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Emam's devine website

Postby Emam Kooni » Sun Apr 16, 2006 8:20 pm

http://www.playboy.com/ <--

Where we promote Islamic values and for those of U who decide to covert to Islam, we offer virgins, per your picking, for your afterlife!
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Apr 17, 2006 1:21 pm


Peekaboo, I can see you:

Now take your thumb out of your butt, stand staight, chest out, belly in & pay attention Qonboli,

Issue 1:

Dahati, Bi Savad, Qorbati, Moosh Khorma,

You do not read or write correct Persian (Arabic Alphabet). You are fragging up the Persian Lingo! You may think you are Iranian but you are not! You are not even an Afghan! Not even Dahati! Where are Lori, Q or Cam when needed?!

Your English is also Fragged!

Give me a time frame, which you might be able to read, write & speak Persian, English & German properly?
Would it be in this lifetime?!

Qonbolu's Title:
"Emam's Devine Website"

The correct term is:
"Divine" ](*,)

You are Fragging Up English Lingo!
Shakespeare is shaking in his grave!

Qonbolu's Parsi speaking:
"Iruni-ye Gerami, Veb Kuchik Emam:"

The correct statement is:
"Irani-ye Gerami, Web-e Emam Kuchike:" ](*,)

What is Kuchik Emam? :-k
Are you trying to be cute?
Are you trying to develop "Dahati Accent"?
What is Kuchik Emam?
An OverGrown Choochool turned to Boobool?
Don't make me go Lorena Bobbit on you!
Don't make me come there, cut off that little Baby Chool & feed it to Boopsy:
(Meet Boopsy)

You even used to put three dots on top of "He" (H) & assume that you wrote "Che" (CH)!
Well @ least you are improving & "semi Handicaply" begining to learn more Persian!

Who is your Persian Teacher?
What Persian School are you going to?
Give me her address?

I would love to personally send Haji Kuchike to her school to whack her on top of the head, to bring some sense into her head! She is in need of a Head Blow! She should not be allowed to teach Persian!

First, study & practice Persian writing
Second, write in Persian

You are Fragging Up Persian Writing!
Ferdowsi is shaking in his grave!

Issue 2:

1st, I wanted to delete your post, wrongly posted in Links Room. Links Room is for Real Links, not your silly cheesy jokes of promoting Hugh Hefner's site! Does this club have Moderators? Where are they? Why are Moderators of this Club not fragging Qonboli into Discipline?!

2nd, I felt sorry for you & avoided to delete your misplaced cheesy post! So I decided to move it to Comedy room! But Hell! It is not worthy to be moved there! This is not comedy, this is Bull Shiite!

3rd, I wanted to move it to Jokes Room! Jokes Room closed its doors & sent me a message:

Jokes room:
"Ahreeman, do not drag garbage from around IPC into the Jokes Room! Jokes Room is not a Garbage Can!"

Sorry but there is nowhere else left! I must dump this child's post into the Jokes room! Please forgive me Jokes room! Will ya?! ](*,)

And now that I have moved this Cheesy post of yours into the jokes room & indeed brought the prestige of the Jokes room down, then I can post my reply to your Bull Shiite post!

Ahreemanic Reply


The Wood is always Watching!

I have came to the conclusion that you are in need of a severe discipline; furthermore, you need to be Fragged into Discipline! You have no direction, no purpose, no path, no mission, no future ............ unless, you will be shaped & transformed into a Real Animator. Your semi talent is getting wasted unless you will be taught what to do with it!

You are getting chubby sitting behind the monitor & you are in need of a real physical activity & sport, such as "Getting Fragged into Discipline"!

This special physical activity will be hard & firm! They do not teach it in your politically correct school! But IPC provides this course for free! It is called:

"Fragture 101 Course"

offered from,
Ahreemanic Institute of Advanced Studies

Eventually I must work with you, sculpt you in the desired shape & form & create a Useful Animator with a purpose, out of you. Yet now, I have no time!

However, your present clueless shenanigans cannot go on .........., so I might send MOA to Frag you into Discipline! After all he is Messenger of Allah! You simply need to be Fragged into Discipline!

You are in need of a Fragture! @ least until I get time to work with you on Animation/Graphics & Humor/Stories/Scenarios, etc.

Animaton Hint:
Regarding your dialogues, they are either too slow (person has to wait too long for a line to change) or too fast (hard to follow & read). Get them in normal speed. What is normal speed? The speed that real people talk to one another.

And always remember,
Not to worry, The Watcher shall always watch & protect you, while walking in Dark Jungles of IPC!
Hee Hee Hee How Howl ..............

For now, Adios Qonboli
Moosh bokhoret!

Watcher in the woods
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Postby Winston06 » Mon Apr 17, 2006 3:26 pm

=D> =D> :D :D :D
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Postby Messenger of Allah » Tue Apr 18, 2006 12:54 pm

Did someone mention MOA? Just burn a lock of the prophet’s hair, and he will appear out of thin air. MOA is here, at your service!

Ahreeman has an assignment for me. As you know, MOA’s services are always for sale, even to his arch-nemesis Ahreeman. However, first there is the issue of my fee….ehem, ehem. :dollar: I would like a fresh, new jackass to ride for my local delivery of messages. I have had my eye on one particular jackass who lives at IPC, and no, it isn’t bache kooni. :elephantdance: If you agree, I will throw a blanket on his back, a muzzle and feedbag on his snout, a rope around his head, and off we’ll go. :donkey: I’ll be back later to collect my fee. For now, I’ll accept the bache kooni assignment. 8)

Dear bache kooni:

You know that I have nothing against you. You’ve never done me any wrong. The fact that I’m here is only because I wish to help you, out of the goodness of Allah’s heart. I’m very sympathetic towards you, my koon friend.

What’s done is done. I could go back in time :UFO: and change things so that you never placed this post and avoided Ahreeman’s wrath. However, time travel is expensive, and I doubt that you have the moolah (get it? …moolah…Mullah?) to pay for such a costly miracle. :dollar: So, we have to just deal with present circumstances, and make the best of it.

I am deeply disappointed that you posted this thread in the “promote your websiteâ€
Don't shoot the messenger if you don't like the message
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