Whats Hot and Whats Not?

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Whats Hot and Whats Not?

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:08 pm

Whats Hot and Whats Not?
Who/What Matters & Not?!

An Oldies but Goodies!
Old IPC Files

Case I.

Whats Hot?
Iraqi Opposition who ran up & down the White House,
Senate, Pentagon, CIA, House & Capitol Hill for a decade to persuade
The US Government to take out Saddom & Baath Party! Finally all those
efforts paid off! More power to Iraqi Opposition whome are now in Iraq
working on future of Iraq. They matter.

Whats Not?
Iraqi Shiite Cattle who roam the streets of Basra protesting against
US presence in Iraq & requiring an Islamic Republic of Iraq, are
nothing but Cattle paid & influenced by Tehran & Servants of Tehran
like Ayatollah Hakim who dreams of creating The Islamic Republic of
Iraq! I am sure we spent billions of dollars, our Allies spent
billions of dollars, we dragged 230,000 troops to the Gulf & gave
casualties for the Shiite Baboons to rule Iraq! That would be the
day! Now, a month ago these Shiites were shutting the hell up! They
could not show face in streets of Iraq, now forget protesting in
thousands! But now, they have the right to protest, to assembly, to
free speech & to freedom of expression! It is amazing that the Iraqi
Interim Government is not even in power & US troops are running the
nation but even under US Troops, Iraqis manage to have all these
freedoms that in a million year they could not have them during
Saddom's Regime! Isn't America Great? Isn't Democracy Great? Isn't
The Great G.W. Great? Yes, people, Shiite Fundamentalists of Iraq, do
not matter!

Case II.

Whats Hot?
When Iraqi people under 30 years of Baath Party leaders like Hassan
Al Bakr & Saddom Hussein were bleeding to death & screaming under
torture & living like Pets with no voice, where were France, Germany,
Russia? They were wheeling & Dealing with Baath Party @ the cost of
Masses of Iraq's blood! Where were the rest of the world? Where were
the Free Press? Where were these Sissy Faggy Piss Protesters? No one
gave a flying Fandango! The only one who cared & lifted a finger &
finally liberated Iraq was The Great United States of America under
Great GOP Party, with the leadership of Great G.W., Ain't America
Great? Only America finished the job, only Iraqi Americans worked
hand & foot to help the liberation, only tortured masses of Iraq
showed the finger to Lying Arab Press outside Iraq! The Free World,
The Free True Freedom Fighters of Iraq, The America The Beautiful,
The Great GOP, The Great G.W. does matter!

Whats Not?
Whining Sissy Ass Liberals, The Axis of Weasel, The Axis of Evil, The
Piss Protesters, The Homeless Radicals, The Jobless Bums
Demonstrators, The Lilly Ass Euro_Pee_On Nations, Socialist Canadian
bleeding Heart Bitching Nags, Conspiracy Theorists, Arab Press,
Hezbollah in Qom, Muslim Retards of Militant Kind, Fundamentalist
Cattle of Middle East, Arab Monarchs, Shiite Heads, do not matter!

Case III.

Whats Hot?
The unique Capitalist, Democratic, Federal, Secular, Multi Cultural,
System of America, The Greatest, The Most Awesome, The Protector of
Civilization, The Enforcer of The New World Order, The Heart of
Democracy, matters!

Whats Not?
Whining Leaches who live in America & Bad Mouth the system, while
even having the right to their Free Speech, Free Assembly in their
Piss Protests, The Freedom of Expression, The Freedom of Press, The
Individual Freedoms, etc. are provided by The Constitution of America
& Founding Fathers & Brave Americans who fought in the past & are
fighting now in The Middle East to provide these freedoms for these
Lilly Ass Bastards to sing Anti American Rhetorics! These Jokers do
not matter!

Case IV.

Whats Hot?
The masses of Iran who suffered for 24 years under the Islamic Regime
& welcome United States Government & Troops to liberate Iran. The
True Opposition of Iran who fought for 24 years hopelessly to
liberate Iran, The 30,000 political prisoners of Iran who are rotting
in jails of Khamenei, they do matter!

Whats Not?
Losers & Sissy Ass Faggy Fat Bellied Wanna Be Intellectuals who sit
in their comfortable offices, houses in the West, think they are
Opposition in Exile & Blow Gas on Internet out of their mouths. The
Anti Americans who live here & put down the regime of this glorious
nation, the Envious Rats in Europe's Collapsing Economies, The Hippie
Dopers with their long hairs, The Raper Anti War Protesters with
their Baggy Pants, The White American Pious Muslim Women Born Again
Muslim with half a brain & Tickly Vaginas! They do not matter!

Case V.

Whats Hot?
America who takes action, Our Friends who love freedom in Iran, in
Europe & the individual Free Thinkers.
They do matter!

Whats Not?
The Whining Barbara Streisands & Martin Sheens of the world, the CNN
(Clintons News Network), the Hollywood, the UN, the Western Nations
who watched Iranians & Iraqis suffer for 24 years & did not do jack
Shiite! They do not matter a bit!

As of 9/11 Every old Deal is off, a new system is on, Everything will
change, All Terrorist Nations, Groups, Systems will be history. Once
Palestinians will own their nation on West Bank & as Sharon, my man,
agreed on moving the Jewish Settlements out of West Bank, if
Terrorism stops, then there will be no excuse for Terrorist & Arab
hostility against America & Israel. Once Palestine becomes a nation,
then there will be no justification for Terrorist's existence! Then
we can & we will mass slaughter all these Terrorist groups including
Hezbollah, Al Hamas, Al Jihad Al Islamiyat, Al Jama' Islamiya, etc.
All these petty Middle Eastern Dictatorships will be history or we
make sure they will be!

As far as in my case, unfortunately, my hands are tied, I do not make
decisions, but the whole Movement, Operation & Club does! They must
decide on where does everyone stands! Also, I do not have political
ambitions nor want to go full time in that direction! Otherwise, you
would see me take action & run around in DC everyday like Mr.
Chalaby, to finally convince US Government to remove Mullahs!
However, I do have hope that with or without running in DC, the Axis
of Evil will be the story of the past in the near future! Afterward,
all of us can go back & help building Iran. Of course the losers &
whiners will remain in the West & keep on finding another scenario to
keep on making Piss Protests!

People like G.W. are from the heart. Everytime he conducts a speech,
specially for troops or students, he gets so emotional that tears in
his eyes will form! He means what he says & he does what he preaches.
He is a moral man, he is what America is all about, he is Heartland
America, from the heart. He is the last of Cowboys, the Great
Patriots. He is of the generation of Great Ronald Reagans. It is
about time that there is finally someone in The White house with High
Morality, Guts, & Balls. Personally, after 8 years of shame by
President Clitoris, I am proud to say that: I am an American.

All Professional, Relevant, Patriotic Iranian Americans are & must
support G.W., The War Against Terror, & The President's Policy.

More power to G.W., The Great Patriot.

America, love it or leave it! Worship it or Get the Frag out of here
& open room for millions of people from the world who jump over each
other's shoulders to become American Citizens! To be an American
Citizen is not to be taken as granted! It is a privilege & honor to
be an American.

We must Export Democracy, Secularism, Federalism & Human Rights to
Iran, if it will take us until the end of our lives. We will bring
Democracy to Iran, even if we have to literary shovel all the Shiite
out of our people's brains & Mass Slaughter All The Mullahs &

I rest my case!

A Few Formulas for youall:

Pacifism + Liberalism + (Fundamentalism x Islam) = Creation + Growth of Terrorism ==> Catastrophe

Radicalism + Socialism + Skepticism x 2 = Chaos +Stagnation

Turn The Blind Eye + Forgive & Forget = Islamism ==> Syphilis

Extreme Measures + Solid Action/Secularism = Victory ==> Civil Societies in Near East / Iran

End of Equations.

Simple mathematics folks, clear as a whistle!

A Breath of Fresh Air in contrast to the usual conspiracy Theorists/pacifist
Bull Shiite!


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