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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Aug 18, 2005 4:16 pm

From The Desk of Dr. X

Analysis of the Situation

Camran Mirza:

Greeting Wise One,

You have forced me to return from Exile, just to respond to you. Why must you post controversial posts, so I have to return from Exile? Why do you interrupt me? Why don't you let me build the website, so we can all benefit? Have you no shame?!

Say Cam, by the way, were you tipsy and/or mad when you wrote this? Spelling is a disaster (now I sould like Lori). It seems like you were pissed & passionate! Were you politically angry, had a few shots of Russian Vodka & then dropped a few lines?!

Anyhow, there it goes,

"American pathetics who are going to White House demanding the withdrawal of their soldiers showing how their politics work, what a sham, not worth spitting on."

Let me clarify this issue if I may,

Cindy Sheehan & the army of Anarcho_Bozos whom are camping outside W's Ranch in Texas, are basically Mouth Pieces for special Interest Groups. They are funded, used as tools & operated as pawns by the Liberal Left (The Most Leftist Branch of the Democratic Party). Cindy Sheehan's crew are funded by:

George Soros. Michael Moore, Al Franken, Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Alec Baldwin, Martin Sheen, Hollywood Liberals, Militant Left, Environmentalist Wackos, Anarchist Groups and ACLU.

This is not about the War or Iraq. This is about gaining ratings for Democrats for 2008. Cindy Sheehan is basically trashing the memory of her brave son by her actions.

Her son joined a volunteer military. He fought & died bravely. No one sent him there & no one forced him to go there. Soldiers' job is to fight & die for his or her nation. US Military is a volunteer military. He joined voluntarily & died a hero but the mother has become a mouthpiece for special interest left to trash his memory.

She says:

Why W doesn't send his own daughters over there?

I say:

You Dumb Skulled Bitch! You Frag Brained Bimbo! W doesn't send anyone anywhere, if they don't want to go there! It is a Volunteer Military! Put it in your Dumb Skull, you retarded Bitch!

Pacifists say:

Bush Lied, Kids Died!

I say:

Bush Lied, You Got Fragged!
Screw Pacifists & the Boat they came with!
It is due to War on Terror that you Pacifist Bastards can live so peacefuly in America & protest in front of W's Ranch! Thants to our Military in Iraq, you are safe here & you can run your bloody Liberal Mouths!

Honestly, I do not know whats worst, Islamists or Liberals!
God Damn Liberal Democrats remind me so much of Jebhe Meli! Same Shiite!
Liberalism is a Mental Disorder! Liberals would love us to bend over, open wide & allow Islamists to Frag us up the Shiiter! And then maybe we should also thank the Islamists for Fragging us! By then, maybe Liberals would negotiate & debate with Al Qaeda & Hizbollah & IRI on if they should or should not use vaseline to Do it to us!

W will not talk to her because if he does, then in the future every bozo Anti War Moron will line up in front of his ranch to talk to him! US Military will not pull out of Iraq until the mission is done. A small group of Whacked job Liberals cannot make policy for president or military. Cindy Sheehan is a mentally imbalanced woman who is confused & being used. The sad thing is that along the road, she is trashing the memory of her son. Cindy Sheehan's husband is getting a divorce because he believes that she is making an ASS of herself & their son!

United States of America will not back down & she will not be a Half Ass Friend to Iraqi people. We will stand by them until whenever necessary.

Nazis & Al Qaeda

Please understand that after WWII, the same episodes where going on Germany. US Military were fighting a scattered Rag Tag Militia of EX-Nazi Groupies for over two years after the surrender of Germany. Now tell me who won? Eventually Nazis all died out, surrendered or gave up! Same thing will happen to Al Qaeda in Iraq.

My only problem with W, is that why isn't he making a much stronger policy & stop pussy footing around & get with the program. Why is he fighting a politically correct war with Al Qaeda? W needs to allow the military to do a wipe out, a major elimination of All suspicious Fundamentalist Muslim in Iraq.

Iraqi people are fed up & no sane person in Iraq is behind Al Qaeda! A slim minority of Sunnis, pro IRI groups & other fanatics are supporting Al Qaeda. The Al Qaeda in Iraq is consisting of %75 Foreign Non Iraqi elements. They are the Invaders. American Forces are the Liberators.

"1. Why didn't these people demonstrate as such shafting the Iraqis lubricated with democracy? Is democracy a luricant?"

This is not about War; this is about getting Hillary Clinton elected for 2008.

"2. Who is going to run Iraq after the soldiers have pulled out? "

We make sure we slaughter Al Qaeda in Iraq, before we leave. By then, Iraqi forces will be able to run their own nation. By then Iraqi military & police will be all educated & trained.

"3. Who is going to compensate zillion of dollars for Iraqis country and financial ruins?"

Common cooperation between US Government, Private Corporations, Iraqis & our Allies in Europe. Do not keep a Hopeful Eye on France!

"4. Did the soldiers think they were going to war or on holiday? Didn't they know there are death involved in battles. Did they think death in battle is not for Americans? Are they the chosen ones being blessed especially by their god?"

Soldiers know their job. President knows his job. Majority are behind the Troops & President. These demonstrators are a slim minority paid & controlled by special interest groups.

Let me tell you a story:

A girl went in between these whacked job demonstrators to protest against them. She said, my brother died in Iraq, liberating Iraq. He died a proud soldier. Do not destroy his memory by your ignorance! These Traitors & so called Pacifists, circled her, cussed her & told her:

Your brother was a murderer who killed innocent Iraqis!

They almost assaulted her! But of course the MainStream Liberal Media (CNN, CBS, ABC, New York Times, LA Times, ...........) do not spill a word about this!

This is a massive, well paid campaign by George soros, Hollywood Libs, Michael Moore's Crew & others, to cause a commotion, split the nation, use opportunism to catch fish from the muddy waters!

"5. Is Bush using these people as a excuse to pull out of Iraq without losing face? "

You must be joking right? W is Man O His Words. He speaks from the Heart. He is Heratland America. He is a True Cowboy. He is pure Heart & Pride. He says what he feels & he does not give a Rat's Ass if he is politically correct or not! He would never compromise the War on Terror or Fight for Justice due to political correctness or Liberal Whinings! He made a decision to liberate 60 million people in Iraq & Afghanistan. He made a decision to declare war on terror globally. Despite Liberal Garbage, he is one of the most popular presidents of United States in the history. W, risked the animosity of the whole world against us by doing what he believes is just. The whole world is revolting against us but does that changes W's mind? Hell no!

EU, Third world & Every Leftist, Anarchist & Pacifist in the globe hates America due to W's policy against Terror. W have risked & sacrificed our popularity in the world for a Greater Cause. While the whole world is in sleep & wants to deal with Terrorists in peace, W stands his ground & leads this crusade, single handedly! Do you really think he would back down due to a few protests in front of his ranch?!

W is Man O His Word. The War on Terror will go on, even after his term, but Iraq will see peace during his term. On 2008, once more, GOP will win & lead this nation to lead the war on terror in the world.

Have some faith in W, Condy, Dick & Donald.

"I thought every freedom has a price pending its importance, not thinking of paying a heavy price for nothing but receiving destruction instead, what a life."

Have some faith & do not pre judge them. Condy is now putting pressure on Islamist Regime of Sudan for Genocide of Blacks. This is no easy war. This is The Civilized World against Islamists.

W, Condy, Rumsfeld & others are the right Men & Women to lead this war. I criticize W & his cabinet most & I believe they are not going full blown @ it, but they are on one hand fighting a global war against Savage Islamists & on the other hand must play a politically correct diplomatic war to win EU's heart. Its not an easy job! Eventually things will workout.

Rule of The People

Majority are pro him, majority will push him in the right direction. For instance, Mexican Border had to be secured 10 years ago but Clitoris (Clinton) & Kennedy's of the world avoided it! Now the people demand for the government to secure the border. The Minutemen & people have taken arms & vigilante to secure the border themselves! People of this country are armed to the neck. They will push the government to do as they please. They forced Arnold, W, Feds, Border States & Governors to make a move. Now W & Arnold are making a move to secure the border.

You see, thats why people have the right to bare arms, so their words carries some weight. We are armed to keep the government in her place. The day that Liberals would make a move to disarm the American people & copy a European-like system in America, will be the day that people of this nation will take arms to protect their rights to bare arms. I will be the first in the street fighting the government & Liberals!

Personally I am armed to the neck. I carry a gun under my pillow, in bed stand, in my desk drawer, in every room of Ecbatana (My State), in my cars' glove compartments & even in my back pocket. The day that government steps in to force me to give up my right to bare arms, will be the day that I take arms against the government. Constitution of United States & Founding Fathers have planned for us to own & bare arms. This here is not Europe & will never be Europe. This here is United States of America & no matter what Liberals do, they can never turn America to another EU & Copy/Paste the bloody Euro_Pee_On System to our beloved land. Star Spangled Banner shall wave in the wind forever. Liberals love European System so much, then by all means get the hell out of here & go live in Paris. Doors are open. Adios Amigos!

W is not just another politician. W is Heartland America. He does as he preaches. W is man of his word, integrity, justice, morality & honesty.................. or else, I would have never stood by & behind him 100%. W is not another politician in DC. W is from the Heart.

This nation is unlike any other nation in the world. People have the power & people rule this nation. This is the most unique democracy of the globe. American System functions & she is unique to herself & the world. Conspiracy Theorists are full of garbage. Middle Eastern Conspiracy Theorists are world famous delusional people! The Will of the People, you & I, rules this nation.

We have a duty to the Civilized world. Any Substancial Change towards Global Democracy must start from here. If America goes, then Global Democracy goes. America is here to make The Final Stand.

Eventually everything will work out. People will make sure of it. In W we trust.

That's why they call this place "America", Land of The Bald Eagle.

Now with your permission, I retire back to design & leave IPC Club in your hands.

Lots O Loves from your buddy X


Ph.D. in conservatism,
Defender of patriotism,
The believer in optimism,
Dr. of passion and eroticism,
With a truck load of magnetism,
Disciple of charm and romanticism,
The one and only, yours truly, Dr. X;
Ahreeman X
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ok I had to just touch on this:)

Postby LOJ » Sun Sep 25, 2005 2:33 pm

All in all I finally agree with doc, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear him finally use adjectives of negativity where his butt buddy W is concerned...i.e. PUSSY FOOTING AROUND....boy did you hit the nail on the HEAD with this one =D>

But there was one thing I could not overlook....
"1. Why didn't these people demonstrate as such shafting the Iraqis lubricated with democracy? Is democracy a luricant?"

Ok I know the poor boy meant to spell LUBRICANT, but can't we induct this word into our neologism room of fame...think about it be lured and then fucked in the ass without lubricant \:D/ hence the word CANT at the end indicating NO LUBRICOSEEEEE \:D/

Nice to see some people haven't changed.....Cameron? Am I correct???
Take care all see ya soon,
Luvs, LoLo, Layla, Lori,
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Sep 26, 2005 10:26 am

Dear Influential Mentor:

Your latest term, along with other new terms, has been officially added to The Dictionary. Look under "L" Words:

What can I say? You have outdone yourself, yet once again! What a riot! I have to admit, I have not laughed like this for a long while! You have enlightened us and we have enlightened others via your bits o wisdom!

You crack my Shiite! :evillaugh:

You are so naughty that one may get ideas to Lure you into Luricant!

Now lets see if I am getting this concept correct, shall we dear teacher?!

Luricant :doctorF:

Used in essays as sentences,

News O Luricant! :scream: :doctorF: :announcement:

Extra Extra, Hizbollah Headline News
Little cheerful and anxious Tolab boys and Chadori girls were jumping, hopping, running around, reading Quran and playing in the fields but suddenly they were lured down to the dark dungeons in Ahreeman's Mansion of Painful Pleasures. Primarily they were flabbergasted by the promises of Lollypops, Juju Bees and cheese puffs, yet little did they know of their dark destiny! Next the flogging and deflowering started and them children in state o minds, were forced into submission and discipline! The night had ended, It was dawn and by this moment, the little boys and girls, had become men and women! This shameless Luring of young Maktabis into Lurication is guessed to be the work of an outlawed Atheist "Na-Mosalman" Satanic Cult! The victims informed us that midnight ceremony was called "Incantation and Lurication"!

Extra Extra, Monarchist Headline News
A Group of our "Young Teenage Compatriots" were running and playing in the fields, waving posters of Reza Pahlavi and Lion/Sun Flags. Suddenly they were lured to a dark dead end alley via promises from a Dark Character, to be given each an autographed picture of RP. Once lured and tricked into going down the dark alley, they were ripped out of their clothing, savagely bent over and ravished each, with a mid size plastic Derafsh-e Kaviyani banners! They have been sodomized in random until they had seen the light of Sassanid Empire and visions of Khosrow Parviz! The Dark Character and his little helpers (like Santa's little helpers), also known as Derafsh Sodomizers, are still @ large but Monarcho Teens are back in their summer camp hospital, recovering from the shock which may scar them for life. To soothen their little fragile bon bons, presently Aryo Pirouznia is singing Soroud-e Shahanshahi for them as the lullaby, to ease their pains and put them to rest and sleep! SMCCDI reports that even a week has passed, our "Young Compatriots" are still having nightmares waking up in cold sweat while screaming: "Luricant, Luricant"!

Extra Extra, Jebhe Headline News
Last night, a number of well schooled, yet not educated Bald Eye-Rainian Jebhei Doctors and Engineers came out of a Persian DC bar to return home, after yet another fruitful political meeting on how to peacefully reform and establish democracy in Iran under the framework of Islam! Suddenly a Black unmarked van stopped in front of them, masked men in black, lured them in to the van, drove away in the dark and out to a dark corner of an abandoned building they have been thrown! Once again, a shady Dark Character with two horns sticking out of his hood had shown up. According to one of the victims, Doctor Baboon's testimony, The Dark figures stripped the Doctors and Engineers off of their clothing items and Mosadeq Chest Buttons! Next, they chained them in diagonal positions with both hands and feet stretched to four different directions (28 Mordad Style). Then the Boom Box started to play a loud Hip Hop version of "Ey Iran, Ey Iran" Anthem by Sandi Band to keep the episode patriotic! Afterward, came the amazing custom-made Giant 120 RPM Giga-Vibrators of Foot and a Half long with Mosadeq's Bald-Shaped Head-Tips! Every single Doctor and Engineer over there was man handled and Luricant via these abominations! Next morning the DC police had found the motionless bodies of these Grand Jebheis, piled up in single folds flat in the streets of DC! They were lain flat on their stomach naked, their glory holes were stretched a foot and a half deep and 4 inches wide! On their foreheads tattooed 666 mark of Lucifer! They were all mumbling something and moaning on and on something about: "For the love of Allah, Moula Ali and Dr. Sanajabi, please stop, no more Luricant, Nooooooooo Ahreeman, Noooooooo........"! Unlike the Hezbos whom were lured with promises of Lollypop and cheese puffs, and the Teen Monarcho Compatriots whom were lured with promises of RP's signed autographed photos, yet the Jebhei Doctors and Engineers were not lured with promises of anything! They were just lured by sheer force and torn apart and Luricant without a single drop of KY or even Vaseline!

End of News! :badgrin:

Dear Influential Mentor, have I captured the full concept of your definition?!
You like? :inqeyes:

Question :question:
By the way, as long as you are The English Teacher, got a question:
I am thinking of a word but cannot remember! What is the term for "Running and Hopping", like when children run and hop in the fields. What is this action and the verb?

Now let us fly before Camran Mirza appears and gives us lectures on Morality and Decency! [-X


The Evil1
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Running and Hopping??

Postby LOJ » Mon Sep 26, 2005 12:53 pm

Running and when I do it I just call it "playing hard to get" when Mullah's do it it's called "Chasing and shagging sheep";
but when children do it, I do think it's called Leap Frog, is that what you mean, or do you mean when they are carefreely running and hopping in wildflowers, then my dear it's called.......RUNNING AND HOPPING =P~

Yes dear I was counting on your for such an elucidative answer, and you never disappoint me......That's why I love you so much.......and remember you will never have anyone who says "who loves ya baby" like I do \:D/ !

The new season has started and all these Law and Order and Criminal Intents, and the newest comedy WHO LOVES EARL is just FABULOUS....I actually am taking a vacation from Porn for a while to catch up on all my TV, which I used to detest before......before I came home from Iran and the first movie I saw was JOE DIRT....then that was all it took, I was back in love with TV once more.....
Have fun dear....
Luvs, MOI
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Sep 26, 2005 2:12 pm

Dear Habibati:

Hale Shmoi khube? :D

I thought you hated Law & Oder? But I follow all 4 religiously!
How about Neo Sci Fi/Horror Series: Lost, Invasion, Surface?
My name is Earl (Riot)!
So many series, they compete with one another to capture your attention!
I don't watch much TV, well except all 4 Law & Orders & of course Kojak,
I know you don't like the new ones but you like the old ones!
Maybe its because you are not into bald black guys, but yet into bald Greek guys!
Common episodes, I believe you & I are telepathic to one another!
My concern these days is to get the new IPC Website up & running. Thats why I am less public!

No, you did not answer my question regarding the word, I am looking for. I think, it starts with "F". It is the verb for the action of Running & Jumping playfully @ the same time, like children do?!

And no, it has nothing to do with Children & Chester The Molester episodes! You are an ill woman! [-X

I believe, during surfing through a web cam site, I have seen your profile & under the sexual prefrence, it said "Bi"!!!!!! :roll:

As long as this is the first time, I am turning on to this, then may I ask is this one of your latest advertising gimmicks for your Bang & Salavat Islamo_Porno Shiite site o pornography and Human Traffics, for Middle Eastern & Red Neck Fellows or are you truly eating off of Habibati & Ab-Nabati both?! Inquiring minds need to know?!

And in case lather, then what are the chances of you & the WebMistress throwing a mud wrestling match, so we can broadcast it live on IPC net? After all we are the Excelence in Net Broadcasting, so why not broadcast a Politico_Sexualo_Athletic live webcam event?! :-k


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Postby CR » Mon Sep 26, 2005 2:31 pm

Oh dear, The Lori & Ahreeman Soup Opera has been captivating this captive (literaly) audience of IPC for five years. When will this soup opera end and how will it end? There are places for your needs and they are called hotel rooms. Why don't the two of you get a room and get on with it? Free the captive IPC audience from your soap opera. Its the fifth year and the tenth season, give it a break, take a season off and let the reruns run. Gosh, will you?

A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Postby LOJ » Mon Sep 26, 2005 3:10 pm

There is the word you're looking for FROLICKING \:D/

I love Law and Order, remember I just didn't like watching it so much when I was living know what I mean =P~

Who is CR, she is very pretty, think she might want to join my site...just teasing of course....
Luvs, LoLo
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Sep 26, 2005 3:55 pm

Dear Low-jack :headnurse: :

"There is the word you're looking for FROLICKING"

Yes, you are a genius :praiseyou: ! I knew you could find it! Frolicking! :chilling:

"I love Law and Order, remember I just didn't like watching it so much when I was living know what I mean"

Ahhhhhhhhhhh that's true!

You have been working with PD alongside many other 1001 jobs which you had:
:scholar: :belly: :lachak: :witch: :cop: :porn: :private: :webs: :headnurse: :swing: :Mullah: :convict: :teacher:

Say, have we gotten rid of the 4th hubbies bod, so we could move on to number 5?

"Who is CR,"

Are you kiddin? She been with us for almost 6 years! But she came out of the closet (No I don't mean it that way!) this year & introduced herself. She is IPC's third webmistress after Roya and Cat left us. She is the top dog.

"she is very pretty,"

I always knew there was something funny about you! It all started when you started commenting on girl's T & A's! :evillaugh:

" think she might want to join my site...just teasing of course.... "

Well lets see, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I believe she is already having a job and I don't believe she is interested to become one of your Hoes to pimp! :scared: :lojak:

Say LoLo, how about kidnapping Cindy Sheehan, dragging & Luring her to Ahreeman's Mansion of Pleasurful Pains and Luricant her? Luricantation of pacifists always turns me on like theres no tomorrow! Maybe I share her with you, thats if you be good! Bring whips, cuffs & chains & all the toys!
:kojak: :scared: :lojak:

Lets Do some Good to a few pacifists protesting near White House, lets give'em a reason to sing & then scream:

Cumbaya my lord, cumbaya............... Ohhhh Nooooooooo Luricantation!!!!!!!!!!!!
:bangheadcurs: :whiper:

Dear Lord o mighty, spank me balls with black leather boots and bless my soul! :yeees:

Who yo daddy LoLo, who yo Daddy? :devbrowed:

All righty then, Gots to Go back to "Up to No Good"! :pervert:

"Luvs, LoLo"

Bye LoLo

Luvs, DoDo
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Postby LOJ » Mon Sep 26, 2005 4:14 pm

Please explain this one??? And do look at your PM's............ :badgrin:
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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Sep 27, 2005 2:55 pm


DoDo such as DoDo Bird, in reference to "The Bird" metaphoric for Penis! Get it? Girl you are slow!

Thanks for the info in your PM.

Also, with Fundamentalists & Ahmadinejad taking over the power & isolating & pushing away both Reformists (Khatami's crew) & Moderates (Rafsanajni & Kargozaran's crew), obviously your Ex-Hubby as an influential member of the Khatami/Reformists camp, has also been isolated & pushed out of power. First from ministry, then from regional province & now totaly out! No wonder he is here being a pest!

And, what is this I am hearing about you getting turned on to the GOP camp for 2008?!

Now continue with your thoughts on various issues.

Watcher in the woods
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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Dec 06, 2005 11:19 am

Camran Mirza:

My dear Friend & Comrade,

One final issue before I leave to Qandahar!

US Foreign Policy, Then & Now

The US Policy has changed after WWII. After WWI, Allies made a grave mistake to hit the Axis with heavy war redemptions, penalties, rebuilding damages & monitory penalties. By putting all these pressure on Axis powers, they bankrupted Germany, which was already defeated & humiliated. The Versailles treaty caused a reaction in Germany. In a way all these heavy penalties caused a reaction which was called Nazism! Nazism was born as a reaction to the humiliating & heavy penalties, which Allies forced upon Germany. Rise of Nazism was due to German economic hardships. Now remember, "Every action will cause a reaction of an equal power & in the opposite direction (Law of Physics).

After WWII, the US policy had changed. Allies had learned from WWI experience. After WWII, instead of imposing heavy penalties, Monitory pay backs, & other war penalties, Allies helped rebuilding Germany, Japan (or other enemies) & creating a stable government to avoid yet another Fascist Regime rise! So we helped creating stable Germany & Japan by creating strong economies for them. This way we have avoided the rise of future Fascist Regimes. Since the end of WWII, the US foreign policy has been in this manner:

Once we defeat an enemy, we will not further humiliate them by imposing heavy sanctions, monitory penalties & ransoms to Allies, yet we shall do the opposite. We help rebuilding the country & establishing a stable democracy in that nation. This way we will guarantee that the rogue nation will not once again arms-up & starts yet another war against us.

For most scenarios, the new US foreign policy has been successful since the end of 1945. Now once Reagan came to power, he went one step further, by further changing the US foreign policy. The Reagan Doctrine was that US shall no more support Right Wing Dictatorships around the globe, because this is very bad for our prestige. US must only support democratic regimes. By doing this, we had guaranteed that our global reputation of backing right wing dictatorships will change & the globe will recognize us as a nation, which spreads Democracy.

Anti US Resistance Guerilla Forces, Then & Now

WWII lasted 1939-1945. But have in mind that during 1945-1948, for 3 years after the war, the combine forces of: Ex SS Units turned Nazi Guerillas and The Werewolves (Nazi Resistance Commandos) formed a Resistance against US & Allies. For 3 years Nazi Guerillas were killing any German which surrendered or cooperated with Allies. For 3 years they were fighting a Guerilla War with Allies.

In reaction, US Forces were routinely arresting, conducting trials & shooting the resistance with Death Squads. British were using Guillotine & beheading the Nazi Resistance. Russians were the most extreme, Russian Forces were leveling German towns with All Resistance or Nazi Sympathizers in them! You see, back then there was no such thing called Liberal Political Correctness Bull Shiite!

Russians are always extreme. Russians are still extreme! Look @ Putin, he does not negotiate with Terrorists, but he moves in the Hairy Zone & orders Russian Troops to kill them all, terrorists, Islamists, Muslim, hostage & everyone else in between! Russians do not negotiate or joke with Terrorists, they level whole towns full of Islamists, Muslim & in between!

Israelis also learned this from Russians. Israelis kill them all & let Allah sort them out! However, lately Israeli liberals are messing things up by their whinings & liberal policies!

So as you see, back then we dealt Firmly with Nazi Resistance & after 3 years, we basically cleanedup the Nazis in Germany.

The 3rd Persian Gulf War lasted March 2003-May 2003. The Mighty Republican Guard & Ba'thi Iraqi Army had shattered like a measly Fart or Goozollah (Gooz of Allah)! It was only a pathetic facade! Now so far 2003-present we are involved with Islamist Resistance.

Considering that the public opinion of the majority of the globe is against us & Al Qaeda plus Islamist Fundamentalists from around the globe are aiding, arming & sending troops to Iraq to fight us, then I shall say that we are doing great! Iraq is basically doing great. Resistance is a small minority group which is basically suffering heavy losses. Soon or late Iraqi-Al Qaeda Resistance will crush & die out. Iraq will be secured & we will establish democracy in Iraq.

Iraq may never become a western-like democracy, but the new Iraqi regime will be heaven in comparison to the Ba'thi Regime.

Western Liberal Media is doing great by destroying the moral of our troops, bad mouthing the president & administration & undermining the war efforts. Mainstream liberal media is nothing but a mouthpiece & a partisan force for Democrats.

Have you heard Rumsfeld's latest speech! He trashed the media & basically accused them of treason! I have zilch respect for mainstream American Liberal Media. Do you remember the fabricated lies of Dan Rather about president's military records? This is not reporting the news, but this is creating the news out of their rectums! American Mainstream Liberal Media, the same as Iranian-American Bull Shiite Media is basically creating the news, not reporting the news! I have flushed CNN, CBS, ABC, New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, San Diego Union-Tribune, etc. down the toilet, long ago.............

I get my news from FOX, Talk/News AM Radio and Internet. Majority of Americans do not trust the mainstream liberal media. Dan Rather's case & CNN's latest biased Anti War, Anti America, Anti Troops reportings has proved it! Majority of Americans are fed up with liberal lies.

So my point is that, if you look @ history & the WWII's 3 years Nazi Resistance in Germany, then Al Qaeda's present resistance in Iraq is normal & natural. It takes time to destroy the resistance.

Liberal Sabotage

But I have to admit that the president's, the troops' & the administration's hands are tied by liberal policies. Liberal policies do not allow our troops to level resistance towns & kill all Islamists! We have to do it like WWII. We have to be extreme. If liberal policies & liberal congress would not cripple us & our troops, then by this time we would had crushed the resistance in Iraq. The reason that Al Qaeda is still alive in Iraq, is because of American Liberals. Liberals want to pamper Terrorists & assign them Hotels, Halaal Food, Quran & comfortable facilities! Liberals do not get it! This here is a WAR!

Falujah had to be leveled long ago & so were the Islamists. It is all liberal sabotage!

Things Will Change

The wind of change is coming to Middle East! Have faith in the president & troops. I know it is very hard & skeptic for us to believe that the face of Middle East is changing. We cannot help but to think that Middle Easterners can never change! The whole region is full o Shiite & Mordab Culture. But, I believe things are beginning to change.

America is forcing the democracy down the middle east's throat!

You may say look @ Egyptian experiment! You call that an election?! The corrupt Mubarak's regime had fabricated an election just to satisfy Americans & pretend that: Oh yes, oh yes, now we are conducting free elections in Egypt! But hey, I am telling you that:

I am an optimist. Admzad is a pessimist but I am an optimist. The Iraqi, The Lebanese, The Egyptian, The Afghani experiments are only the beginning. No matter how corrupt & how superficial, but we must start from somewhere. Things will change. This is only a very slow & very costly beginning, but hey, it is a beginning!

America, thanks to Bush Administration is making a move forward & towards democracy in Middle East. They are even putting pressure on Libya & Syria!

Thinks are changing. These people must & will change. They will change even if we have to shove Democracy up their butts! The only problem are the Enemy Within (American Liberals)!

Keep up the spirit & have faith. Middle Eastern Bull Shiite Mentality must go!

Wind of Change is coming to town!

Now I shall leave you to the grace of Lord Jesus Christ!
Jesus loves you Cam! \:D/ =D> [-o<


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