those older generations of Iranians have failed and betrayed their children. Big time. Sins of the Fathers indeed.

Camran wrote:Although there aren’t much communication happening at the present time in the club, but we are fully conscious and awaiting an opportunity to clip the wings of Akhoonds vultures. This may or not happen while we are alive because we move around the target, but the target is the same and cannot move until somebody stop moving and concentrate their aims at the still target, more so at once, easier to effect wounds.

From what I can see, IPC is almost completely dead compared to the IPC of 2001. Completely inactive and passive. Comatose. If Iran were alone on the planet, with no other countries at all, then I would agree with you. Iranians might not bestir themselves to do anything about the "Government of Allah" during our lifetimes. Perhaps not for hundreds of years.

But Iran is not alone on the planet. Iran is a very small piece of the planet compared to Human Civilization. Human Civilization includes USA, Canada, Western Europe, India, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Iran and other Moslem countries are not part of Human Civilization. They are the Islamic Anti-Civilization. The most backward, corrupt and oppressive countries in the world. There are two main domains on Earth: Darul-Civilization and Darul-Islam.

Darul-Islam has been attacking Israel, India, Russia and America. IRI is on American radar as the most serious Moslem enemy entity after Al Qaeda. The existence of IRI is no longer acceptable to America. America will destroy IRI. Probably within five years. Certainly within ten years. If Iranians do nothing to help America fight and kill IRI, as they have not thus far, then Iranians will have no say in how that is done. Neither Iranians nor Iranian Exiles will have any say as to how America destroys Iran. IRI is Iran.

Camran wrote:You, on the other hand, have been away for so many years, we as your friends often been thinking about you and enjoyed the memory of you, we are delighted you have rejoined us. In a moment, I will speak about myself however it will be difficult at it’s extreme cuz I choose my words to impregnate a thousands (metaphorically) meaning hence, not easy to follow, ergo, they are not meant to be easy. The higher intelligent, the harder those words become. Then you tell us how you been all these years.

I have been suffering from depression. In December, 2005, I came very close to committing suicide. I only started coming out of the depression in February 2008.

Camran wrote:The time for me has always been progressive, would not accept it otherwise. The latter derives from me owning the time, then, using it decisively. This method I learnt from chemistry, how to blend everything with everything for an outcome. You can also transpose the materials mixing into theoretical mixings too, for instance, you could stop the Cali fire with one drop of normal water, only when the huge fire was just a toddling spark just having to reach it’s first destination of the miles to follow, one drop would be sufficient.

Yes, if one acts at exactly the best point in time, one can achieve the desired result with very little effort. For example, going back in a time machine and killing the little Mohamed bastard as soon as he was born. Look at all the human misery and suffering that would prevent. No Islam.

Okay, I am going to pause at this point and create thread (a) of our discussion. This way our discussion can be broken up into digestible chunks. I still have the rest of your message to respond to.

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