Land and Sea (Camran Mirza)

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Land and Sea (Camran Mirza)

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Mar 03, 2005 1:28 pm

Land and Sea
by Camran

Heres one interesting concept by our own Camran Mirza. This one is from many years back, way back then, in early days of IPC, from the Old IPC Club. Seems like a life time away! We were just itsy bitsy kids back then! Don't you loves Cam?! This one is from way back, when he was The Ezhdeha (The Dragon)!

:oops: :scared: :dragon:

Old IPC Files

Land and Sea!

To illustrate the issue, I draw your attentions to the example of
these Iranian being able to live on land and in water.

Iran = Land
The West = Sea

Fewer Iranians come from Land to the Sea and will learn to
evolve themselves to live in the water, like fishes. They become
good swimmers; benefit the luxuries of the Deep Sea and
experiencing the new life. This makes them vulnerable to live
back in the Land. As the result, the Western Iranians cannot be
bothered with the Land's problems. They would have to re-evolve

Majority of the others find different patches of islands in the Sea
to reside. Needless of swimming, they have the luxuries of the
Seashore but not the deeper parts of the Sea. These cannot go
back to the Land. It requires the long-term swimming. They are
not used to living in the Sea for any length of terms.

Rarely you find the ones who will be able to live both in the Sea
and on the Land, like turtles. It doesn't matter for them, which
comes first. Their abilities have came hard by, cold and brute
with isolation in either environment at one given time.

Any help for Iranians inside the Iran has to come by the third
kind. These are the only kind that can mediate fast and original.
They can go to the Sea and Land at random and take the
necessary supplies with them, unchanged.


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