Islamic Pedophile Wedding Photo Album, Hamas Style!

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Islamic Pedophile Wedding Photo Album, Hamas Style!

Postby IPC » Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:30 am

Islamic Pedophile Wedding Photo Album!

Please review:

Islamic Pedophile Weddings, Hamas Style!
Islam Recommends Pedophilia!
Ahreeman X
August 21, 2009


The latest Hamas episode was conducting a mass pedophile wedding for 450 couples but these couples were not ordinary couples! Grooms were aged between 16 to 36 year olds; however, brides were aged between 6 to 10 year olds! The mass wedding was conducted in Gaza Strip!

I wonder if these actions are blessed by Jimmy Carter?! Who knows, maybe at his last visit to Palestine, while trading hugs and spits with Hamas leaders, the Hamas local Imam wed a child bride for Jimmy!

I have to give credit to Hamas for keeping the legend of Mohammed alive! After all, Mohammed at 53 married Aisha when she was only 6 years old and supposedly (according to Muslim) he waited for 3 years until she become 9 years old and only then he had sex with her (child rape her); however, my personal opinion is that Mohammed with 21 permanent wives and unlimited number of Concubines, was too horny to wait for 3 years to bloom that child bride! Most likely the Holy Prophet PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone) tore that child apart at age 6. Allah is passionate and merciful!

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Islamic Pedophile Weddings, Hamas Style! ... /index.htm

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Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:34 pm

As you know, this post went around the net and as usual I had to give a piece of mind to MySpace readers:

* * *


With all due respect for those with brains ….

I truly do not have time to attend to all the posts that we post around the net on all the major forums; however, reading your comments, made me to personally come here and give you a piece of my mind. Here it goes:

I. To those of you who are yawning and have your heads up your rectums, refusing to see the reality. I am sorry to bore you here, but I assumed that you are human beings and concern about other human beings elsewhere! Sorry to take you away from much more important things that you had to do and taking the time to read my post! Important things such as jerking off on the net or fingering each other on MySpace!

II. To the bozo who assumes the photos are fake. IPC is the largest Iranian Website on the net. Every single photo gets photo shopped before publication because I run IPC and I am a perfectionist. This does not mean they are fake! You could not tell a true photo from a fake a photo if it hit you on the head like a sack of rice, or else you would have noticed that every single photo on the site is photo shopped! If you truly had the knowledge of separating fake and real photos, then you would easily notice that they are all intact and event harmonized. So you do not know what the hell you are talking about!

III. To the other Bozo from Tampa ….. No you are incorrect. This event occurred and there was not a single word about it in American Liberal Biased Media AKA State Run Media. 9/11 occurred and the whole American Media except FOX, Talk Radio and a few Hardcopy magazines still do not refer to the murderers as “Muslim Terrorists”! According to Obama Administration and his State Run Media such as CNN, CBS, NBS, ABC, NY Times, etc …… they were “Enemy Combatants” or “Insurgents” or “Extremists” or “Fundamentalists”! So American politically correct media ran by White House Liberals would never in a million years insult Islam and Muslim to report the news! Instead they create the news out of their rectums! Besides, what evidence do you want? Are you blind?

Let me tell all of you something,

I publish the largest Iranian website on the net. All the journalists, authors, cartoonists, graphic artists, designers, poets and media experts who operate this site including myself are dead busy professionals and opposition to IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). IPC is a news source. Do you actually believe that we have nothing else to do but to fake news, photos, videos and grand events such as this to get your attention or undermine Islam?!

As a 30 years veteran Freedom Fighter and on behalf of my comrades I must say that you guys are pathetic! I wonder if there are still any Thinking Minds have left on MySpace!

Here are the majority clientele of MySpace:

a) Teenage Juvenile Delinquents and MTV Enthusiasts.
b) Teenagers trying to get it on with another.
c) Old perverts trying to pick up underage teenagers.
d) Shemales trying to find customers.
e) Bull Dykes searching for love in all the wrong places.
f) Veteran Gays itching for Boy Toys.
g) Bubble Headed Bimbos seeking rich husbands.
h) Lost and confused Retard of the universe fingering each other furiously.
i) Rap, Hip Hop, House and other illiterate American youth with their pants half way down their butts.
j) Mentally ill and physically twisted and deranged champions of the American dream.
k) Wanna be In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls from around the globe.
l) Other Ding Dongs

but still I had hope to at least network with some intelligent souls out there? Where are the brains? And I don’t mean to be partisan, I will even settle for Liberal brains? For God’s sake, any sign of intelligence out there? Show me the money? Where’s the beef?

This country is screwed because Media says jump and you jump. Media sold Obama to you guys and all of you who voted for him have helped destroying America! Now this country is going downhill by the speed of 100 miles per hour and the first people getting shafted are Obama Voters!

Government of each nation represents the people of that nation. People of every nation deserve the government of that nation. You deserve:

Hussein O-Bummer
Nancy Old Pussy
Harry Reeeed

American by majority are the most shallow people and uninformed people on Earth. This is why Media erected Obama for you and sold it to you. You are MTV and CNN observers.

Sometimes I think it is a waste of time to post anything on MySpace but then again we do it for those few with any brains.

For God’s sake, your president himself is a Kenyan born Ex Muslim and present Opportunist who studied Islam in his youth in a Madrasah in Indonesia! Then he sat in a Racist Church for 20 years and he listened to Black Militant Racism! You are so ignorant that you voted for an Islamist Socialist Black Militant to run the most powerful nation on Earth and to destroy it!

Let me finish with a quote from myself:

“Similarities between Obama and Khomeini!
Obama’s Health Care Plan reminds me of Khomeini’s War and Population Control Tactic. He drafted the very young (Pre-Teens) and the very old (Seniors) to walk on and clear the Iraqi Minefields for the regular Persian army to invade! Khomeini did Hit 2 birds with one stone: clear the minefields and eliminate the expendable! Obama’s Death Panels and Czars are repeating the history! Don’t you just love Liberals and living in the land of Czars, living in the USSA (United Socialist States of America)?!”

I rest my case ….

Ahreeman X
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Ahreeman X
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Postby CR » Sat Aug 22, 2009 5:30 am

Some Palestinians say these little girls are like flower girls and grooms little sisters leading them to the wedding and these accusations are a Jewish conspiracy! OK let’s say these little girls are flower girls or bride maids, but then where are the brides in the videos or photos? How come there are no adult brides anywhere in the news? Where are the 450 adult brides? I work in Morocco and I speak Arabic and I understand what has said in the videos. They are only fooling themselves. They can’t fool me! :D
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