The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq is under att

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The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq is under att

Postby Jaff Sassani » Sat Feb 09, 2008 5:36 pm

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq is under attack

We are the Jaff people with Sassanian origins in Kurdistan, with over one million of us in the Kurdistan region of Iraq alone. We are one fourth of the Population in the KRG area; we paid with our blood for what you call the liberated area. Mr. Talabini has received the lion’s share of the wealth because of our blood.

We have read Dr. Ahmed’s article “The Kurdistan Regional Government is under attack in dated 09/02/2008” and appreciate all his work before the liberation and now. We don’t agree that our enemy in the region is solely what caused the US Government to disregard us.

The Kurdistan leadership in the KRG administration, especially Mr. Jalal Talabani’s failed doctrine of the last fifty years, has done the damage. The Kurds should look at our boundaries from over one thousand years ago until today. We are losing the land to the Arab imperialist expansion every minute, even as we write this letter. It is wishful thinking that they would stop soon. It is obvious our people are headless. We don’t have a leader with vision for the future. We have been led by tribal leaders in the past and religious Sheiks for the last century. All of them have one thing in common: greed, the collection of power and wealth. They did not care about Kurdish liberation at all. They form modern parties and then you find out they are not modern at all.

The Sheik’s family members, even before the official start of the party, occupy these “modern” political parties in Kurdistan. We Kurds are gullible people. The Sheik’s know our psyches because of their professions within Kurdistan. Sheik Jalal Talabani has used all of us under moderations philosophy.

The Turks and Arabs know very well that the majority of the Kurdish people are not supporting the Kurdish leadership in Iraqi Kurdistan now. That is why they are successful at convincing the superpower of the US Government or other countries around the world that Kurds are not a reliable ally to befriend within the region. If the Kurdish leadership ended its corruption it could instead served it’s own people and prepare them for the future. Then the enemy would not be so successful at convincing others that we are useless. When any leadership does not enjoy the support of the people then others easily dismiss them.

The Talabani syndrome for the last fifty years of our lifetime has done the damage; we are going to pay for it soon. Our liberator, Mr. Talabani, who made us the servant of the Arabs, Turk and Mullah’s of Iran, will be paid off soon. He personally made billions while we need to borrow more blood to pay for our survival in occupied Kurdistan. The son and daughter of Abraham Ahmed, Qubad, and Biafil Talabani will end up in London with million of dollars and we Jaff and other Kurds in Kurdistan will get kicked around by the Arab and Turk soon.

We are preaching the formation of the Aryan Economic Union (AU) with other Aryan (Iranian nations) to protect ourselves as one united people in the region to survive the Arab Imperialist ambitions east and northward and the Turk Imperialist ambitions west and southward. Our survival will be impossible alone as the Kurdish nation in the middle of two Empires. We need to get united with other Aryan (Iranian) nations in the region otherwise it will be impossible to survive.

The European Union, The USA, The Chinese and Russians are looking after the interests of their own people. They are prepared to deal with realities. Whoever has the power on the ground will be the ones they are going to do business with. We are a small and hopeless people, alone in the world with nobody to care about us in the future.

We Kurds helped the Ottoman Empire in the battle of Children in 1514 between the Safavids Empire and the Ottoman Empire. We fought against the Iranian people for the greed of a few tribal chiefs to make money. We created the Ottoman Empire (Turk sunni Empire) and later we helped the creation of the Safavid Empire (the shitte Empire) too. For the selfish reasons of a few tribal chief, we caused our nation’s divisions after the battle of Children.

History informs us when we are united with other Aryan (Iranian) nations we Kurds are very successful. Please look at the Nader Shah, Founder of Afshar Dynasty shah of Iran (1736–1747), Karim Khan Zand (1705-1779), Founder of the Zand dynasty in Iran and Dr. Karim Sanjabi (1904-1995), an Iranian liberal political leader of the 20th century. So we need to think again that our survival is connected to the survival of other Aryan (Iranian) nations in the region.

The other Aryan (Iranian) nations from Pakistan to Turkey are facing the same problem from both side: The Arab Terrorist Imperialistic Ideology and ambitions to take more Aryan land and enslave the Aryan people plus the Turk Imperialistic Ideology and ambitions to take more Aryan land and enslave the Aryan people. This is a wake up call for our Aryan (Iranian) people to get united for our own survival.

The war is getting intensified more and more because they need more land. We are getting a lot of pressure to leave the region from both sides of our lands. How many of us will get accepted as refugees in Europe, USA and Australia? Just think about it.

The Aryan Economic Union (AU) will get us united with other Iranian nations, and then outside forces will respect us and count our opinions in the region. It will bring us the respect we deserve when we are united. The Kurds alone are not going to get anywhere. It is wishful thinking that the Arabs, with over three hundred million, and the Turks, with over one hundred million, plus their military power and wealth will be traded for the Kurdish favor. The Kurds do not have a country, military or wealth so how we can get respect equal to the Arabs or Turks in the region?

Arab agents, the Shitte Islamic sayed families of the Arab origin, occupy the Persian nation. The other Aryan nations in Asia are under the threat of the Al-Qada movement (The Sunni Islamic Arab Imperialist directly) so the opportunity is here for Kurds, Persians, Afghans and other people who consider themselves to be of Aryan (Iranian nations) origin to get united. With one voice we should approach the USA and Europe and ask them for help. Then, and only then, will we have the chance for others to listen to our demands.

The superpowers of the USA and Europe should know very well that if Iran gets destabilized and the superpowers allow the Arab imperialists and Turkish imperialists to control the Aryan (Iranian) nations in the region, then the internal war will continue for centuries and they will lose their economic leverage with both those unjust imperialists.

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