The Truth about Iran, Israel & Iranian Israelis

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The Truth about Iran, Israel & Iranian Israelis

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Feb 02, 2006 8:35 am

The Truth about Iran, Israel & Iranian Israelis

Liberals please withhold your bitching & moaning
until you finish reading this post!

Ahreeman is now in the House


Educate Yourselves

To All:

Bleeding Heart American Liberals
Hollywood Liberals
Hizbollahi Eye_Rainians
Arabo_Muslim Jihadis
Recreational Beheaders
Rag Ol Boys
Sleeper Cells
Shy Terrorists
Muslim Apologists
and other Confused Bozos who live in a Democracy (USA, Israel, EU), yet bitch & moan about their governments & praise The Enemy Within (Liberals) and The Enemy Without (Islamists).


Iranian People and Israeli People have no conflicts. Persian Jews are some of the greatest Iranian Nationalists ever. Cyrus The Great, the first Persian Emperor is the patron saint of the Jews because he freed over 42,000 Jews from slavery of Babylon. This is written in Tora & documented in history.

Israeli president, defense minister, Ex defense minister, many politicians, many Rock, Pop, Folk Musicians, Number one Rock Artist, many other artists, actors, etc are Persian Israelis.

So what is the conflict?

Iran is under the occupation of AIOG (Arabo Islamic Occupational Government) of Mullahs & Hezbos! Government of Iran has a conflict with Israel & the civilized world. Government of Iran is not elected nor representing the people of Iran. Register it in your brains.

Once we overthrow Islamic Republic of Iran, same as before 1979, Iran & Israel will be Allies & friends.

There are about 100,000 Iranian Israelis living in Israel. They are one of the most productive, talented, business minded, intelligent folks ever. They are a major power in Israel.

Persian Jews own & run LA Mid Town (Westwood, Wilshire) & Downtown (Pico, etc.)

Iran and Israel of the future, will join forces to survive in the Sea of Arabo_Muslim nations in Near East. They are the only two major Non Arab Forces in Near East. It is only natural for both to join forces.

Iranians are the most educated ethnic group in America. Iranian Americans own Southern California. Iranians have no issues with Jews.

The Hez_Bones (Happy Hizbollahis with bones in their mouths) which you see around, do not represent Civilized Iranian people. They are Half-Breed Arabo_Muslim Gay Lords, sons of Mullahs who occupy our nation.

Before you open your mouths & call me a Zionist, allow me to inform you that:

I am not a Persian Jew. Actually I am a Full Breed Aryan Persian which can trace my roots back to 4 generations of Aryans. Yes folks, Iranians are Aryans, true Aryans.

Ahamadinejad, Khamenei, other Baboon Hair-Balls with EggPlant Noses sticking out of the Hair Balls, are Half breed, Half Arab Abominations! The Government of Iran is not Iranian. They are AIOG.

And always remember:

Liberalism and Islamism goes hand in hand.
Cindy Sheehan is a Femme_Nazi Bull Dyke!
Senator Kennedy is a Lush Drunk Driver who killed someone in a car accident!
Dean is a screaming Wacked Job!
The Enemy Within: Liberals, Femme_Nazis, Environmentalist Wackos, ACLU, NAACP, Fat Michael Moore, Other Gay Liberals are destroying America.

Great Words O Wisdom:

"You are either with us or with The Terrorists.
This here is a Crusade!"
(G. W. Bush)

Now lets all join in a Persian rap:

Say hey, say ho,
Jihadis got to go,
Say hey, say ho,
Hezbos got to go,
Say hey, say ho,
Liberals need to blow!
Everybody together .......
Say hey, say ho, ...............

More power to Israel
More power to Iran

Now Liberals can start their bitching & moaning, please start ....................

Ahreeman is now leaving the house


Voice of Logic and Iranian Opposition

Watcher in the woods
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Ahreeman X
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Reality of The Situation

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Feb 02, 2006 8:41 am

Reality of The Situation

Dear Patriots:

My Hat is off to you. I have a lot of respect for True American Patriots. I also believe that Liberalism is a mental disorder!

You see, we are fighting 2 wars,
one with Internal Anti American Enemy (Liberals)
one with external Anti American Enemy (Islamists)

You see, Liberals also love to carry the American Flag, but the difference is that they carry it to burn it!

Some say:

"As far as the war in Iraq, we believe that if we withdraw now the country will erupt into a bloody civil war. However, we also believe that if we wait for five years and then withdraw, the country will then erupt into a bloody civil war. It's a lose-lose situation so we think we should cut our losses and get out of there ASAP."

My friends I disagree with you. I believe Iraq will be the first Role Model Democracy in Middle East (Of Course except Israel) as a stepping stone for the rest to follow.

I believe Americans have no patient. It Takes time. After WWII, it took years to totally eliminate the Nazi Terrorist Rebellion in Germany. It did not happen overnight. Same thing in Iraq. It will take a few years to eliminate the Al Qaeda Terrorist Rebellion. They are not insurgents, they are Terrorists!

Be patient my friends & have faith in W.

W is one of the greatest presidents, America has ever seen! Next to Great Ronald Reagan (Destroyer of Communism), W is the Liberator of over 50 million people in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Instead of writing my reasoning here. All I have to say is in this thread. This was actually the topic of a long debate in IPC. Please read:

Pathetic Americans who pull out of Iraq after shafting them.

My friends, do not give in to Bleeding Heart Liberals. Liberal Left has kidnapped the Democratic Party & moving it to Euro_Pee_On style o Socialism step short of Communism!

Personally I would not piss on Radical Liberals, even if I see them on Fire!
I would allow them to burn rather than put out the fire with a Golden Shower!

My Friends, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder
Islam is a Viral Infection named Allahic Virus!

More power to NRA
I am a Ted Nugent Kind o guy.
Guns & Knives are my passion.

My Friends, Once we Destroy Islamic Republic of Iran & bring a Civilized Regime in power in Tehran, then same as before 1979 Imperial Era, Iran & Israel will be great Allies to save civilization against the Sea of Barbarian Arabo_Islamic Beasts.

I promise you, Iran will not remain under the occupation of Muslim Baboons, forever! We had our nation occupied before & we destroyed the invaders. This is the second Arabo_Islamic Invasion_Occupation of Iran. First one was 651 AD & the second one was 1979 AD, thanks to God Damn Carter & Democrats. They betrayed Shah!

On 1979 Carter & Democrats betrayed Shah & destroyed Iran,
Now they want to betray Sharon's Legacy & destroy Israel!
Avoid this catastrophe, will you?

Shalom Sharon
Shalom Israel
Shalom Persia


Voice of Logic
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Ahreeman X
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Re: Reality of The Situation

Postby Emam Kooni » Wed Feb 22, 2006 12:16 pm

AhreemanX wrote:............
I promise you, Iran will not remain under the occupation of Muslim Baboons, forever!

Usama wrote:Whoom are U calling baboon? When was the last time U saw a 6.4 baboon? I am a Islamic Chimp!
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Emam Kooni
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