Muslims assimilating in Illinois.

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Muslims assimilating in Illinois.

Postby Chris » Mon Feb 27, 2006 8:39 pm

Notwithstanding Mr. Najib's protests, the current leadership seems quite popular. An estimated 2,000 people attend Friday prayers, a 20-fold increase from 1983. The ever-expanding contingent of mosque-goers appears to consist largely of fundamentalists in sync with the leadership's worldview, which seeks a return to "pure Islam" and preaches withdrawal from secular society. By Mr. Najib's count, the majority of men at the mosque have religious beards and almost every woman is covered from head-to-toe. Stepping foot through the door, he says, "is like walking inside the Taliban."
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Postby IPC » Mon Feb 27, 2006 10:25 pm


Sounds very interesting but, where is the file? The link doesn't work? That's why you need to post the full text and the link both.
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