To All present & future Wanna Bees, entering IPC!

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To All present & future Wanna Bees, entering IPC!

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Apr 05, 2006 8:19 am

To All present & future Wanna Bees who enter IPC!

To All present & future Wanna Bees who enter IPC, you know who you are!

Kidney Beans:

I am going to hit you with these final words. With the hope that these words will put an impact on you & hundreds of other future Piss Ant Kids whom will enter IPC, only to cause a commotion, rather than learning from the Master Intellectuals of the Iranian Community residing here. I am spending my time, writing this in hope for you & other future Kidney Beans to learn something. The door is open, if you have the wisdom & courage to come in! Here it goes:

Dear Jacko Whacko, Kitty Litter (Bache Kooni) & hundreds like him:

First, I am going to prove you are full o Shiite.
Second, I am going to give you a bit o advice.

Now your little fragile brain may not be able to take all the Technical Info & it may blow up, but in any way, here it goes:

This is about little Shiite kickers such as you:

You are full o shiite, but this is not news to you, because I have told this to you before! You are not a:

Hacker (1 who illegally logs on to other networks to damage data or steal data)
Cracker (1 who cracks codes & passwords)
Haxor (1 who stalks people on the net through openings of firewall, etc.)

Infact you are neither an advanced net criminal nor a beginner net criminal, simply because you do not know jack Shiite about Hi Tech! As an empty drum (typical Iranian), you pretend to be a Hacker, yet you truly do not know jack about Hacking! Once again for the second time I am going to prove, you are full o Shiite.

This was the first time: ... df30b#3713

Here we roll:
This is what you had actually done,

First you went and saw the alleged photo of Ghasab here:

look @ Ghasab (pic) ... 08ae1#3860

then you right clicked on the photo, read the info and properties, so you figured the url, which the photo is coming from. You went to url and stole a bunch of his assumed photos from his personal site & files, made anime with it & supposedly post his private info on a public forum. Then you wrote about it in this post:

To Ghasab

You did pretend to be a Hacker & you did pretend that you hacked into his files! Far from truth! you collected all this info through that photo. You wrote:

Little Faggot writes:
"Unfortunately, we live by western ethics and I could not piss on his server, as I was tamped, as it is so vulnerable, and as terminating such server for good is as easy as loading few progies."

First, what gives you the right to inflict personal damage to others, only because they piss you & your ego off in a public forum? You little vindictive vicious bitch boy!

Second, "as easy as loading few progies"?! Why don't you let go of the progies & get a load o this (I am pointing @ Haji Kuchike)? You do not know the first thing about progies, not even the meaning! @ most, you are a kitty script writer, a baby wanna be programmer! Get a life!

Don't make me come there & whack you on the head with Haji Kuchike & put some sense into your head!

You cannot put personal information of people on the net, not even your enemies! That is a No No! Are you aware that I have dirt on everyone in Iranian politics starting from Reza Pahlavi? If I want to put all the dirt that I have from everyone, on the net, then I have to write a book about it! But I will never do that! To put personal information of others on the net, is the lowest that one can scoop to! How low can you get? I don't even do that to my enemies, & you do know that I have a ton of them!

You little Faggot you! What happened to decency, humanity, grace & "Persianhood"? A real Man, would never scoop so low! What would you accomplish? A Show off on the net for a bunch of strangers? Do you think IPC is a Teeny Boper Forum for Little Faggots, Bache Koonis, or Monarcho Rats of the Iranian Community? Do you think this is Activist Chat, DC Persian or Yahoo Groups where you can impress a bunch of teenagers by getting silly revenges on the net via exposing someone's personal life?

Who do you want to impress? You are in a wrong place, @ a wrong time, talking to the wrong people! This is no Teeny Bop forum for you to roam around with your stupidity & crap shoots! The only reason you are still alive in here is because I allow you to be!

It was right under your nose!

Your stupidity is that you try too hard to pretend to be what you are not! Look @ the IP which you had provided @ bottom of the above link, your post to Ghasab & then look @ the IP which you provided @ the bottom of the link to me over here:

To X ... 08ae1#3710

They are the same! But you did not even notice that! Because you were in such a rush (like a little child) to post someone's personal information (alleged info) on a public forum for all to see! You were in such a rush that you posted your Expose post:
To Ghasab

in the wrong room @ Ahreeman's Chronicles! You wanted to post it in General Discussions room, but mistakenly you posted it @ Ahreemanic room (the room below)! Then the office had to move it to the proper room! Like a child, a vicious little vindictive child, you wanted to reveal, expose & accuse a total stranger (Ghasab) as a Hezbollahi, so you posted his assumed personal photos on the public forum!

But our IPs are the same! So what does this mean?

What are the possibilities?

I. As I have educated yet another Bozo Wanna be IT Hacker, over here: ... 408d8#3679

These could be the possibilities:

"When using Dial Up (not cable/DSL), a specific ISP assigns you a limited amount of phone numbers & IPs; Therefore, it is only a matter of chance (that in different time periods) for 2 users, in the same vicinity, to possibly use the same number & IP. Therefore:

1. When different persons are using one ISP (for example AOL) and live in a specific area (for example Southern California), it is very common for them to use the same or similar IPs. This is very common, you could be in LA and I could be in SD and both of us could use the same or similar IP!

2. When different persons are using an ISP (for example AOL) and working in the same office (IPC Office), it is also very common for them to use the same or similar IPs. This is also very common."

What does it mean?

It means that it is possible that Ghasab & Moi were @ different periods of times, logged into Internet, from the same ISP & from the same geographical area (Southern California). So Ghasab could as easily be visiting Southern California @ the time of his postings, as well.

II. Or according to your cockamamie theories, which you figured I am also MOA:

To MOA ... f86ba#3884

then I could as well be Ghasab! So according to your bull shiite theories, I can be both Ghasab & MOA!

III. You could be wrong about IPs. You got your so-called hacked IP info from the 3 stat sites little squares, which I have put @ the bottom left corner of the club's homepage. And I informed you about it here: ... df30b#3713

This is how you done & do it:

You see someone online, lets say me, then you rush to one of the stat sites (which I provided for you) to see his IP info, then you copy it to a graphic which you took from another graphic site. Then you post it in IPC & claim victory that you are a master hacker!

But you do not know that it is possible that stat info is not always "simultaneous" with the exact time of the person (lets say me), being online! Sometimes stat sites are running late. For instance I could be online now, but the stat site shows the people online 15 minutes ago! Your little brain does not translate that!

In other words, all the info you have gathered on Ghasab, MOA, Myself & everyone else could be all bull shiite & flawed, because of online timing difference in stat sites! Simply because, as Camran said: "you are a parrot", & you see the info which I provided for you, then you have a half ass tech knowledge, so you go on a rampage & trace to gather info on people, but due to the fact that you had never truly studied Hi Tech, your info becomes flawed! You just learned bits & pieces from here or there on the net! You never studied in depth Hi Tech. You think you are on to something, but then you make an ASS of yourself!

For instance, your bull shiite theories conclude that I am Ghasab, but you do not even know nor mention that! It just slides by you like a draft and right under your nose!

Also, your bull shiite theories concludes that I am MOA, but this one was not based on any hi tech info, yet only on instinct! You figured I wrote an article (Ahreeman, Messenger of Allah) & his name is also Messenger of Allah! Then you saw he posts a lot of smiles in his posts & you do know that I put a lot of smiles in my posts, so you put 2 plus 2 together & you assume I am MOA.

In fact you are a bozo & a twit, an absolute whacked job! What kind o Alter Ego would use the exact same style of his own original Ego?! An Alter Ego must be totally a different personality than the Ego! Not so? But a twit like you, never got around that!

If I would've created Alter Ego personalities, neither you nor your parents or teachers would have figured or found out about it in a million years! Simply because I am a master Evil Writer & a StoryTeller! You must be an idiot to think that for a simple second, you can get the upper hand on me! But yet you try! So hard!

IV. Fourth possibility would be that you do not know jack shiite about hi tech! Which this one is more like it!

Now Your whole Detective work episode
In a nutshell:

1st, you traced a photo to a website & gave yourself credit that you hacked into his files & then threatened that you could destroy his server but you will have mercy on him!

Reality: Has it occurred to you that it is possible, the photo is not his picture? It is possible that he just got the photo from a website & posted it in IPC? So you basically went to someone elses site & posted their photos from their site, on IPC! What a moron!

Now, I am not going to tell you if the photo is really Ghasab or not! I am going to leave you in Khomari! But to see you all worked up, going to someone's assumed site, tracing him there & then steal his pics (illegal) & repost them as a self made anime in IPC, just to get back @ him, is totally bizarre! You little vindictive vicious shiite kicker! You have no respect for anyone! You will go @ any length by any means to destroy anyone's life, just to show off & pretend to be someone whom you are not! Now that's twisted!

2nd, you are so ignorant that you did not even look @ both Ghasab & my IPs were the same! You did not even look @ your own discoveries!

Reality: You do not know jack shiite about Hi Tech. Your whole info is flawed.

3rd, you did not see what was in front of your eyes (IPs) but you made wild assumptions that I am MOA!

Reality: MOA is laughing his ass off!

4th, Like 100 others whom their heads I have on my living room walls, you are also another Wanna Be Iranian IT, but in reality you are a snot nose kid with no direction!


Kid, you are a dope with no direction. You search for acceptance & admiration. You seek to put an impression on people in the wrong place (IPC). This is no High School Prom! Most likely, you came to IPC from a Teeny Bop Iranian Forum full o simpletons, such as Activist Chat or DC Persian or Yahoo Groups. You came here to impress people. Little did you know that you do not have the tools to impress anyone in IPC!

How can you impress us with your Hi Tech info, when you have learned bits & pieces here or there on the net about Hacking?

How can you impress us with your Hi Tech info, when you over & over stick your foot in your mouth in the presence of Master ITs of IPC?

How can you impress us with your intellect, when you do not know jack shiite about Iranian politics, political affiliations, political history & characters?

How can you impress us with your intellect, when you over & over stick your foot in your mouth in the presence of Master politicians of IPC?

How can you impress us with your education, when you cannot even write/spell/Grammar, Persian or English?

How can you impress us with your education, when you over & over stick your foot in your mouth in the presence of Master Writers of IPC?


Kid, I still say, you have prospect to be somewhat successful in animation. This takes proper training & direction. You need to be given proper education, good animation subjects & story, funny scenarios, tech gimmicks, & all the herbs & spices of becoming a relevant amateur animator.

Don't try to shape yourself to become a wiz kid genius by passing as an intellectual! Your shot is @ animation.

But how can you learn anything about animation, graphics, art, politics, intellectualism, history or etc. if you come in to IPC & instead of learning from everyone, you start opening your mouth & challenge relevant players (Q, Cam, others) to a duel with the guns which you do not have?!

How can you go to war with no guns?
How can you fix the pluming with no tools?
How can you open your mouth in IPC in presence of the Masters, yet with no education?

As of result, you get Fragged, like you are now!
You alienate yourself & deprive yourself from the knowledge, which you could have learned from these people. Now they will not teach you, but they will Shiite on you! You Fragged yourself up!

The people you are Fragging with, can ban you & delete your posts in a second. They can do this because your idiotic posts are bringing the intellectual level of the club down! But they will not do that, do you know why?

Because the constitution of IPC does not allow them to do so. Freedom of speech is respected in IPC, even for primates & Dumb Ass Kids such as you! So basically, they are toying with you. But a Dumb Ass like you, does not get that! You are making an Ass of yourself!

What you should do, is to learn from everyone here. Instead of playing around, playing Hacker Wanna be games, & sticking Big Words & Terms in your statements to impress people, you need to learn from people!

You are privileged to be in IPC. This is not your average Bang O Salavat Iranian forum like other 1000 Halls of Shame provided for the Iranian Brain Drained & Teeny Bopers. This is where cream of the crop resides. Take advantage & learn from them. Don't alienate yourself by challenging everyone to a duel with the guns, which you do not have! But learn from them! Be smart; accomplish something by learning from these people. Wanna be childish behavior & antagonization of IPC Masters will only harm you in the long run. Learning from them will guarantee & establish your gain of wisdom. Internet is a valuable tool & IPC is a privilege to Iranian society, so be wise & use it to prosper.

It is not a right to be present in IPC, but a privilege, a valuable privilege. Don't waste it by childish games!

If you & other future GunSlinger Doper Diaper Babies, are smart, you will listen & learn from my words. If not, your head will end up as yet another Safari Trophy on my living room wall!

Now I have to leave, places to go, things to do, folks to enlight ...............

Be wise & prosperous

Watcher in the woods
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Postby Shahrzad BB » Sat Apr 08, 2006 9:45 am

IPC News Break
Bache Kuni has been caught in a trap!


The Over Grown Critter has been sitting behind the computer and feeding on Candy for many years. No physical activity and consumption of chocolate, resulted in Critter's obesity and gender problems (HeShe)!

The Over Grown, Computer Geek, Lazy Wanna Be Royalty, Monarchist Critter is for now in confinement! IPC is asking for the critter's extradition.

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Show is over boys!

Postby CR » Fri Jun 09, 2006 11:54 pm

Dear IPC-ers

Show is over boys! :(

About the pranksters, Amir is partially on the dot but not completely! :-s

I am sorry to bust your bubbles and fun but the same way that,

MOA is Amir's alter ego
so are
Fadayegan is BKs alter ego
Doctor Arvind is WMW's alter ego
and so on,
Other Characters in IPC ........... :---)
I can go on ............. :preach:

If you are looking for a real Hezbo, then
Ghods_iri is a fundie Hezbo
Kargozaran is a moderate Hezbo
That's how real Hezbos speak.

Fadayegan and Doctor Arvind are only pranksters.
Have you ever seen a Hezbo who is so illiterate in Arabic and Traditional Persian and
pronounces "Mahdi" as Mekdi (Fadaygan)?
pronounces "Allah O Akbar" as "Alaho Akbar (Fadaygan)?
pronounces "Khoda Negahdar" as "Khoda Neghahdar (Doctor Arvind)?

Both these guys are Iranian Americans who grew up in states, can't read or write proper Persian, now forget about Arabic! They make horrible Hezbos! Its not rocket science, anyone who is familiar with web, can trace these guys from their foot steps and figure.

BK is a simpleton and it shows in his posts. WMW copy-pastes crap from Islamic sites to IPC and adds a few lines of his own bull crap to it. You don't even need to remote trace these goofs and be hi-tech to expose them, just read between their lines and see their Bull Crap! Go figure its all pranks.

Don't waste your breath on these bull shit artists and pranksters who are here for few reasons:
1. Disrupt IPC
2. Prank around and have some fun
3. Fill up too much time on their hands

I wouldn't spend a second on these guys. =; Have some fun with them, but never take them seriously. They are only Bull Shit Artists with too much time on their hands. They make good soap opera stars but Hezbos, I doubt!

A real Hezbo would stalk IPC in silence for years and years and once a while sabotage the site if he can (Ghods_iri).

I know a Hezbo when I see one. I spent years fighting them. I can easily differ between a Hezbo and a Joker.

Get it boys? :happy06: :idea1:

And The Curtain falls,
Show is over,
back to business you go and back to Africa I go ...! :-$

TaTa and Boos Boos :lover:

An Artist Formerly Known as CR
And presently The Ball Busting
Catayoun Khanoome Razmjou
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Why did you ruin their fun?

Postby Amir » Sun Jun 11, 2006 9:53 pm

Dear CR,

Your dedication to bogus exposure is admirable. However, must you spoil the fun for the little kids?

Fadaye-koon’s bogus nature was suspected from his first post, confirmed by his second post, and his true identity revealed somewhere between the second and third posts. As for Doctor Doodool-little, it took longer but became suspect halfway through, and confirmed by the time he started to mix himself up with the “Pakistani Emissariesâ€
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Naqshe Rostam
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Postby Emam Kooni » Mon Jun 12, 2006 9:22 am

Mr. "all gohng", I mean Amis's concept of HALAL: ImageAMIR
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