IRI makes a Regime Change in America and EU

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IRI makes a Regime Change in America and EU

Postby Qods IRI » Sat Jan 21, 2006 7:36 pm

We will make a Regime Change in America and EU

Bismellah al Rahman al Rahim

In the name of Hazrate Imam Seyed Ali Khamenei, Maghami Mo'azami Rahbari Enghelabe Islami, Vilayat al Faghihi Iran va shi'a yani Jahan, Spiritual Leader of world Shi'a, Representative of Allah on Earth, The spiritual force of Islam and world's Muslemin, I begin this letter.

Qur'an al Hakim teaches us:
La Takhaf Musalman, La Takhaf Musalman, Ehdina Sirath al Mustaghim. Mujahedin amalon entishar al din. Allah O Akbar. Muslimina ashrafon makhlughaton.

The true Muslim, the militant Muslim and sons and daughters of Fatimah Zahra are very glad and thankful to Allah for Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Sometimes in great storms of history, in eye of the storm, Allah grants us a hero, this hero is Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He will lead us to shore and he will lead Islam to glory.

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, true son of Morteza Ali, Moula Ali, will take charge of Islamic Republic of Iran and world Shi'a. We will lead the Islamic Revolution to victory. There will be one world, The Islamic World and we will roam in it free. Soldiers of Islam will roam the world, teach ignorant, the glory of Islam and Allah. It is soldiers of Islam's duty to enlight the world and put Koffar in their place.

The Great Satan thinks they govern the world. They are ignorant not to witness the power of Allah. We will slap the Great Satan and International Zionism. We will relocate Israel to Europe or America. We will empty Palestinian land or so called present Israel, from Zionists. If Great Satan loves Jews so much, give them a piece of California and call it Israel. West Bank, Ghazah and present Israel together will be the future Palestine. Vallahi I swear it.

Islamic Republic of Iran is proud to support, finance and train Hizbollah of Lebanon, Jihad al Islamiyat, Al Hamas, Al Jihad, Al Fath, Mujahedin of Bosnia and every other Islamic Revolutionary force in the world. We will continue doing such and Great Satan can't do anything about it.

I am a soldier of Islam, I train soldiers of Islam. I have had trained soldiers of Islam around the world. I have travelled around the world, trained soldiers of Islam and taught Islam to lost souls. I am a teacher of Islam. I teach words of Allah. World is my land and world is my battlefield. I enlight world ignorant, I teach Islam, I battle Kofr and Koffar. I am soldier of Islam.

The great Syrian nation along with great Iranian nation will fight the final battle with the Great Satan. Islamic Republic of Iran will fully support Syrian people in their battle against Great Satan and International Zionism.

We will slap Zionism in the mouth. We will slap Great Satan in the face. We will slap Israel in the mouth. We will slap Traitors of Iran in the face. Iranian Criminals of Monafeghin, Taghoutiyoun, Marxist Koffari La Mazhab, Khavarej, Mal'ounin of Westoxicated Dirt, Rotten Branches of Communism, Corrupt of Los Angeles, Barzakhiyoun who sold their souls to ajaneb, Ajnabiyoun, Khaenin, Wextoxicated Whores, Maghlatiyoun al Din, Mofsedin al Fel Arz, Moshrekin, other bastards will all pay heavy. I order you to see light of Imam or face wrath of Allah.

We will sanction Great Satan, International Zionism and any Western european nation who takes order from America. We will withdraw our funds from western world. We will stop the export of oil and gas to Koffar. We will stop export of all of the exports to koffar. We will sanction America. We will slap America. We will make a regime change in America. America is nothing. We spit in their face. We slap them hard in the mouth. We slap Great Satan and Zionist Bastards.

We will free Ghods and pray in Ghods. We will establish a free Palestine. We will force Jew Bastards to leave Israel and move in full into New York. Go live in California and create a Jew nation there.

We are warning Jews, their American Supporters and any European nation who takes their side. Stand on our way, and pay high price.

Islamic Republic will gain Atomic Power. It is our human right to gain Atomic power. Interfere or take action against us, and face the wrath of Allah, Islam, Imam and Soldiers of Islam. Stand on our way and we will send Suicide Bombers to every city in America and Great Britain. We will destroy Koffar from inside their nations. We will bring Jews to their knees. Our Republic is the leader of the Islamic World. Our Republic is the Soul of the Islamic Revolution. Stand in our way and we destroy you. We shoot missiles to every city in Israel.

Traitors of Islam and Traitors of Iran, so called Opposition Groups will return to way of Allah and Imam or will be banished to hell. Traitors to Iran will be cleaned up and destroyed. Allah willing, we will kick all the Koffar to hell. We are soldiers of Imam. Imam is our father, we take orders of Imam. We answer only to Imam. Imam is our lord and Marja'i Taghlid. Imam help us destroy Koffar.

Ali, Ali
Seyed Ali Khamenei
Imam Ali, Moula Ali
Rahbar Ali, Maghsoud Ali
Ali, Ali

Imam is forgiving, come back to Iran and ways of Muslemin, so we forgive you. continue as servants of Ajnabiyoun and Great Satan and face the wrath of Islam and Imam. I am here to enlight you, teach you and save you. If you want to remain ignorant Kaffir, we must send you to hell. If you want to stay a stupid infidel, then I will teach you a lesson. We must act severe.

Any European Nation, Britain, Germany or France who take part with the Great Satan, Koffar and Jews, will learn a lesson the hard way. We will create another Iraq in Europe. We will make life hell for you. This is not a warning, my words are our plans and a promis. Move against the Government of Allah and Imam, Witness the wrath of Imam. We will create a nightmare in every city of America.

Soldiers of Islam have no fear. We answer only to Imam. Imam is representative of Allah on earth. We know Imam and we are children of Imam. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a prophet. He is the messenger of Imam. He brings you salvation and peace. Understand his words or face wrath of Allah.

Vallahi Vallahi, I swear we will make life hell for you. We will burn you to ashes. We will convert you to Islam or destroy you. This is your last chance.

America gives us warning! We spit in America's face. America wants to make regime change in Iran! HAW HAW HAW, I spit in America's face. We will make a regime change in America. We slap America. We sanction America. I travel to America all the time. No one can stop me. No one is safe and out of reach. We can find and eliminate every one we want. Beware of wrath of Imam.

I am soldier of Islam, I roam around the world. I bring word of Islam to the world. Bring Islam or face wrath of Allah. World will be Land of Islam. Islam is victorious. I am soldier of Islam, I answer to Imam and only Imam. We will make a Regime Change in America and EU. EU dare to side with America against us, if they do, we destroy their economy, banking, oil industry, and resources. We sanction EU. Russia and China will never move against us. Western saction will fall but we will sanction America and EU, if they dare to move against us. Vallahi I swear it.

Vay Agar Khamenei Hokme Jihadam dahad
Vay Agar Khamenei Hokme Jihadam dahad
Ali, Ali, Seyed Ali Khamenei
Rahbar Ali, Moula Ali

My Father, Moula Ali, order me to destroy Koffar on earth.

In the name of Hazrate Imam Seyed Ali Khamenei, Maghami Mo'azami Rahbari Enghelabe Islami, Vilayat al Faghihi Iran va shi'a yani Jahan, Spiritual Leader of world Shi'a, Representative of Allah on Earth, The spiritual force of Islam and world's Muslemin, I finish this letter.

Soldier of Islam
IRGC Qods Corps
Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps - Qods Units Special Forces
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Postby Liberator » Sat Jan 21, 2006 7:49 pm

Riddam to een eslamet va ro sareh rahbarane enghelaab, khomeini hendi, seyed ali geda, ebrahim yazdi, ali akbar kooseh, khalkhali gorbeh kosh va digaran.




Ba Sepaas
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