Iran needs ISRAEL as a master? ..... NOT!

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Iran needs ISRAEL as a master? ..... NOT!

Postby Emam Kooni » Wed Mar 08, 2006 4:24 pm

I will be the first to admit that I had fantastic friends who happened to be Jewish and my educational mentor was an American Jew. As, matter in fact, I will add that some of the most open-minded intellectuals that I have ever come across had Jewish backgrounds, although I also have to admit that the worst pricks that I have known where Jewish extremist rendering them no different than the Islamic Jahadis and Mullahs, in my book.

When the country of my birth, Iran, abandoned me and I was homeless, it was America who took me in, invested upon me, educated me, treated me as an equal, and made me a citizen, when for all practical purposes the country of my birth extradited me. Therefore, my loyalty, first and foremost, shall remain to U.S.A., not fuck’n Israel who’s only and only interest in the world is self preservation and self promotion. Israel will do what is in its’ own interest and nothing otherwise! They even systematically bite the hands that feeds them, America. As, periodically, they get caught red handed in subtle conspiracies, covert intelligence schemes, and deceptions against America.

I fully admit that Israel remains an island of somewhat western civility in the sea of Middle East incivility. Good for Israel!

And, I remain steadfast for a free Israel. But, the amount of annual foreign aid that U.S. grants to Israel is equal to the cumulative sum of $5000.00 per each and every Israeli citizen. So, before instigating requirement to kiss Israel’s ass for its’ support, as this whole tread seems to be about, as a US taxpayer I say, get your sister and mother out of my American house, Israel! And get a job to support your own sister and mother, before U run your propaganda!

O’, I will be all in favor of Israel’s demolition of all nuclear infrastructures in Iran. And make no mistake, Israel shall do that for its own interest, not yours!
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