Ashraf City Massacre in Iraq, 52 Dead

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Ashraf City Massacre in Iraq, 52 Dead

Postby CR » Sun Sep 22, 2013 10:14 am

Ashraf City Massacre in Iraq, 52 Dead
Obama Selling the Iranian Opposition to IRI
Special Edition

Iraqi Forces ordered by IRI, have murdered 52 Iranian Opposition members of NCRI

Blood of the Iranian Opposition is on the hands of Nouri Al Maliki and Obama

Every day, more and more, the Iraqi Regime is becoming a puppet satellite regime of IRI under the direct order of Iran. Of course Obama’s Regime welcomes this act because Obama is entering direct talks with Rouhani and flirting with the Mullahs to appease IRI and look the other way while IRI becomes nuclear.


Early Sunday morning September 1, 2013, on the order of IRI, the Iraqi forces under the command of the Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki stormed the Camp Ashraf, home to 100s of defenseless Iranian NCRI opposition refugees at the northeast of Baghdad. 52 people were shot dead including 6 women. Many were shot right away; others were arrested or kidnapped by the Iraqi forces. Many of the arrested were also executed on the spot by close range shot.


Qassem Sulleimani, the commander of the Iranian regime's Qods Force personally had ordered Faleh Fayyaz (National Security advisor of the Iraqi government) and Nouri Al Maliki (Prime Minister of Iraq) to carry out the fifth massacre of the Camp Ashraf residents.


Maliki has ordered the Iraqi Prime Ministry staff and spokes persons to deny the killings in the Camp Ashraf. When they are questioned by the United Nations and other international organizations, they are to absolutely deny the massacre and to cover up the massacre at Camp Ashraf.

Some of the victims:

Fatemeh Kamyab, shot in the head
Alireza Khooshnevis, shot in the head
Ghobad Saeed-Pour, shot in the head
Hossein Madani, shot in the face and the head
Ghasem Rezvani, shot in the head
Hamid Saberi, shot in the head
Ahmad Voshaq shot in the head


More names and pictures:

52 Iranian Opposition Members Murderd by Iraqi Forces Under the Order of IRI ... aqi-forces

Nouri Al Maliki is a criminal who committed crimes against humanity. Maliki needs to be tried in an International Court of Law for crimes against humanity and the Iranian Opposition.

While Obama flirts and trades love letters with Rouhani, Iranian Opposition members are being murdered by the Iraqi forces under the order of IRI and Mullahs inside Iraq!

New Best Muslim Friends: Hussein and Hassan

Obama’s Socialist Regime and Rouhani’s Islamist Regime have blood of the Iranian Opposition on their hands.

Obama failed the Iranian Opposition on 2009 and once again betraying the Iranian Opposition on 2013.


Massacre 1

Massacre 2

Iraqi Special Forces attack

Shot after taking video

Iraqi Special Forces




Videos ... 70302.html

FOX Video ... attention/

US Colonel Cantwell speech

UN Rep speech


Massacre in the Middle East which nobody is Talking About! – Iran Focus ... &Itemid=32

Ashraf City Raid – Iran Focus ... &Itemid=29

Ashraf City Massacre - Iran Emrooz ... ore/47363/
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Re: Ashraf City Massacre in Iraq, 52 Dead

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:41 am

Greetings Cat:
Thank you for in depth analysis. I am in agreement with you.

Obama has the blood of the Iranian Opposition on his hands. Since the beginning, he did not back the 2009 Revolts but instead flirted with Mullahs. Now he is openly having phone sex with Terrorist Rouhani.

Obama is reincarnation of Carter, incompetent, weak, and a sad empty suit in the office of presidency.

A lot of it is conservative’s fault. Conservatives need to become conservatives! McCain and Romney were representing the Main Stream GOP. True Conservatives did not even vote for them!

If GOP wants to win the next election, they need to grasp the true Conservative Values and abandon the Main Stream Republicans and Moderate Republicans Values.

I am a Fiscal Conservative and pretty much a Social Conservative and I truly cannot align myself with these Wanna be Republicans and Main Stream Moderate Republicans. True Conservatives such as Tea Party have a hell of a problem even voting for theseguys!

Personally I had to push myself to vote for both of them. This is why Obama got elected 2 terms!

Also I am with you on the fact that,

No matter what, Mojahedin are a part of Iranian Opposition and murdering them is wrong. Their blood is on Iraqi Government’s hands (Puppet of Iran) and Obama’s hands.

Cheers Buddy

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Re: Ashraf City Massacre in Iraq, 52 Dead

Postby Atusa Qajar » Wed Oct 16, 2013 3:22 pm

Shame on Iraqi regime responsible and their IRI boss. Obama is responsible for appeasing IRI and witnessing the slaughter.
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