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Ahreeman on Music!

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Mar 17, 2006 11:11 am

Ahreeman on Music!
March 16, 2006


I often receive many E-mails regarding music & many friends are interested to know my take on Iranian & Western music. Well, you have asked for it, now finally you will get it, I am warning you, I will be very blunt! So here it goes,

What is Art?

If you are a musician, studied music, musically educated, or @ least have a general knowledge of music, then you do understand music & you do appreciate art. If you have a sense of distinguishing art forms, then you must understand that a music piece must break down into scientific & mathematical parts & pieces which combinely they create the music piece (Classical, Persian Traditional) or a music piece must be made of parts such as creative solo or duo instrumental links, fine arrangements & group jams (Rock) or a mixture of blue notes/half notes, harmonization & links (Blues) or etc.

If you have a musical education or are a music lover, you must comprehend that a musician must be able to play his instrument & he must play it well. No matter what type of instrument (Horn, Key, Strings, Percussions, etc.), the musician must be able to create pleasant sounds & creative links out of his instrument. @ least a musician must have an instrument to play!

If you understand music, then you are also aware that lyrics must be meaningful, have a message, have a purpose, be creative, be poetic; therefore, have artistic value. (Opera, Classical Rock, Reggae, Blues, Country Rock, Blues Rock, Folk, etc.).

If you understand music, then you must comprehend that the vocalists must be able to sing! The vocalist must either be able to continue the same note for a long time period (Opera, Operatic Rock), or have a strong & powerful voice (Jazz/Vocals), have a guttery, deep &/or a screaming voice (Blues) or @ least have a pleasant voice (Country, Soft Rock).

What is not Art?

You cannot pre program a beat on a synthesizer plus using a turntable to play the same beat, over & over & over, ......... repetition of the same rhythm to deafness, & then trash talk during the song (Rap, Hip Hop) or moan sexual gibberish (Disco, Techno) for 15 minutes straight, & then get a Mix & Matcher (DJ) to patch up various pieces of this abomination together in one piece (Dance Mix), & then call it music!

You cannot be a musician, yet not to be able to play an instrument! You cannot pre program a synthesizer & scratch records on a turntable & then call yourself a musician!

You cannot cheap talk during the song, trash talk about oral sex, anal sex, intercourse, rape, cop killing, bitches & Hoes, yet call yourself a lyricist or a poet!

You cannot have a voice, which comes, out of your rectum while cheap talking & moaning during the record, & call yourself a singer or a vocalist!

You cannot play the 6/8 Persian Dance Beat over & over again & get a Persian Bimbo with a voice coming out of a deep well, moaning about love me, kiss me & bang me! Or Duset Daram, Asheqam bash, Busam kon & other Kos O She'r, but then call this Art!

Rap, Hip Hop, Disco, Techno, Dance, Persian 6/8, etc., are basically not art forms, yet they are garbage!

Of course there are exceptions such as "Deev" singing Rap with a political message. And of course these music types are good to dance with, but then again, how can you listen to it, day in & day out, in the car, in the house, in bed, etc.? Set aside, I do not even dance with this type of music, but I dance with fast beat Rock!

What is The Point?

The point is that, once up on a time rich & great Persian Music, has now turned to a circus show on stage, where often a Persian Bimbo or a Gay Boy, does some shaky ass with 6/8 dance beat & moans: Jump my bones & bang me! Then a bunch of shallow teeny Bopers in the crowd, scream, cheer & rip their asses for these Bozos & glorify these untalented Human Stains! It is the Meat Market Culture for "Simple Minds with Simple Pleasures"!

This is the catastrophe of the Persian Music. Farhad & Foroughi are dead, & now we got Dumb Ass, Ignorant, Shaky Ass Bimbos (Jendeh Jat) & Gay Boys (Bache Kun)! Once upon a time we had "Nun o Panir o Sabzi" (Ebi + Dariush), but now we have "Dool o Chenar o Dizi" (1001 Eye-Rainian Rising Stars of Los Angeles)! That's Tehran Geles' fine production of Bimbos & Man Whores!

As you know, I am a Blues man. If you are a Blues lover, or a person with general musical knowledge, then you surely understand art & music. So obviously you are aware that Today's Iranian music is basically garbage!

Set aside from Traditional, Folk, Classical & some old school pop artists, the rest of the Iranian music is garbage; therefore, Iranian Musicians & stars are garbage. The song writers & lyricists who make these songs & put them in the mouths of these stars, are Garbage Makers, Whoever promotes these so-called stars & bands are Garbage Men. Almost all Iranian Radios, TVs, Media are Garbage Promoters! Whoever listens to these stars has a taste for garbage! I am very blunt about this issue.

Specifically, Iranian Pop Music is basically garbage!

Yesterday & Today!

Set aside from Iranian Traditional Music (Nazeri, Shajarian, Parisa, Kamkars, etc.) which is very valuable, you have your pop music.

Back then, music had soul! Greats such as Fereydoun Foroughi, Farhad, Fereydoun Farokhzad, Simin Ghanem, Ebi, Dariush and so, are either dead or done with. Old School Iranian Pop was something else. Many new artists are trying to mimic them but the original masters can never be replaced. Today's music is trash.

Yesterday, we had two bit whores (Googoosh & hundreds more), who have been shaking their ass, singing 6/8 beat & changing their tune, any direction the wind blows! First they used to open their legs for Imperial Generals, performing for Royal Family, then singing "Aqa" & Islamic songs for Khomeini & opening their legs for Mullahs & Pasdars. Now they are Activists, playing political songs for Opposition! Now they are once more Nationalists & release Zartosht Albums! All their lives they have been making money out of opportunism & according to the political mood of the time. Any which way the wind blows!

Yesterday, we also had Shaky Ass Gay Boys (Zia Atabay & hundreds more), who have been shaking their ass & singing cheesy songs! Yesterday, they were cheesy singers, today they are cheesy media lords & claim to be opposition leaders!

So basically old Whores & Bache Kun of Tehran are living it up in the Whore City (LA), & the gullible public, having no clue about the Art, digs these cheeseballs!

In addition, we have a hundred more old whores or New Rising Stars of LA aka Two Bit Whores such as Fataneh, Susan, Shohreh, Leila Forouhar, Zizi, Zhuzhu, Joojoo, Cici, Kosu, & other Jendeh Jat!

In addition, we also have a hundred more Bache Kun rising stars such as Shahram-e Gay (Shahram K), Mansour, Siyavash, Kir Dust, Kun Qonbol, Bache Qerti, Bache Kuni, etc.

These works are not art, these are garbage! They have zero musical value!

Musical Value

My friends, I am a musician, I have studied music, I have listened to music & played music since Junior High, I had my first Rock Band in Junior High, I played local clubs, I recorded a few albums, Now I play for my soul, I am a music collector (from Marziyeh to Amir Aram & from Sinatra to Black Sabbath), I understand music, I know art, & I appreciate musical value. I believe in scientific or artistic music. I believe, music should have a message & a meaning. I have a wide range of musical interest. I listen to a wide range of artists:

Western Music:
Classical/Opera: Wagner, Verdi, Bizet, Khachaturian, Aminollah Hussein, Rashid Behbudov, .........
Jazz/Vocals: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Rat Pack, Bobby Darin, Peggy Lee, Lee Wiley, ...........
Metal: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Who, .........
Hard Rock: Bad Company, ..........
Classical Rock: Jethro Tull, Genesis, ELP, .........
Operatic Rock: Queen, .........
Electronic Rock: Pink Floyd, ...........

Unique Styles

You see, the great artists who started in 70s & became legends, can never be replaced. Even today's Modern Western music is mostly garbage! You got Rap, Hip Hop, Techno & other Crap!

These Classical Bands, had their own unique styles, unique sounds, unique style of guitar plays, unique voice of lead vocals & unique identity. Anywhere or anytime that you hear their styles & their sounds, you can easily recognize them! You can listen to a song on radio & right away you can tell, this is Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) singing, this is Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) singing & playing flute, this is Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) playing base or this is Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple) playing Lead Guitar! They All have their own unique style!

You can listen to a song anywhere in the world & right away you can recognize it is Queen! Because only Freddie Mercury has that unique operatic voice & only Brian May has that unique style of playing electric guitar with a deep 30s nostalgic glamish sound! You can listen for 3 seconds & recognize that it is Queen!

Today's bands & music has no unique style, no identity, to particular trademark, no artistic value & surely no soul!

A Gleam of Hope!

Once a blue moon a new band, here or there pops out! A band which stuns the music scene. Bands such as "Evanescence".


Amy Lee (Evanescence Lead Vocalist)

Amy Lee is a one in a million voice, an operatic powerful voice as a lead vocal of a heavy duty Rock Band. The band plays an awesome, very dark, gothic & heavy rock music as a background band. Deep base, heavy rhythm guitar & a blow out drums are noticable! Evanescence has a unique style: Deep, Dark, Gothic & Artistic Rock!

Another favorite style of mine, is Southern Rock (Rebel Rock). Check this article:

Rebel Rock

My passion is Blues!


Nothing sooths the soul like Blues music. Blues music is the original American music. If there was no blues, then there would be no Rock or American music!

I enjoy:

Old School: BB King, Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Billie Holiday, ...........
Mellow Blues: Robert Cray Band, Deborah Coleman, ..........
Hard-Core Guitar Blues: Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble, Eric Clapton, Monster Mike Welch, Sass Jordan, etc.

But I am mostly into Hard-Core, Heavy Guitar Blues. Eventhough I am a piano/keyboards player, yet I like the Blasting sound of Electric Guitar, Deep Base Beats, Blues Guitar links, & Blue Notes. I like Deep Guttery, screaming Blues voice & Lead Vocals. Heavy Duty Blues indeed!

Let me give you some excellent artists, which you might already know them. I strongly recommend them:

Ahreemanic Picks

Susan Tedeschi

Her voice is today's best female blues voice. She is a great guitar player & a Fabulous artist.





Kelly Richey Band

Hands down, she is the greatest female guitar player in Blues music, today! She is the female version of Eric Clapton. Her Band is a Hard-Core Blues Jam Band.





Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

Do I even need to talk about him?! This band is the most Hard-Core, Heavy blues band in the business! He is the true follower of Stevie Ray Vaughn. If you are looking for the nearest sound to Stevie Ray Vaughn Alive, then Kenny is your man. His guitar style & links are explosive. He can make that guitar sing, scream & blast! He can actually continue a fast link for 15 minutes straight! This is the Heaviest Electric Blues or Blues Rock Band in the market.






Johnny Lang

He is a student of BB King & Buddy Guy. The greatest male voice in today's blues. He is also a great guitar player. If not the best, then one of the most promising male artist in the Blues.





Blue By Nature
http://www.electricblues.com/archive/20 ... elake.html

Check out this band. Karen Lawrence, the lead vocal has a voice like Janice Joplin! The most awesome Screaming, Guttery Female Blues voice, Alive today! Their Lead guitar is the Ex Aerosmith guitar player. Lots of Horn instruments, if you like Sax, Trumpet & Harmonica. This is a typical Down South Blues Band.





Listen to above artists' sound links & samples in:

Amazon Blues
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/br ... 56-2659110

Then go listen to more samples & compare the Album prices with various venders in:

Yahoo Music

Find the best price & then buy it.

Above are the best Blues Artists of today. But all of them are Heavy, very Heavy Duty Hard-Core Guitar Blues & Vocals. Non of them are Soft-core or Mellow or Old School! If you like Guttery Deep Screaming Blues Vocals & if you can handle Loud Heavy Guitar Blues & Blue Note Links, blasting your stereo, then check out their albums.

Let me put it this way, Rock Music & Heavy Metal, simply cannot satisfy my needs, No More! No matter if I am in a mellow mood or in need of a blasting Heavy Loud Cords, in both conditions, I have to listen to Blues. The Blues music is the ultimate! Blues Guitar Links & Blues Piano Notes & The Blues Sound is Soul Soothing! To think of it, Blues Music is absolutely compatible with Persian Psyche!

The Irony!

Now do you know what is funny? Blues is a musical type, created by Blacks, yet all relevant & famous Blues artists & bands, are presently White! Why is that? Maybe because while today's young Blacks are busy with Rap & Hip Hop Crap, the Whites are busy studying Black Blues Legends & experimenting with Blues!

Ahreemanic Definition of Blues!

As I have said:

"Blues is not a music type, but a state o mind!
You must feel it deep in your heart & bones!"

Now, those were my picks for you.

Iranian Blues!

Check this article:

Kiosk (Persian Hard-core Blues Band)!

Kiosk, is basically a Revolution in Persian Music!
An Iranian Hard-core Blues band with meaningful lyrics & awesome music!

Now you are asking me if there is any other Persian Blues Band? You must be joking, right?! Go & be thankful for Kiosk! Bands like Kiosk are one in a million in Persian Music! Iranian music is basically garbage, no musical value, cheesy lyrics, 6/8 disco beat & Bull Shiite arrangements!

Here is a typical Iranian song for you:

"Boom Boom Boom,
Chili Boom Boom Boom,

Dokhtar-e Kadkhoda Gisu Talai,
Dokhtar-e Kadkhoda Gisu Talai,
Sare shab rafti o hala miayi,
Sare shab rafti o hala sahare,

Biya tanham nazar, cheshm entezaram,
Biya tanham nazar, cheshm entezaram,
Dige bargard o biya, Goli be jamalet,
Hay, Goli be jamalet!"

in other words Iranian lyrics in a nutshell are in this manner:

"Akh be kosam, Vakh be kosam,
Suzan o sanjaq be kosam!

Akh be kosam, Vakh be kosam,
Suzan o sanjaq be kosam!"

And the music is basically garbage! How can an intelligent music lover, digest today's Iranian music, remains a mystery?!

Today's Iranian music is either Pop, Disco, Techno, Rap, Dance or other garbage. Iranian music is a representation of Iranian Exiled population, very shallow, meaningless & cheesy! It is shaky ass music for Brain Drained! The superficial generation indeed!

Iranian Music Worth Listening

To be frank with you, the best Iranian music of today, comes from inside Iran! Check these sites for some Iranian Rock Bands from inside Iran:

ID Tune


Check these Bands:

Nabz (Rock)

Check Nabz first album.

O-Hum (Rock)

Check out O-Hum first album.

I also like the band "Fanoos".

Inside Iran, I like Alireza Assar's arrangements in pop music, he is an emotional artist, except that some of his music has a religious theme because he is religious! I like his voice, lyrics & music, except when he sings about Hussein, Ali & other Arab Bandits!

Alireza Assar

Sell Outs!

So, there is no other Iranian blues Band, but there are some good Rock Bands. But you know what the problem is? As long as these bands are inside Iran, they produce interesting music, but as soon as they get their Green Cards or Immigration Pass & move to Canada & the west, they produce mediocre music & somewhat cheesy or commercial music! They lose their talent! Do you know why?

While in Iran, they live in that limited society with inside Iran issues, so they get inspiration from the environment around them to create art. Once they move to the west, they lose their touch & their edge, so they become another Iranian cheesy commercial band in the west!

That's why their first albums are cool, but the second albums or third albums are average or like enema water! Eventually, their creativity is gone when moved to the west! They become another commercial Bull Shiite Iranian band! In other words, they remain a one hit wonder with only one good album!

The question remains:
Will Kiosk also be a one hit or one album wonder?
Or will they remain creative, even outside Iran?

Now let me be frank with you. Iranian Blues, Rock, etc. is a galaxy away & behind the American or English Modern Music! There is no comparison! But still it is promising to see bands like Kiosk. We must support them.

Musical Education of The Masses

It is also urgent for us to educate the Iranian music listeners, so they can distinguish between what is art & what is garbage!

The future IPC website will lead a Cultural Revolution in Iranian community to expand Iranian youth's political, historical, philosophical & cultural knowledge. We must do the same with the music.

The future IPC Website will have a unique Music Section. Our duty will be the "Musical Education of The Masses".

Eventually Iranians must learn to appreciate art (Kiosk) rather than Garbage (Iranian MainStream Music)!

Now I am done preaching.

What is your take?



Someone with Zero degree of Respect for Iranian MainStream Music,
& musical stars: Two Bit Bimbos & Man Whores of Los Angeles!

Ahreeman X
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Mar 18, 2006 5:54 pm

Haj Seyed Camran Khan-e Bandar Pahlavichi:

"Jan Jan, "


"Music is a form of art, like poems, paintings, writings, designing, acting, architect and many many more.....

Art represents fashion. Fashion represents era.

When I hear a piece of music, see a model of a car, dress, hair style, film, poem, a building, or any other form of fashion, I will know what era they belong to, therefore, know how people were thinking then. They form the aquaria facts in the history of their kinds.

Art represents social attitude crucial to history."

I agree, each era has a distinguished musical characteristics. It is also true that people from different eras believe their era's music is the best & the older ones are boring & the new ones are worthless!

But, there is a But!
My approach to the issue has nothing to do with generational gaps, because Technically I was a kid in 70s, yet I was a youth in 80s, so I am a son of the 80s. Even though a son of 80s, yet I do not defend the 80s! Actually I cannot stand the 80s! The 80s music sucked, the hair styles were silly, the clothes were pathetic, people were superficial & the whole decade was a Yuppie decade! So as you see I do not defend 80s!

I cheer for 1800s (Classical), then 20s, 30s, 40s (Jazz/Vocals) which were all before my time! Then I skip the 60s (Drug Era) because anyone who remembers the 60s, did not live in the 60s (too much LSD)! Once more I cheer for 70s (Metal/Rock), skip the 80s (Cheesy New Wave/Disco), so & so on 90s (Rap/Hip Hop crap), & up to zeros (2000s) now!

You see, in my case, it is not a generational gap, yet it is the "Musical Value"! I cherish music from any era, which has value & I reject music from any era which is garbage! My measurment unit is science, art & general values of the music type. I speak logic, not sensation.

"BTW, We have the finest artists inside Iran who are chocked by the lack of movement particularly in accessing to equipments. One of the best talented is the one who had thought the finest musicians of modern Iran during the last forty years including guitarist from the Kiosk, and all the restof the fellow musicians, and that's why sending free equipment is a quench to the deadly thirst of many whose talents are heeled in the mud. Who needs Blues, while there is Iran?"

Yes, overall, we are lacking activity, the whole opposition lacks activity, the whole Iran lacks activity!

During the past 27 years, specifically past 6 years, we tried everything to jump start a revolution in Iran!

We tried a coup.
We planned a 2nd coup.
We tried meetings, speeches.
We tried to jump start a rebellion.
We tried to unite the opposition.
We tried to criticize the opposition groups to force them into unification.
We tried open operations.
We tried covert operations.
We tried web operations.
We agitated the universities.
We agitated the student movement.
We encouraged people to rise up.
We tried to create a Rebel Army.
We tried to start a national strike.
We tried liaison missions to Iran.
We tried art propagandas.
We tried to start a social revolution.
Nothing worked! Masses of Iran will not rise up! They have been whipped so hard into the Islamic submission & oppresion, that they have lost all hope & heart (Admzad)!

Now we are going for general education & moral revolution!
Now we are going for the 2nd website & mass education!

So I do not know what do you mean about inactivity? We tried everything but Iranians have been enslaved for so long (27 years), that some of them are now identifying with their oppressor, some are used to enslavement, some are awaiting America to free them, & the majority are vegetating & they call it life!

Now if by "inactivity", you mean me? Then I am getting back to web design!

"Shab-e aid ast-o yar az man chogandar pokhteh mikhahad."

What's wrong with Choqondar Pokhteh (Labu)?
When you can't have Sabzi Polo Mahi Sefid @ Eyd (Freedom), then you shall be satisfied with Choqondar (Beats)!

What is your point?
Iranians will not arise!
So what do you want me to do?
Am I a miracle worker?
Should I do "Shaq Ol Qamar (cut the moon in half) or Shaq Ol Zakar (make the carrot erect)?!
With this Half Dead Opposition, I am doing my best to take a step forward!
With no Iranian billionares spending a dime for Iran, I do my best to keep everything intact!
I am doing my part & my best to keep the Resistance Alive!
So what should we do?
Should we stop talking about Music or anything alive?
Should we start mourning & crying for Iran?
What is the deal?
All we can do is try!
But the life goes on ...............

"Finest regards

May the hands of God, Allah, Yahweh, Lord, & all other Supreme Beings (which you love so much) be with you (killer, riot)! :badgrin:

Eyde shoma mobarak,
Dombe shoma se charak!

Ahreeman Mirza Qajar
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Postby Liberator » Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:38 pm

Clip: Short performance by the Iranian rock band "O-Hum"


ENJOY! :Rockon:
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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