The Holy Alliance: Iran, Israel, India

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The Holy Alliance: Iran, Israel, India

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Nov 28, 2004 12:58 pm

II. The Natural Alliance: Iran-Israel-India

The Holy Alliance against Pan Arabism!

Throughout the modern history, Israel has been our natural Ally. Iran & Israel have been allies prior to Reaction of 1979. We fulfill one another. This alliance goes back to when Cyrus The Great Freed 42,000 Jews from Babylonian slavery & this is also quoted in Torat & Bible.

There is us & Israel surrounded by a Sea of Arabo_Muslim Countries in Near East. The whole Middle East, South East Europe, & North Africa (Near East Region) can be guzzled up by Arabs if not for us & Israel.

According to President Khatami, Israel does not have the right to exist. It must seize to exist!
According to Imam Khamenei, Islamic Empire shall be revived & this can only be by the take over of Israel & Beyt Al Moqadas in Jerusalem.

There are almost 100,000 Persian living in Israel. Iranian Exiled community is too strong in Israel. Iranian Jews in Israel were a major factor who helped building Israel's Economy just the same way they built Downtown LA's Economy.

It is time to recognize our friends & foes. Once we get rid of this Islamic Regime & regain our Identity as Persians, Once We take back our country & Free our land & establish an Islam Free Government, once we dump this rotten Arabo_Islamic culture in trash can of history, then we can concentrate on how to secure the region same as prior to 1979.

A Triple Alliance of Iran, Israel, India, is the only salvation for us, Central Asia, Western & Southern Asia. This triple alliance can block these Arabo-Muslim Barbarians @ the bay.

An over all elimination of all Arabo-Muslim Terrorist Organizations including PLO, Al Hamas, Al Jihad, Hizbollah & taming of their supporting harboring countries of Syria & others are the key to our salvation.

If we want the Persian culture, race, traditions, language & essence to continue it's existence, if we want Iran to continue it's existence, we must clean up our house off of the Foreign Invading Arabo-Muslim Occupiers, put an end to their interference in Iranian politics & government & then form this holy alliance with Israel & India.

To survive Mother Persia, takes big sacrifices, we shall put an end to Arabization of our culture, or we will be just another Arab Country.

I am pro Persian Culture & against Pan Arabism of our nation & the region, how about you?

Israel with about 100,000 Persian population is our natural ally. A country where, it's president, former & present defense minister & the most famous female singer are Persian, is obviously our own flesh & blood.

Iran for Iranians

Stand up for your Persian Rights, Culture, Tradition, Language, Literature, Poetry, Nationality, Race, & Humanity.

End Arabo-Muslim Pan-Arabism of Iran. Dump Ayatollahs Regime in Trash Can of History.

Lets replace:

The Evil Axis: Iran, Iraq, North Korea


The Holy Alliance: Iran, Israel, India

Mutual benefits for all three & salvation of whats left of our Persian culture.

A Lover of Iran,

Dr. X
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Postby Irani » Sun Dec 26, 2004 9:34 pm

Wow..Wait wait wait, BACK the train. If we're to stop pan-arabism should not our holy alliance include Turkey, Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia????
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Feb 14, 2005 1:05 pm

Ey Irani:

"Wow..Wait wait wait, BACK the train."

The train is on the loose man! No engineer! We gonna crash............

" If we're to stop pan-arabism should not our holy alliance include Turkey, Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia????"

If we ever going to gain control of that Shiite Hole names Eye-Rain, then we are planning to create:

The Persian Union. A Federal States of Persia, consisting of all Ex-States of Persia gathered in one union with economical glory beyond desire for All present Fabricated Nations who has been originally states of Iran & artificially became an independent nation by the hands of British & Russians! Therefore every nation that you stated above plus more, will be states of this new Persian Union except Turkey.

Eventhough we must reposses just a little bit o Turkich present land (around Lake Von omn the East) which is very strategic & originally belonged to us, yet we cannot form an alliance with Turkey because, even though they are a Secularo Type o state, yet they are still Muslim!

Isrel & India are not officially Muslim. Tyrkey is Muslim. I do not trust Muslim as far as I can throw them! (no disrespect for Muslim Faction of IPC)!

So as you see all past states of Iran will already become a part of the:

Federal States of Persia in a Persian Union which you might call it:

Pars The Third or Third Pars!

Damn, that sounded like the Third Reich!

So we do need to form an alliance with our own states! Do you git the point Irani?

And theres your prayer

Watcher in the woods
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Ahreeman X
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Postby reza » Tue Feb 15, 2005 9:34 am

The Persian Union

what makes you think that a set of foreign countries would want to be labbelled in the PERSIAN union? you dont think the israelis would prefer an israeli union? or the indians an indian union? you need a neutral name because to the other countries we are just another brick in the middle eastern wall.
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Postby farohar » Mon Jul 11, 2005 12:15 am

By not extending the offer of Alliance to the Arabs, we make them officially our enemy, and especially by allying with israel?! I'm nothing but Iranian, I'm not Muslim (by choice), I would love to see a free Iran, and am determined to be involved when our time comes. But the Arab's are our neighbours, I think the best thing to do is to create a neutral situation between us and the Arabs and Jews.

The Arabs must be kicked out of Iran, and Islam as our official religion along with it, but just because we're not Muslim doesn't mean we cannot atleast be in a neutral position with the Arabs and Jews alike, an alliance with israel and India is almost like a declaration of war with mainly Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestines, which will result in tension with other Arab nations.

Yes, Kourosh the Great did help the Jews, but not because they were Jews, but because they were an imprisoned people, because he believed that all people are and deserve to be treated with respect. We should all follow his example of tolerance, we do have a history together, but so do the Iranians and the Arabs... i realise its not all good history, but there have been good times! :D

I also think it important to remember that the Jewish people are really just Arabs in denial, well, racially anyway. And even then, the Jewish elite are extremely sneaky and powerful, and a powerful ally can be just as dangerous as a powerful enemy.

A good example: the Jews took the Palestinian Land from the Palestinians when at the time that the major Jewish migrations were taking place after WWII no nation, country wanted the Jews. Only the Palestinian people, those barbarians, would accept them into their country, which they had died for fighting the Ottomans. Then they migrated all the poorest of Jews into Palestine as the 'front line' and after there were enough of them in Palestine, they took over the government through terrorist attacks on whole villages, then, without the support of the UN, declared themselves a state... The Palestines do what they are doing as a result of what the Jews did to them first.

I'm all for a Federation of Iranic Nations, as to why we need israel and India and a Holy Alliance? just call it Alliance against Islam... i duno... i'm not trying to be funny, I understand any anger against Islam, I hate when I think about the way Iran could be now, and the way it really is, but the way your talking is kinda like the Arabs and religious Muslims when they talk(ed) about Zoroastrians, if i'm mistaken i'm sorry, but yea, just how I interpret what your words say about your thoughts...

And just a quick question: why India? :)

I'm not saying reject the Jewish people, but if we ally with one and not the other, we make ourselves unwanted enemies

In my opinion they're both a little "coo-koo! coo-koo!" \:D/

I rkn the best option for us is like a Union/Federation of Iranic Nations, and then maybe an Alliance with the rest of the Middle East.

Iran Javidan
Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Jul 11, 2005 6:39 am


"And just a quick question: why India?"

Have you ever had an Indian girl? Once during a Hot, Sweaty & Passionate, erotic moment of SEX, the oder of Curry, Cummin, Ginger, Cyane Pepper, Fenogreek, Chatni, Dal & Chapati Flour oozes out of the perspiration of their sweat glands & moves on towards your nose, oh boy, just the heavenly mixture of this spice blend, works as a Natural Hi! It either knocks you out, cause it is worst than a mixture of the Industrial Glue, Sirishom & Hash, or it will make you Gag & Choke as a Dog who just swallowed a Fur Ball!

I'm telling ya, that's some heavenly odor! After all, we smell according to what we eat! Now Vegetarian Indian Girls are worst! Because then you have to add the smell of Herbs & Vegetables to the combo above! Oh Boy, only Lord, can HELP you then!

I'm telling ya, have you ever had a Vegetarian Girl? Why don't you try eating Qormeh Sabzi for a week (without the beef or lamb) & then see how your sweat, body & mouth smells?!

So my point is that, any Females or Folks which may smell naturally, so heavenly, due to their diet! Hell boy, they will definitely come handy as great allies to Internationally protect the Persian Interests! You dig?! =D>

"In my opinion they're both a little "coo-koo! coo-koo!"

Don't jump to conclusions so fast! The Coo-Koo-est of the most Coo-Koos are Miranians!
:sheeple: :cow: :moo:
Otherwise, how could a sane tribe, trade the Imperial Iran of 1979 with an Islamic Iran of after?! Miranians have Shiite for brains! Miranians give a new meaning to the term "Sanity"!

"I rkn the best option for us is like a Union/Federation of Iranic Nations, and then maybe an Alliance with the rest of the Middle East."

First of all, I reckon, anyone who uses the term "Reckon" & named "Arash", must be a God Damn, Good Old Boy, Eye-Rainian Red-Neck from Alabama, still wearing Confederate Battle Hat from the Civil War & has a Confederate Flag in the garage of his home along with General Lee & Jefferson Davises posters hanging on his garage wall!
Boy, you sound familiar! Are yee sure, I didn make yer acquaintance, in one O them Cross Burnings down them hills back in Alabami?! Weren't yee the one standing near Red Neck Joe from Mobil?! The one with a crooked Hood pointing to Kaabah Mecca?! I Reckon so boy!

Well put a smacker right here on my cheek boy, what de You-all know! We got a home boy, from down South, amongst us! Welcome to IPC son! Feel just right @ home! We got a Hootenanny going on here Ace. Say can I call yee Ace? We got some mighty fine boys from the "White Knights of The Ku Klux Klans" from Mobil Alabama, the Eye-Rainian Aryan Branch, right here in IPC! Hot Damn boy! Why dinna yee tell us yer from Down South?! We would've sacrifice a Baby Lamb fer yee, maybe Zebhe Eslami it too?! Well welcome Home, Big Ace!

Now Youall say Greetings to Big Ace! Welcome Home Son!
:cg: :specialop: :cowboy: :ghost:

Second of all, there will be "No Alliance" with rest of the Middle East! There will be Normal Relations with the rest of the Middle East (Muslim Nations) & Mutual Respect. But No Alliance! I wont trust them there Rag Boys as far as I can throw them! You be standing there & if for one minute, you ain't be looking & alert, then them boys will be Fragging Yee up the Shiiter! Then you be wondering who the bastsard who got yee up the Shiiter!

Watch them Rag Boys, will ya?! :arabj:

Now that's enough Theatrics for today! Lets get serious:

I wanted to wait & publish this along with a thousand other articles in the up & coming New IPC Website, but as long as you brought up the subbect, then why not now?! So "All" I have to tell you in respond to your post, is this:

Historical Facts on Israel-Palestine Issue ... .php?t=559


Ahreeman Bless Thee Arash..............

Adios Amigo

The Great White Hope!
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Ahreeman X
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Postby farohar » Mon Jul 11, 2005 11:52 pm

BRO! I am from the south....

I do admit saying "rkn" was a bit... well here in Australia we call it "skip," non-Australian name for white Australians... because of skippy...? :-k

and anyway, the word reckon is in the English language, its not slang, and it just means, think, consider... so don't go awl on me just because i used a less sophisticated and erudite word

nevertheless, thanks for the welcome, I am glad to be here... love the pics of the Immortals.

And it doesn't matter what race a hot girl is, as long as she's hot. But smell?! don't ever talk about how a girl smells unless its perfume or something sprayed on... and if you just couldn't have gone without saying something about it, did you have to be so graphic?! :fry: let us never speak of this again... please... i've been having nightmares since :scared: :paranoid:

I agree Miranians are a little Coo-Koo! too, but Miranians are "Arabicicised" Iranians (came up with that one all on my own... =D> :-s )

I never said that we should ally with the Arabs, full stop. I said if we extend an offer of allegiance to israel and India but not the Arab nations we're just making problems for Iran

and in conclusion: Yippy ki-yay \:D/

Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta
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