Europe is flourishing @ American expense!

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Europe is flourishing @ American expense!

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Mar 27, 2006 10:32 am

Europe is flourishing @ American expense!
March 27, 2006


Hello, Hello, American Liberal Democrats & Euro-Pee-On Socialists:

Ahreeman is in The House, preaching sense & logic in deaf liberal ears again! Take the wax out & Open up them ears please?!

Allow me to make a point here: Europe is flourishing @ American expense! What does that mean? Europe's welfare system & 1001 welfare programs such as: Public Healthcare, Up to 3 years Free Maternity Pay, Free Children Insurance, Free Education, Public Housing, State Insurance, Labor Laws, Welfare, Government Benefits, 35 hour workdays, & many other welfare state programs exist, because European Governments can afford to set aside enough funds from their annual budgets to support these programs. Why can they afford to do this? Because they do not need to spend a great chunk of their annual budgets for defense to defend themselves! Why is that? Because Uncle Sam is always there to defend them!

Uncle Sam has always defended Europe & provided a safe heaven for Europe to flourish. Thanks to United States, today's Europe is not under Nazi Boots or Communist Boots! Today, United States defends Europe against Islamism!

We (United States of America) are spending an Arm & a Leg on Defense of the world & Europe, so the Europe does not have to do so! Therefore, Europe can afford to provide Welfare States for their citizens! A kind of welfare state, which Americans can only dream to have! In other words, Europe is flourishing @ American expense, but do they even appreciate this?!

Well, lets see, they are trying to ban American products & set trade embargos (cosmetics, etc.) due to environmental reasons, they are almost always not in alliance with us; furthermore, taking sides against us! Anti American feelings are sky high! Many Europeans preach on how it is not possible to achieve Democracy under Occupation (Iraq), yet they forget that French Democracy was achieved under the US occupation in WWII. If it weren't because of US, today the French would be under Nazi boots who would march up & down the Paris singing:

"Deutchland Deutchland, Uber Alles in die welt"!

It is truly sickening to witness Europeans are using us as a WatchDog to flourish their welfare states & their socialist heavens, yet @ the same time, they turn around & bite the hand which provides this safe heaven for them! We need to back off & allow Europe to defend herself! No more feed the NATO!

They want to demonstrate in European Streets against Bush, then fine, lets back off & stop paying for military security of Europe! Let's pull out our bases, nukes, equipment, troops & $$$ (Yankee Greens) from Europe, stop spending a dime for security of Europe. Lets sit back, relax & witness Europe to be Fragged up the Shiiter under the Big Schlongs of Islamism & Putin's Pan Slavism! Let's start backing out & backing down in Belarus & Ukraine! Why don't we let Europe to stand on her own feet?!

We need to let go of Baby Europe's hands & let her to walk on her own! We need to let Baby Europe to walk alone in World Jungles to face Russian, Chinese & specifically the Islamic Beasts on her own! It is time to let the spoiled European brat to explore these jungles on her own! Maybe then, she has to pay for her own defense & after all, she would recognize that She will not have much money left to provide & continue this Welfare State Heaven for their own citizens & Muslim Refugees of Middle East! We need to stop securing Baby Europe & Pampering Baby Europe, & allow her to bite our hands!


Europe needs to learn a lesson:

Uncle Sam will not always be there to protect her!

UK & a few others are the only nations who comprehend these realities & are always standing by our side, but the rest of the Europe needs to learn a lesson, Yankee Style! France & Germany, on top of the list, need to learn that America cannot always be there to bail them out! France & Germany are similar to little bold brats who live under Mama America's Roof, yet they always yell & back talk to her!

European Free Security, provided by Uncle Sam, must seize. Even if we have to do this temporarily, we must teach a lesson to Europe.

Europe's worst fear is the American Neo Cons. They know that while we exist, we will not allow America to move towards European Style of Socialism & Liberal Democratic, Welfare State Heavens! The American Neo Cons have taken the duty to lead this nation straight to the direction of Capitalism. This ship's anchor is now in our hands & in a million years, we will not allow America to become another Euro_Pee_On Socialist heaven! American Liberal Democrats will take this dream to their graves!

What makes America great is the essence of Americanism & that Americanism lies in our Free Market Capitalistic System. The same system, which makes us, protect & serve the world.

United States of America, the last stand for Individualism & True Democracy. Love it, or by all means, the doors are always open, ship out to Europe & live in Paris! Please open rooms for new immigrants, because:

20 Million Illegal Aliens can't be wrong!

Liberal Democrats:

America, Love it or Leave it!

PS: Haven't Barbara Streisand & a number of other Hollywood Liberals said: If Bush gets re-elected, they will leave to France? How come the Bimbo & her Gay-La Friends are still here? Is Air France out of order?!

Would Anarchists, Environmentalist Whackos, Animal Rights Militants, ACLU, NAACP, That fat slob Michael Moore & rest of the Radical Liberals, all join hands with Barbara @ the airport, singing "Cumbaya" while purchasing their tickets to Paris?! But I guess not! Because once you enter America, you will never leave! How can you leave, when you are already living in the greatest place on Earth?!

If only whining Liberals came with zippers on their lips!

Adios Amigas Y Amigos

Big Ol Yankee X
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Postby paradias me » Fri May 19, 2006 6:17 am

@ AhreemanX

First of all, not all countries in Europe have welfare programs. If comes down to economic freedom, the Netherlands scores almost just as high as the US. Some European countries score even higher. ... ntries.cfm

Countries like France or the UK have nukes, so they don’t need necessarily the US to defend them. The US is free to have troops in Germany it is not obligatory.

Well, lets see, they are trying to ban American products & set trade embargos (cosmetics, etc.) The Netherlands scores just as high as the US on trade liberalisation. ... ntries.cfm

“They want to demonstrate in European Streets against Bush, then fine, lets back off & stop paying for military security of Europe!â€
paradias me
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