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Postby Darvish » Thu Feb 21, 2008 8:20 pm

The word is that on February 20, 2008 the brave Kurdish warriors of Kurdistan clashed with Turkish troops at the border and kicked some Turkish fkn-ass, as Turks were forced to blow the bridge at the border to prevent the brave Kurdish Solders to advance to Turky!

It looks that our good Sasanian friends may be indeed Kurdish insiders and perhaps a front line solders against "Ayeb", sadistic, masochistic, genocidal Turks.

Free Kurdistan, Long Live Kurdish Nation !
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Talabani syndrome and Kurds

Postby Jaff Sassani » Wed Feb 27, 2008 5:04 am

Talabani syndrome and Kurds

For more than half century now the Kurds in Iraq are hostage to the Talabani policy and his mischief in the region. He did every thing possible to get in power. As we said many time before he did cooperate and compromise with the nationalistic ambitions of The Arab Imperialist through the Late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and later he did continue with his secret cooperation with the dictators of the Iraq and Syria Through Saddam Hussein and Hafez Al-Asad.

Talabani has similar cooperation and compromise with Turkey and Iran on the expanses of the Kurdish national ambitions. Many Kurdish individual are cooperating with the Talabani for selfish reason not patriotisms. The people who want to be rich and famous on the expanse of the Kurdish blood are supporting him while they know and understand very well his wrongdoing.

The question for the so called Kurdish intellectual who are supporting Talabani and people like him in Kurdistan why you are betraying your own people for Money?

The Kurdish writer now a day they write about the problem facing the Kurdish people for countries. And do comparison between the Kurds vs. Kosovars and other nations around the world and their fortunes and successful stories. They avoid informing the readers about the truth because of their own interest and cooperation with Talabani and other Kurdish leaders.

The Kurdish people should know the failure of the Kurdish nations movement so far to achieve the Independent for Kurds are related to the corruptions and individuals like Mr. Talabani and thousand like him.

The Kurds will be independent when they are united and acknowledge each other rights. As long as one group ignoring other group’s right and take the wealth and power alone then the Unity will be impossible and the Independent will be a dream for next generations to come.

The people who are part of the corruption and supporter of the thief’s for his or her own selfish reason so they can gain favors from Mr. Talabani and other Kurdish leaders should shut up and not talking about the Kurdish independent.

We are demanding that every group in Kurdistan be treated equally and lawfully. We want that our people Jaff, Sulayminian, Barzani, Surchy, Harkey, Holari, Barwari, Zabari, Shitte Kurd, Sunni Kurd, Kakai, Pashdari, Kirkuki and other regions be treated equally by law and have right to elect their own representatives. We are multi regions people when we have respect for each others then we can get some where other wise the failure will come soon or later.

We know now that the political parties are lie and controlled by tribal and regional system plus the corruptions so the lie won’t work any more. Let be honest and have meaning full dialog to solve our people’s problem other wise we are never going to have peace and the country in Kurdistan.

We are suggesting that our people should ask the international community especially the USA, UN and EU to help us and have free elections in the region. The Parliament, Judges and executives should be elected freely. The new Government should take all the people who have been accused of corruptions to court and be persecuted fully by law even the President of Iraq Mr. Jalal Talabani should face justice in the process for all his wrong doing against the Kurdish people.


Jaff Sassani
From the SKDC

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