Who is The Real Enemy of Arabo_Muslim?

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Who is The Real Enemy of Arabo_Muslim?

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:12 pm

Who is The Real Enemy of Arabo_Muslim?

An Oldies but Goodies!
Old IPC Files

Arafat's Billions & Hungry Palestinian children! What an episode my

Yasir Arafat has been running around the world for over 30 years,
with his Copper hand bucket & begging for money, collecting donation
from every single Muslim Nation, Organization, Leader & public. He
has been routinely receiving the flow of money from Islamic Republic
of Iran, Saudis, Arab Charities in America and even Israel! Yes,
Israel has been collecting tax from sales of goods in Occupied
territories & deposit it in Yasir Arafat's personal bank account, as
the Palestinian Government directed! Now how much of all these money
sources would you think, went to build Palestine or progress
Palestinian Folk and their nation?

For instance, Arafat has been receiving yearly salary from Tehran
since 1979 & since that baboon Khomeini was alive! How come
Palestinians still live like Dogs? Where is the money going?

According to the latest Surveys, Yasir Arafat is number ten richest
national leader in the globe! His fortune estimates between one to
three billion dollars. The question is, where is the beef? Where is
all the money? How come Palestinians in Ghazah & West Bank live like

This is the Great Palestinian Freedom Fighter, elected president of
the people of Palestine! It is one large Corruption, mentality of
corruption, Arabs screwing Arabs, Muslim banging Muslim and yes, this
is the Islamic Culture. This is why All Muslim Nations are corrupted,
backwarded and little miserable Dictatorships! Corruption is in the
roots of their culture, even in Turkey or Malaysia!

Why don't we read some facts and research about Yasir Arafat, this
Palestinian Hero and his billions in Cayman Islands! Arabo_Muslim are
not capable to create a powerful, democratic, corruption free nation,
cause if they could, then all the Muslim world of today, would have
not been a Shiite Hole! This is what happens when they collect funds
for the Palestinian cause! Their funds end up in Yasir's accounts
while children in West Bank sleep hungry & throw stones @ Israeli

Maybe these illiterate Arabo_Muslim, should do some deep soul
searching to find the real enemy! The real enemy of the Arab people
are themselves & their rotten Muslim Culture. The enemy is not Israel!

Shiite + Shiite = Shiite Hole

and thats what exists all over the Arab World! The rich is getting
richer, the poor is getting poorer & the middle class is vanishing!
The Elite Frags the masses & all pray to Allah! One big happy family
of the Islamic kind! Yes people, Israel is not the problem. Actually
Israel is the best thing that ever happened in that Fraged Up corner
of the world! The only existing Democracy in Middle East indeed.

The Arabo_Muslim citizens of Israel who live inside Israeli
territories, do have, ten times more rights, get benefits & live
freely as a human being, than the Palestinians living next door in
West Bank & Ghazah under the Palestinian Law! An Arabo_Muslim living
in Israel is a citizen of Israel with the same rights as a Jew. They
(Pro Palestinian Activists) do not tell you about this! What does
this tell us? Muslim Palestinians have a ten times better life living
in Israel than Palestine!

If Arabo_Muslim could run a nation & create a government for all the
people to prosper, then the whole middle east would have not been a
Shiite Hole!

Next time, that you hear rhetorics from all of these Bleeding Heart
Liberals, Pro Arab Rights, Pro Palestine Activists, Anarchists, and
other Anti Imperialist, Anti Zionist, Anti Civilization activists,
about how Palestinian are victims & how Jews are
oppressors, ..............then just think twice about what I am
telling you here! You will always see these activists all over the
net, TV, Radio, Media, and in IPC. They been singing these songs
since the 50s! Next time you will hear the same old same old nonsense
being sang by these so called activists,................. remember
what I have told you, will ya?

The enemy of Palestinian People are their leaders, their culture,
their corruption, and basically their religion which caused all the
infection @ the first place!

The region was heaven before Islam. After Islam, it has turned to a
Shiite Hole!

Lets read about some facts on Yasir Arafat, shall we?

http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/11/ ... 2487.shtml

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jh ... wmid09.xml

http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2002/08/ ... 8788.shtml

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jh ... wmid09.xml

http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/artic ... E_ID=27253

I rest my case.

Arabo_Muslim will always remain savage barbarians living under some
Arab Dictatorship as slaves. They will always sing Conspiracy Theory
Songs & remain slaves to their leaders. Arabo_Muslim will always
remain rowdy, anti civilization, religious fanatics, feeding the
pockets of their leaders while their children starve in the ghettos!
They will be singing Anti American Songs, Anti Zionist Songs &
condemn the Great Satan while their leaders Frag them deep in the
shiiter! They are used to their system of everyone Fraging everyone.
It is one large Bangarooni & they are used to it & they cannot live
in a democratic, secular, corruption free state!

America brings them democracy in Iraq & they blow up Red Crosses
hospital! These people are savages, these people are not free human
beings, these people are fanatics & they like living like animals
under their corrupt leaders or kings or Shaikhs or Imams or other Ass

They even interfere with the affairs of fellow Arab nations! They
cannot digest that many Iraqi people want democracy & they want to
build their nation, so they (Al Qaeda) has to move to Iraq & blow up
hospitals, UN buildings, American Headquarters, etc. They have to
kill Iraqi Police, they have to do everything in their power, not to
Let Iraq become the first Arab Democracy in the region. Cause if they
do let this happen, then hell, Arabo_Muslim might like the taste of
Democracy & they might forget about Islam! Now, Fanatics cannot let
that happen, cause their bread & butter (Islam) might end existing!

Arabo_Muslim are their own worst enemy and they shall not see a day
of salvation unless they cleanup house, internally within their own
system. It is just a shame that Arabo_Muslim had to drag us
(Persians) down to the Shiite Hole with themselves and now people
like me have to shovel
Shiite out of young Persian's Heads so hopefully they can in turn,
cleanup Iran out of the Infected Culture & to revive the Persianhood.

Thats all folks.


Someone who been shoveling Shiite out of our people's brains for

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