Islamic regime transforms universities into cemetery!!!

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Islamic regime transforms universities into cemetery!!!

Postby Liberator » Sun Mar 12, 2006 4:34 pm

Islamic regime transforms universities into cemetery

SMCCDI (Information Service)
March 12, 2006

The Islamic regime pushed ahead in the promotion of its
policy of "Culture of Death" and "Mourning Ritual" by
transforming part of the Tehran University into a new
cemetery. Three bodies belonging to what has been qualified
as 'Unknown Combatants' were buried, today, in the Rajaii

The move, protested by hundreds of students, seeks to
undermine the moral value and impact of the Iranian
University, which has become the bastion of progressist and
enlighted ideals. It also creates a better way of
ideological control of Iranian universities by organizing
daily Islamist gatherings under the label of paying tribute
to combatants.

Such backwarded project was first proposed by the dogmatic
Islamist President Ahmadinejad and at a time that he was
the acting mayor of Tehran. It follows the nomination, few
months ago, of an illiterated cleric as head of Tehran's
university which raised a wave of protest by students and
sporadic clashes due to the brutal attack of peaceful
demonstrators by members of the Para-military Bassij force
acting as 'students'.

The Islamists' long dated goal of taking over Iranian
universities and changing their meaning is nothing new. All
Iranian universities were closed, in 1979, and thousands of
teachers and students were expelled as believed to be
subversive or un-Islamic. Several students, including
females, were killed or raped by brutal Islamists, such as,
during the tragedy which happened at the Jondi-Shapoor
Medical University of Ahvaz. The barbarian move was
qualified as "Islamic Cultural Revolution" and was
supervised by a named "Abdol-Karim Soroosh". The latter,
then a backwarded brutal Islamist with some Maoism
believes, has since become a "reformist". He's actually
being praised by some naive or opportunist foreign circles,
which are seeking a desperate kind of solution for Iran, as
a "Great Philosopher" or the "Luther of Iran".

Many Iranians believe that the Islamic regime is keeping
bodies of thousands of soldiers, who died in the 1980-88
Iran-Iraq War, in special Cold-Rooms in order to use them
for specific propaganda purposes. Others believe, that
there are not even any remains in these coffins which are
in reality empty. Whatever the true is, the story of the
episodic and opportunistic burial of Iranian Combatants
have resulted in the creation of many popular jokes.

The "Culture of Death", "Martyrdom" and the "Shia Mourning
Rituals" are some of the main pillars of the Islamic
republic regime. In that line, millions of dollars are
spent each year in order to try to brainwash the younger
generations. Movies, posters and books are published which
are praising the Islamist martyrdom and even huge
fountains, with flow of red colored liquid symbolizing the
blood of martyrs, have been built in some of Iranian
cemeteries. But despite all this funeral propaganda,
millions of Iranians, especially among younger generations,
are increasingly showing their rejection of such backwarded
and depressing ideology and are publicly expressing their
attachment to Iranism which is the Culture of Life, Peace,
Happiness and Enlightment.

Such trend is the major reason why Islamists are
desperately qualifying Iran's Cultural Heritage, pre-dating
from before the Islamist invasion of Iran, as "Pagan
rituals". It's to note that the former religion of Iran was
Zoroastrian which is well known for being the first
monotheist religion of the world and the main source of
inspiration for Abrahamic religions. ... 4530.shtml


Comments / Nazariat:
Tel: +1 (972) 504-6864

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy
in Iran" (SMCCDI) / "Komite e Hamahangui e Jonbesh e
Daneshjoo i Baraye Democracy dar Iran"
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Mar 12, 2006 5:17 pm

Shahid ibn al Dool University Curriculum

Biology 101 Course
Pre Class Session, "Islamic Mourning Ritual"
Today's Episode: Sineh Zani

Host: Islamic Students Association

:donkey: Ey Sahebe Aza:
Ya Basij, Ya Ansar, Ya Moslemin,
Gerye Zari konid, Tu sar zani konid,
Baraye Shohadaye Eslam,
Kos o Kunetuno pare konid!
Mosalmanan, Hama ba ham,
Seyedash biyan, Mosalmunash biyan,
unvariyash biyan, invariyash biyan,
Hama ba ham,
Dam begirid:

:donkey: Takbir ...............

:arabtox: :basij: :dumbo: :hezboz: :tolab: :wow: :moo: :basij: :sheeple: :ghods: : Ya Hussein Ya Hussein ..........


:chadori: :lachak: :chadori: :ethiop: :lachak: : Ya Abbas, Ya Abbas .............

Dar mazar-e Karbala,
Hussein Hussein-am miravad,
Emam Hussein-am miravad!

Dar mazar-e Karbala,
Abbas bi dast-am miravad,
Hazrat-e Abbas-am miravad!

Vay Hussein o kardan,
Khak be saram, khak be saram,

Dul-e Hussein o boridan,
Khak be saram, khak be saram,

Beyzataynash ro ham be Qanimat bordand,
Khak be saram, khak be saram,

Tokhm-e Hussein o boridand o bordand Baqdad!
Khak be saram, khak be saram,

Hussein Hussein, Vay Hussein
Hussein Hussein, Dad-e bidad Hussein

Abbas Abbas, ye kase mast!
Hassan Hassan, Saresho bezan!
Ali Ali, saret be jaye avali!

Vay Hussein o kardan,
Khak be saram, khak be saram ...............

Sahebe Aza,
Hojatol Eslam Nurollah X
Watcher in the woods
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Re: Islamic regime transforms universities into cemetery!!!

Postby Emam Kooni » Mon Mar 13, 2006 12:29 am

Liberator wrote:Islamic regime transforms universities into cemetery...

Our esteemed fried Liberator told the truth leaving this Emam the scraps of an animation:
Where is Machingun-Q? Now who is gona-nag and correct my misspellings?
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