Palestinians suffered enormous historical injustice too

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Palestinians suffered enormous historical injustice too

Postby joseka » Thu Nov 13, 2008 5:10 am

Maybe much more than Hungarians suffered in trianon in 1920.Because their all country was taken immediately,but Hungarians area of country was taken only three quarters quarter part were left them which they call their own country ,but it seems not for long.
Because this one quarter part to be wanted to taken from them.Same contries did it 61 years ago whicsh did the trianon peace-treaty 88 years ago.Palestinians have been expelled their own land for 61 years and Hungarians for 88 years.
Lot of Hungarians enter into Palestinians feeling because they only know,feel what means it because they lived and living through these things.These are why the trianon is not
allowed in Hungary formally and these are why who dare speak
about Palestinians treatment or mention trianon is said:fasist,nazi,antisemitic....
Because you do not recognize these things.Some people are afraid of recognize these things.That is why to be wanted to cancelled history education in schools in Hungary.

Hungarians and Palestinians have been aganist these things
and for survive.

Why are Hungarians and Palestinians wanted to destroyed ,
and Hungarians and Palestinians culture cancelled for good and all?
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