Tsunami Donations, Facts & Frauds!

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Tsunami Donations, Facts & Frauds!

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Jan 10, 2005 7:42 pm

Tsunami Donations, Facts & Frauds!

Allow me to enlighten you with some Harsh Cold Facts!

Can we review some facts? And then can we get some conclusions out of all these facts?


- Last year, Saudi Arabia raised more than $150 million for the families of suicide bombers.

- To help their Muslim brothers and their devastated families in South East Asia, the oil-rich country is only contributing $10 million.

- Chinese donated $60 million, British donated $75 million, now check this out:

As of now, the United States has donated:

* $350 Million government money
* $200 million in private donations to the Red Cross & etc
* $5 million "a day" on supplies and plane fuel
(Our Navy and Air Force brings supplies to those in need.)
* $250 Million donation from the World Bank
(Which is basically United States' money.)

What else does the world believes that needs to be done?
What else does the bloody world thinks that we should do?

A Comparison

- When Florida took 4 Hurricanes, no one has lifted a finger to help us!

- Tsunami hits South East Asia, and they call us stingy because we're only going to end up donating a few billion dollars! We are practically running this operation & supplying the victims with everything that we have!

UN Episodes!

As for the UN, we should be trying Kofi Annan in the Hague and not giving him money to manage a natural disaster. But then again Kofi baby, his son and his family will try and keep the fraud and bribes and specifically kick backs to the minimum 25% that the UN requires (UN Minimum Limitations)! Why don't we put all of them on trial?!

KIRac (Chirac)

Jacque Chirac can get some kickbacks too, why not?!
KIRac (Chirac) has a history of kick backs (Saddom's Iraq)!

UN and EU

Hows about EU (Euro_Pee_On Onion) and UN (United Patients)?!

Maybe UN and EU can create a Joint Account to "Slush" and "Skim" a good chunk o our dough, before it reaches the poor Indian, Indonesian, & other victims, no?!


So check it out:

We (USA) practically fund this donation charity for South East Tsunami Victims & the world calls us stingy!

Non Muslim nations like China & UK pay up Millions.

Saudi Fragging Arabia, head of Islam, Richest Islamic Nation in globe pays up only 10 million, while @ the same time they pay up 150 million to Suicide Bomber's Families! Aren't majority of the Tsunami Victims Muslim? Only 80,000 Indonesian & then Malisian & etc.? But I guess, these Muslim are not exactly the type Saudis love! Saudis only pay up for Bomber Crowds!

2 Types O Saudis!

Saud Family consists of two types:

Type One
They pay up to Terrorists to leave them alone & not to overthrow Saud Dynasty!

Type Two
They pay up to Terrorists cause they sympathize with them!

Either way, they pay up!

Oh sorry, pardon me, it seems like I have made a mistake, cause Saudi Arabia is our Fragging Ally! With Allies like this who needs enemy?!

Damn Saudis are the greatest of them all Hypocrites!

What say you?!


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Tsunami Death Toll Total On the rise

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Jan 12, 2005 8:19 pm

Tsunami Death Toll Total On the rise!
Saud Dynasty's Billions in The Banks, also on the rise!
Jan 12, 2005

Tsunami Death Toll in Indonesia reaches 210,000
Tsunami death Toll total reaches 272,000

This Tsunami was the fifth or sixth deadliest natural disaster in about 250 years.

Will the Saudis splurge and over exhaust themselves and possibly fork over a hundred thousandth (1/100,000) of what they steel every year in Hajj (Mecca) from the Muslim around the globe, to their Fellow Muslim in Indonesia?!

Will they return a fraction of this money to the needy folks? Aren't the Saud Family good Muslim? What happened to Khoms and Zakat? What happened to help the needy?

If there are a few people in the world deserve to be lined up near the wall and to be shot, then one would be the Saud Family. Shoot the whole Dynasty, why not?

People are running bare feet & hungry, looking for ends meet in streets of Riadh & The Saud Family prince & princesses compete with each other on who can build a larger palace in every single vacation spot in Mediteranian coast! Only in Gibraltar (British Colony), The Prince of Saudi has his own palace, Mosque and hospital on the sea shores! Its a giant of a 3 monuments on the coast! He has his own Playa (Sea Shore) over there! The same goes in Casa Del Sol (Spain), Cascash (Portugal), Italian Riviera, etc. ..........................

At the same time, they trade 8 year old boys as Camel Jockeys, doing camel races as the favorite pass time for Saudi Princes! These 8 year old boys (Camel Jockeys) are often imported from poor nations like Pakistan or Bangladesh as boy slaves, used as Camel Jockeys & sexualy abused by the coaches!

At the same time hungry children sleep hungry in street corners of Madinah!

Saud Family Dynasty, The Light of Allah & the protectors of Kabbah!

When that High Tech Tycoon Saudi Prince offered to donate money to the City of New York (for 9/11), Mayor Rudy Giuliani told him to go Frag himself! Allah bless Giuliani! My kind o man!

These sons of Lizards think that they can buy everyone & everything. That was blood money, they wanted to pay up to New Yorkers!

What hypocrisy!

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Postby SirZJ » Thu Jan 13, 2005 4:29 am

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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Jan 27, 2005 2:52 pm


Indeed you toped it! Islamic Double Standards towards other Muslim! The Hypocrisy of Islam & Saud Dynasty is amazing!

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