The Sassanian Kurd Defense Committee (SKDC)

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The Sassanian Kurd Defense Committee (SKDC)

Postby Jaff Sassani » Fri Jan 25, 2008 1:59 pm

We are appealing to all the Aryan ( Ērānšahr of Sassanid Empire era or speakers of the Aryan languages) and Iranian people around the world to help us fight the discrimination of our people based on our origin as Sassanians. We are dying slowly at the hand of Mr. Jalal Talabani’s, the President of Iraq, mafia type Government in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Help your brother and sister as much as you can, raise your voice of support to save us.

The Sassanian Kurd Defense Committee (SKDC)

The Sassanian Kurd Defense Committee is here to serve the Jaff and other Kurdish people with Sassanian origin. We are a group of Kurds with Sassanian origin who believe in education and have long-term vision for your well being. The Sassanian people are not a political group and yet we have been used in turn by the Kurdish nationalist movement, the communist ideology movement, the socialist ideology movement, Islamism, the democratic ideology movement and many others. The result has always been the same; we have been used to serve others.

Today’s Jaff has a lot of educated people, that is why we believe the time is here to fight back for our rights so that we can rule ourselves instead of the war merchants and mafia type governments which rule upon us now.

We call upon our brothers and sisters of the Aryan people (Persian, Afghani, Azari, Tajak, Pashto, Blotchy, Pakistani and others) in the Middle East to support us against the unjust rule of Mr. Jalal Talabani and his cronies in our region. We need your help in order to survive. Because of his unjust policies we are dying slowly.

We call upon the collation forces and especially the US Government and the US congress to go on a fact finding mission so that they may see for themselves the conditions our people are forced to live under. So that the world may see how we are forced to live with open sewage running among our houses, producing every kind of health problem in our region.

In short, our fellow Jaff, we call on you to get united, remember your past, wake up and defend your rights. The current rule in Iraq does nothing for the over one million Sasaanians in the region while a few families reap all the rewards and wealth.

Read the short synopsis here about what we want to accomplish for our people now and in the future.

Immediate goals

1 - Forming an autonomous region, within the Kurdistan federation of Iraq.

2 - Hold elections, from every village to every city, so that we may elect our own administrators to run our region based on the local laws agreed upon by the people.

3 - Demand our share of the budget so that we can rebuild our region.

Long term goals

1 - Form a geographical federal area within Kurdistan federation region of Iraq. We will be a local federal area within our region of Kurdistan that will remain a federal area within Iraq.

2 - The geographical area of our people will be where the majority is Sassanian Jaff, which includes the areas of Kafree, part of Kirkuk, SarQala, Kalar, QazelRabat, Jalawla, Qoaratoo, Madin, Baohnoor, Darbanxan, New Halabjah, Arbat, SaidSadik, Sharazoor, Halabjah, Panjawin and other areas with majority of Sassanian Jaff.

3 - Work with the Kurdistan parliament to establish such a federal region based on the new Iraqi constitutions. We want to hold free and open elections to elect our own representatives. These representatives will be able to manage and control our economy so that we can be free from the abuses of other Kurdish groups who have taken our wealth for themselves in the past.

4 - Establish social, economic, and educational relationships with other Aryan peoples like Afghani, Persian, Blotchy, Azari, Tajak, Pashto, and Pakistani.

5 - Establish a union similar to the European Union. We know that it will be impossible to return to a single country like it was in the time of Sassanian, but we can have one Aryan economic union (AU) which can provide for a better life and peace for many generations to come.

6 - The SKDC will work to make farmers in the Jaff region owners of their own land by giving them the title of ownership. The lands will traded very easy to sale or buy like the system in the Europe and the America.

7 - The SKDC will continue with its work until such a time that laws have passed in the Kurdistan parliament, which will protect our rights in Kurdistan. After this is accomplished, committee elections will be held and those people who are elected will form a new committee to replace this temporary committee. We will continue with our daily work to achieve rights for our people from now until that day.
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