Evolution vs Creation!

Science vs. Faith / Materialism vs. Idealism: How has everything started to exist, the fundamental question of philosophy!?

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Evolution vs Creation!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Dec 19, 2004 1:35 pm

Why am I an Evolutionist?

Dear Seekers, Thinkers & Philosophy enthusiasts:

Allow me to begin this thread by primarily stating my own philosophical beliefs on the issue of:

Evolution vs Creation
Science vs Faith
Materialism vs Idealism

Please read my thesis:

Why Science? (Evolution 101)

Brain and Mind - Philosophical Corner

..... and next, observe some great bits o wisdom from various philosophers:

Atheist Wisdom!
http://www.iranpoliticsclub.net/club/vi ... =2174#2174

Then there is:

Philosophical Corner

Lastly, continue your philosophical studies by studying or simply cruising in IPC Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Coming soon).

Bon appetite

Now this is where I am coming from!
So where are you coming from?


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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Jun 12, 2005 4:13 pm

Dear Readers:

Above links, do not function because Hizbollah took the IPC Website off the air. I am going to need some of these articles to refer to them;therefore, in a meanwhile, I am going to post them here. So until the new IPC Website goes back on the air, allow me to post these articles here:

Malfunctioned Links

I will post these articles:

Brain and Mind (posted below)
Philosophical Corner (posted below)
Atheist Wisdom (New Link)
http://www.iranpoliticsclub.net/club/vi ... =2174#2174

But this section has been wiped out & you need to wait until we get the new site on the air:

IPC Philosophy

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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Jun 12, 2005 4:19 pm

Brain and Mind

The Fundamental Question of Philosophy?
How The Universe started to exist?

A Method of Logic/A Case Study
To elaborate and clarify the issue via An Example:

The Relation Between Brain and Mind!

Philosophical Definitions:
Matter is what you can sense with your 5 senses directly.
Energy is what you can sense with your 5 senses directly or indirectly (tools).
Spirit is what you cannot sense with your 5 senses.

Materialism = The belief that Matters & Energies have created the Spirits.
Idealism = The belief that Spirits have made the Matters & Energies.
Agnosticism = The philosophy of Doubt. You do not know which has made which!

The Answers to The Question of Creation:

The Conservation Law of Matter & Energy in Physics:
Matters & Energies have never been created, will never be destroyed, yet they always change from one form to another. The total amount of matters & energies in the universe stays the same.

Theory of Evolution:
All elements in the universe has been evolved through millions of years of Evolution to the present form.

Theory of Relativity:
All elements are in relation to one another, everything is connected and nothing is absolute.

The universe has formed as of it's present form through millions of years of interaction between the inner and outer matter energies and matters transformation from one form to another which has resulted in existence of all animated and inanimated objects and The Evolution of all life forms, also through millions of years of Evolution Time table. The universe has never been created and will never be destroyed; therefore, there was never a creator.

The limited mind of the average human is always in need to believe in a creator and a creation.

God is a spirit. God has always been here, is here now, and will always be here in the future. He created everything in the universe.

We have no answer for the question of creation, we do not know what has happened!

According to Philosophical Terminology,
Brain: Is made of matter, you can sense it with your 5 senses, directly.
Brain Waves: are energy, you cannot sense it with your 5 senses directly, but you can sense it with scientific tools & measure it indirectly with machines, so still you can sense it with your 5 senses.
Mind: Is made of spirit, cause you cannot sense it with your 5 senses @ all.

That was the philosophical definition of all 3 above.

Now analyze this:
Mind cannot exist without brain:
There is no way that one can think without having a brain in the skull.

Brain can exist without the mind:
Imagine the situation that you are in deep sleep, without thinking or dreaming or having a nightmare, in this situation, your brain is in your skull yet you are not thinking @ all; therefore, the mind does not exist. You are in a steady state of sleep with no thoughts.

Do not mix mind with brain-waves, brain-waves are there & can be measured.

So Brain can be without the mind
but Mind cannot be without the brain.

Matters can "be" without the spirits but spirits "cannot be" without the matters. Furthermore:
Expand this:
I can be without the God, but God cannot be without me =
God did not create me = I created God

This was a basic simple example analysis in logic & philosophy about mind, Brain, Human being & God. This was a basic lesson in Philosophy for beginners, very simple to understand for all.

This called reasoning & logic for beginners. And it was in simple language so all could understand.

Now picture this,

After death, when body transfers to energy, it has nothing to do with unexplained elements or spirits. Actually when we die, eventually the body mass transfers to other simpler masses & also much energy gives away, true that is, but the spirit element which is Mind, totally dies. Remember Mind cannot exist without the Brain!

So there is nothing supernatural about it. Now if you want to call the inner & outer Energies in the body & in the ecology, which control the whole universe: "Allah", Â "Lord", "Yahveh", "God" or whatever else, well you can call it anything you want, you can even call it Jane, or Joe, or Habib. But the fact is that they are not Spirits, they are Energies; therefore, technically cannot be called Allah or ....... (A spiritual form).

Human being is simply too selfish to accept that there is no life or reincarnation in "Afterlife"! You will simply rot, deteriorate, turn to maggots, eventually to soil and then grass. Next thing you know, the cow will eat you & release you as feces. So your afterlife will be in feces form! There will be no rivers of milk & honey, no 70 naked huries Female Angels and 2 pretty boys, and for sure no heavenly beautiful afterlife or possibly Hellish suffrage! You were not created in God's image! You came from primates, your brothers & sisters were monkeys and you will turn to Cow Feces in your Afterlife. On the Judgment Day or as the results of Reincarnation, you will come back as Cow Feces, thats all. The sooner you face it, the sooner you will wake up from your colorful bubbly balloon life & will become a "Logical Being". Enjoy your life cause this will be the only life as a conscious human being as yourself that you will ever get!

The nightmare of confusion, duality & Agnosticism starts when one for instance is a believer of Dialectical Materialism & Evolutionism, yet also due to Cultural or traditional back ground he falls into the abyss of Philosophical Idealism or Creationism (Spiritualism)!

Have you ever seen the high level scientists or Dr.s up to a scientific research, dealing with Evolution at work, yet as soon as they go to their private lives, you might find them @ the Church, then you can understand this contradiction! A good example would be the element of "Evolutionist Christian", a contradiction in contradiction indeed!

One cannot prove any of the religious rhetorics, scientifically and via logic. Either, one must believe in logics and proofs, or one must believe in religion, holy books, and the prophets who wrote them, by pure faith.

Dialectical Materialism, Materialism, and Evolution are one entity.
Philosophical Idealism, Spiritualism, and Creation are another entity.
You cannot mix and match the two above as you please or as you find it convenient!
State your position and make a stand:
Logic or Faith or Indecision?
Science or Religion or Doubt?
But please do not dodge through philosophical terminologies like a con artist!

Either you:

a) Believing in Science and Logic, then you are an Evolutionist.
b) Believe in Religion and Super Natural, then you are a Creationist.
c) Believe in Doubts and indecisions, then you are an Agnostic.

Yet you cannot create an abomination of above philosophies as you see fit & as it gets convenient!

Mind is a terrible thing to be wasted on the story books made for adults, called the holy books.

So, what will it be?

More power to all,

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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Jun 12, 2005 4:21 pm

Philosophical Corner!

It is amazing!

Creationists claim that a Creator aka God has created all elements in existence including all universes. They define God, as a Spirit who has never been created, he does exist now, & he will always be, until infinity; however, when we (Evolutionists), claim the same explanation about matters & energies:

"Matters & Energies have never been created & will never be destroyed, yet they will always change from one form to another, but the total amount of their mass will remain the same."

And science will call it "The Conservation Law of Matters & Energies" in Physics, these Creationists have a hell of a time digesting this fact!

We (The Evolutionists), have basically given the same definition as their God, for our "Matters & Energies"! Yet our explanation is a Fact of Physics, but their explanation is a Bull Shiite Story in some Holy Book (Story Books made for Adults) based on nothing but Faith via Faith!

Situations like this, are the very reason that people like me, simply cannot have mush respect for people of Faith, Idealists (Philosophical Idealists), Religious people & clerics of the globe!

I am a man of science, I simply cannot digest religious mumbo jumbo based on no scientific proof or logic, except Faith!

I basically have a very low opinion on people of Faith & their Weak Minds, who are in needs of a Creator, a Meta Physical God or an Allah, Yahveh or Jesus Christ! Religion is basically a large size Cult, & the prophets were basically charlatans with superior minds in comparison to their times! But then again, Islam is not even a Religion! Islam is a political ideology, a tool of Pan Arabism with a Theocratic Ruler like Mohammed or Khamenei on the top & Cattle Like Herd of followers called Muslim!

The Globe is simply populated by Intellectuals (very few) & Public
(Huge Masses).

The Superior Minds, The Uber Menschen, The Great Minds are in a superior level of consciousness in comparison to the everyday Herds who Follow their Guru who preaches & promises them of heaven & hell &
wrath of God!

The Uber Mensch are meant to Rule the Public, simply because, the public is in need of a Hero Figure, a Guru or a Holy Man to justify every aspect of life & the meaning of life for them, either with a spice of God or without it!

Basically Religion acts as a Virus to a Computer System. But Islam operates as the Syphilis in the Third Stage to the human brain, & naturally Shiite shows up as Syphilitic Chancre Wounds on a Syphilitic Victim! A Shiite Muslim is basically an ill person in the third stage of Syphilis!


Ahreeman Bless

Someone beyond the definitions of Good or Evil,
on the outer surface of life, looking in!
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