The winds of freedom in Belarus and other dictatorships

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The winds of freedom in Belarus and other dictatorships

Postby Liberator » Sat Mar 26, 2005 6:42 pm

The winds of freedom in Belarus


Iran Press News: Based on received reports from Agence France Press, thousands of people gathered in front of the Presidential palace in Minsk on Friday, chanting opposition slogans against the Belarussian dictator Aleksander Lukashenko, demanding he step down.

Protestors showed up with placards in their hands demanding that the political prisoners be freed, screaming: "Lukashenko get lost."

Based on received reports, security forces with canine units that surrounded the presidential palace, attacked the demonstrators and forced them to disburse.

Protestors also brought with them, orange balloons which was reminiscent of and celebrating the Ukrainian freedom movement.

After Georgia, The Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, the winds of freedom now have drifted over to the preople of the Belarus whose peaceful movement will hopefully lead to the removal of one of the last remaining dictators around the world.


The dictators of the world are trembling in light of the new realities, with dictatorships in Europe (Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia) and Asia (Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kyrgiztan) being overthrown. The filthy mollah's in the savage Islamic Regime now that their time is coming...


Rafsanjani's begs people to vote on election day


Iran Press News: Mullah Rafsanjani, in his Friday prayer spectacle today, pleaded with people to vote on election day. He said: "I sincerely request that people's partnership prevails and that they appear at polling stations, as there are threatening elements around the world that concern us."

Based on reports from several of the Islamic regime's media outlets, Rafsanjani also stated: "Let us shut out uprisings so that our internal "unity" is not violated by our enemies; America's corruption and wickedness in Lebanon is evident and in Kyrgyzestan and Iraq we see how they manipulate people."

He continued: "We have become confronted with a creeping agitation that has been devised in order to annex our people's livelihood (!) however, with our trust in God almighty, our esteem for the revolution as well as our innocence, we can confront America's malevolence and mischief-making."
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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