Jalal Talabani the President of Iraq and his dynamic behavio

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Jalal Talabani the President of Iraq and his dynamic behavio

Postby Jaff Sassani » Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:19 am

Jalal Talabani the President of Iraq and his dynamic behavior of changing alliance

Watch out Mr. Masud Barzani the time are here. We warned you in the past that Mr. Talabani since he visited with the late Egyptian former president Jamal Abdulnaser in 1960's he signed strategical cooperation with the Arab nation against General Barzani. He later signed similar strategical cooperation with Turkey, Syria and Islamic Republic of Iran (he cooperated with the current President of Iran against Iranian opposition according to media).

You know very well all his life want to hurt your family. For last few years he trick you and worked very hard to disconnect you from all the regional powers. If this is the time he done his homework and you are truly been disconnected from the regional powers then you will see his betrayals once more.

We hope that you did guard yourself in last few years other wise the time are here they are going to deal with you soon. Remember he even allied with PKK in the past against you and your family rule in Kurdistan.

We hope you and your Government will be safe from the evil man of Kurdistan.





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