Zionist terrorist attacks against Lebanon continue

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Zionist terrorist attacks against Lebanon continue

Postby Shahanshah » Sat Jul 15, 2006 12:45 am

Fire rises from Beirut international airport after being attacked by Israeli aircraft. Picture / Reuters

Israel keeps up Lebanon assault

Saturday July 15, 2006

BEIRUT - Israel struck Hizbollah targets and devastated a wide array of Lebanese civilian installations yesterday, drawing mounting world criticism of its tactics since Shi'ite fighters seized two of its soldiers and killed eight.

Hizbollah, which wants to trade its captives for prisoners held in Israel, fired more rockets across the frontier.

US President George W. Bush telephoned Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and assured him he was pressing Israel to "contain the damage" to Lebanon and avoid civilian casualties, Siniora's office said in a statement. Siniora urged Bush to get Israel to halt its attack, agree to a cease-fire and lift its blockade.

A senior Bush administration official said Bush called Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Jordan's King Abdullah and Siniora. He had no details of the calls.

Bush has previously upheld Israel's right to self-defence, but said it should not weaken the Lebanese government.

Strong criticism of Israel came from France and the Vatican, long close to Lebanon, especially its Christian community.

French President Jacques Chirac, describing Israeli strikes as "completely disproportionate", said: "One can ask oneself whether there isn't a sort of desire to destroy Lebanon."

The Vatican deplored Israel's "attack on a sovereign and free nation", Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano said.

The Lebanon violence is the fiercest since 1996 when Israel launched a 17-day blitz on Hizbollah strongholds in the south.

Israeli aircraft rocketed runways at Beirut's international airport and bombed a flyover just to the south, witnesses said.

The airport has been shut since runways and fuel tanks were hit on Thursday. Four planes of Lebanon's Middle East Airlines had taken off empty for Amman shortly before the latest raids.

Siege tightens

Israeli warplanes blasted the main Beirut-Damascus highway overnight, tightening an air, sea and land blockade of Lebanon, and bombed targets in Beirut's teeming Shi'ite Muslim suburbs, killing three people and wounding 40, security sources said.

Five more people died in similar strikes in south Lebanon.

Their deaths brought to 66 the number of people, almost all civilians, killed in Lebanon since Israel's campaign began, police said. At least 170 people have been wounded.

A score of Hizbollah rockets fell in northern Israel and one hit a house in Safed, wounding eight people, residents said. Another five people were hurt by rockets that fell on the coastal city of Nahariya.

Israel said the group had launched 130 missiles in the previous 48 hours, killing two civilians and wounding over 100.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour urged both sides to refrain from attacking civilian targets.

Black smoke billowed from two burning fuel depots at power plants south of Beirut. Air raids also hit mobile phone antennas and a pro-Syrian Palestinian guerrilla base in eastern Lebanon.

Israel holds Lebanon responsible for the actions of Hizbollah, a Syrian- and Iranian-backed Islamist group which has members in parliament and in the mainly anti-Syrian cabinet.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Israel would not dare to move against the Islamic republic. He had warned of a "fierce response" if Israel struck at Syria, saying it would be considered an attack on the whole Islamic world.

The fragile Beirut government, too divided to disarm the Shi'ite faction that effectively controls south Lebanon, has urged the UN Security Council to call on Israel to halt its onslaught when the top world body meets later on Friday.

Gaza pullback

The violence in Lebanon coincided with an Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip launched last month to try to retrieve another captured soldier and halt Palestinian rocket fire.

The army said on Friday it had pulled out of the central Gaza Strip, which it entered as part of the offensive. It said its forces had targeted an office of the ruling Hamas militant group in the northern Gaza Strip and a bridge overnight.

Troops fired a tank shell at a vehicle, killing a Palestinian and wounding another, medics said. Israel has killed more than 80 Palestinians during the offensive.

Fearing a prolonged Israeli-Hizbollah confrontation, Lebanese queued for petrol and hoarded food and drink. Power rationing began and many shops and offices stayed shut.

The crisis has helped drive world oil prices to record highs and has shaken financial markets in Israel and Lebanon.

Beirut stocks have slumped nearly 14 per cent this week. Israeli stocks have dropped more than eight per cent in the past three days and the Israeli shekel has lost over three per cent.


http://www.nzherald.co.nz/section/story ... D=10391429

---say NO to zionist savagery.
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I say NO to Shooshool

Postby Amir » Sun Jul 16, 2006 8:24 pm


How about if we say no to the Hezbollah terrorists instead?

How about if we say no to the Iranian Mullahs who back up, organize, equip, and finance these Hezbollah terrorists instead?

How about if we say no to the Taazis instead?

How about if we say no to the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, and every other terrorist that helped destroy Iran, hand it over to the Akhounds, and continues to terrorize the world instead?

How about if we say no to every moron that echoes the voice of the lead terrorists Khamenei and Monkey-Nejad instead?

How about if we say no to Shooshool instead?
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Postby Liberator » Mon Jul 17, 2006 6:14 am

Dear Shooshool.

Your Taazi friends delivered a declaration of war by launching an unprovoked military attack on Israel killing its citizens. As a responsible government the Israeli Defense Forces have retaliated in order to defend their country and its citizens.

It's war Shooshool, and the "gates of hell" have been opened to your Taazi friends. The war is however not on Lebanese civilians but with your Taazi Terrorist friends backed by the Taazi occupational government in Tehran and their Baathist friends in Damascus. In war innocent people die, any civilian losses should be blamed on the Taazi organization Hezbollah which houses troops and military armour in civilian areas.

More power to the IDF in crushing the terrorists islamists.

Ba Sepaas
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Postby Shahanshah » Mon Jul 17, 2006 8:38 pm


why dont you go back and watch your CNN and FOX news you brainwashed fool.

you're pathetic
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